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Raw and SD 08

1/4/08 Smackdown in Richmond, VA, Approx Time: 1:29 hr

Vicky Interview
Beat The Clock: Finlay vs. MVP
Chuck Palumbo vs. Kenny Dykstra
Beat The Clock: Chavo Guerrero vs. Funaki
Beat The Clock: Batista vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder
Raw Rebound, MVP Int, Rey Mysterio Int
Deuce and Domino vs. Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore
Beat The Clock: Undertaker vs. Mark Henry
Matt Striker Int, Royal Rumble Card Video
Beat The Clock: Rey Mysterio vs. Edge
1/7/08 Raw in Mohegan Sun Casino, Raw Roulette (sorry Vince, this one didn't work. Bad show this time), Approx Time: 1:35 hr

Vince/William Regal Int
Shawn Michaels and Mr. Kennedy vs. Charlie Haas and Trevor Murdoch
Carlito vs. Hardcore Holly
Vince/Maria Int, Jeff Hardy Int, Vince/Hornswoggle Int
Pillow Fight: Melina vs. Mickie James vs. Jillian vs. Maria vs. Ashley
Triple H vs. William Regal
JBL/Chris Jericho Highlights
Chris Jericho vs. Snitsky and JBL- JBL and Jericho had a brawl afterward that dragged and dragged.... and dragged...
Highlanders vs. Hornswoggle and Mick Foley
Steel Cage Match: Umaga vs. Jeff Hardy
1/11/08 Smackdown in Wilkes-Barre, PA (missing the end)

Vicky/Rey Mysterio/Edge/Chavo Guerrero Interview- Vicky and Rey finally have an interview together about Vicky being with Edge and they even mention Eddie Guerrero. I can't believe I'm saying this... but.... ah... (this is going to hurt).... but I think .... I'm actually coming around on Vicky. She can be funny at times.
Chuck Palumbo vs. Jamie Noble- With Michelle McCool in the mix, they might swap Palumbo and Noble in he heel-face roll at the same time.
Vicky/Edge Int
MVP Interview- MVP rants about ending Ric Flair's career at the Royal Rumble.
MVP vs. Batista
Mark Henry and Matt Striker vs. Undertaker
Vince/Finlay Int
Arm Wrestling Match: Hornswoggle vs. Ranjin Singh
Kane vs. Domino
Eve Promo
Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio- Due to a friend coming over and getting hooked on Street Fighter vs. Xmen, I butchered the last match a little bit. Coming back from the last break, I'm missing a few minutes and I'm missing the last couple of minutes of the match and show.
1/14/08 Raw in Mobile, AL, Approx Time: 1:42 hr

Jeff Hardy/Randy Orton Interview
Ashley, Maria, and Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix, Melina, and Jillian
Vince/William Regal Int
Shawn Michaels vs. Trevor Murdoch
Royal Rumble Card Video, Vince/Hornswoggle Int
Triple H vs. Snitsky
JBL Interview
Mini-Royal Rumble- With midgets... Vince loves midgets for some reason.
Vince/Finlay Int
William Regal vs. Ric Flair- Too short of a match. Should have been given 10 minutes.
Randy Orton/Jeff Hardy Brawl/Segment
1/18/08 Smackdown in Birmingham, AL, Approx Time: 1:28 hr

Undertaker/Matt Striker/Big Daddy V Interview/Brawl
Finlay vs. Great Khali
Edge/Vicky/Teddy Long/Chavo Guerrero Int
Deuce and Domino vs. Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang
Vince/Finlay Int
Batista vs. Mark Henry
VIP Lounge with Ric Flair
Michelle McCool vs. Layla
Michelle McCool/Jamie Noble/Chuck Palumbo Int
Royal Rumble Card Video
CM Punk and Rey Mysterio vs. Edge and Chavo Guerrero
1/21/08 Raw in Hampton, VA, (first WWE show in HD, new set), Approx Time: 1:37 hr

Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. Kennedy
Randy Orton/Vince Int
Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James
Triple H Int, Hardcore Holly/Cody Rhodes/Brian Kendrick Int, Randy Orton Int
Finlay and Hornswoggle vs. Highlanders
Chris Jericho Interview
Jeff Hardy/Vince Int
Brian Kendrick vs. Umaga
Mickie James/Maria/Ashley/Santino Marella Int, Jeff Hardy Video
Hardcore Holly vs. Carlito
Over the Top Rope Challenge: Triple H vs. Snitsky
Over the Top Rope Challenge: Triple H vs. Mark Henry
Over the Top Rope Challenge: Triple H vs. William Regal- Triple H wins, putting him into the Royal Rumble match.
Vince/Randy Orton/Jeff Hardy Interview- Not too bad of a show but the visuals in High Definition were fantastic. Too bad I can't record in HD... yet.
1/25/08 Smackdown in the University of Virginia, First Smackdown in HD, new set, Approx Time: 1:28 hr

Rey Mysterio vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder
Jesse Int- Where have these guys been?
Domino vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
Chuck Palumbo/Jamie Noble Int
Chuck Palumbo, Jamie Noble, and Michelle McCool vs. John Morrison, Miz, and Layla- Wow, a really good segment here to turn Noble face and Palumbo heel, where Palumbo attacked Noble non-stop who was looking after an injured Michelle McCool. A little bit of overacting but despite the very small complaint, a very well done segment to get people into this storyline. I'm just hoping they go somewhere with this and don't just let it die cuz Palumbo has a chance to be a monster heel and Noble the sympathetic babyface.
MVP/Ric Flair Interview- MVP shows some pretty funny pictures, fictional of course, of his and Flair's "future".
Finlay vs. Great Khali
Batista Interview
Big Daddy V vs. Undertaker- Undertaker finishes Big Daddy V with a move similar to the Triangle choke but the cool part was the visual of V leaving with Mark Henry helping him walk out with a bloody mouth. You never see that much in wrestling but you figure after a fight, someone is leaving with a bloody face so it made it look more realistic.
Royal Rumble History Video- This should have been shown on Raw. Good statistics and a reminder of how prestigious the Royal Rumble match really is.
Royal Rumble Card Video
CM Punk vs. Edge- Hey WWE, please let this draw out to a feud??? This is sooo money, especially for us fans who love a good mix of characters, mic work, and great wrestling. Rey Mysterio does commentary for this match.
1/28/08 Raw in Philadelphia, PA, Night After Royal Rumble, Approx Time: 1:33 hr

John Cena/Randy Orton Interview
Ashley and Mickie James vs. Jillian and Beth Phoenix
William Regal/Vince Int- The Elimination Chamber match is announced for No Way Out.
Carlito vs. Cody Rhodes- Carlito is back in the winning track.
Shawn Michaels/Triple H Int
Shawn Michaels and Triple H vs. Umaga and Snitsky
Randy Orton/JBL Int, Jeff Hardy Int, Vince/Hornswoggle Int
Mr. Kennedy vs. Brian Kendrick
Mr. Kennedy/Ric Flair Interview
Maria vs. Melina- Santino Marella gets on the mic and rips the crowd again, much to my delight.
Chris Jericho Int
Chris Jericho and Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton and JBL- John Cena comes out to get him some of Orton.
2/1/08 Smackdown, Show After Royal Rumble, Approx Time:

Teddy Long/Edge Interview
Ric Flair vs. MVP
Chuck Palumbo/Michelle McCool Interview
CM Punk and Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero and Edge
Vince/Finlay/Hornswoggle Int
Finlay and Hornswoggle vs. Deuce and Domino
Raw Rebound
Eve Torres/Batista Interview
Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs. Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore
Undertaker and Kane vs. Mark Henry and Big Daddy V- Once again, Undertaker chokes out his opponent with his new submission to win the match.
2/4/08 Raw in University of Texas, Approx Time: 1:31 hr

Randy Orton/John Cena Interview/Segment
Randy Orton/Mark Henry Int
Mickie James and Kelly Kelly vs. Victoria and Beth Phoenix
Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho/Jeff Hardy/JBL/Snitsky/William Regal Interview/Brawl
Carlito and Santino Marella vs. Brian Kendrick and Paul London- Nice 20 second match...
Vince/Hornswoggle/Finlay Interview/Segment- Vince tells the audience that they suck when it comes to raising their kids and calls all the kids "spoiled brats".
Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs. Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes
Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, and Chris Jericho vs. Snitsky, Umaga, and JBL
Arm Wrestling Match: Mark Henry vs. John Cena
2/8/08 Smackdown in Corpus Christi, TX, Approx Time: 1:28 hr

Batista/MVP/Matt Striker/Big Daddy V/Great Khali/Finlay/Undertaker Interview- I understand the basic booking that comes with bringing everyone out one by one and everyone saying that they're going to win but we just saw this on Raw. Once is common sense booking, the second time in the same week is just plain lazy. Couldn't they think of some other way to hype it? Apparently not.
Kane vs. Shelton Benjamin
Chuck Palumbo vs. Jamie Noble- Palumbo wins the match but goes on a 5 minute tirade on Noble after the match.
Jesse and Festus vs. Deuce and Domino- Finally, Jesse and Festus return.
Cutting Edge with Vicky Guerrero/Rey Mysterio- There's just something about wheelchairs that works with a heel, just like Vince in 98, Angle in 04, Vicky in 08, and I'm sure there is one more person I'm missing. It's funny because faces use crutches and are looked at as being tough, like "they're still standing" but heels use wheelchairs and they are looked at as being pathetic. I still can't believe I've come around on Vicky. The two slaps to Mysterio had me busting up, as well as Edge's "Te Quiero" line to Vicky.
No Way Out Card Video, Raw Rebound, Edge Int
Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs. Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore
Big Daddy V, Great Khali, and MVP vs. Batista, Undertaker, and Finlay- Again, another rehash of what they did on Raw. What makes it worse is that they didn't even hype this match during the show. Just plain lazy...
2/11/08 Raw in Austin, TX, Approx Time: 1:32 hr

Hornswoggle/Vince/Finlay Segment
JBL vs. Chris Jericho
Vince/William Regal Int
Paul Burchill vs. Brian Kendrick- Burchill returns with his "sister", Katie Lea. Personally, I liked his pirate gimmick better and they should have stuck with that. It was getting him over.
John Cena vs. Mark Henry- Randy Orton does commentary and then after the match, Cena gets on the stick and cuts a promo on Orton.
Mr. Kennedy/Ric Flair Interview- I've been your champion, 16 times. I know you respect that cause that's what you want to be, once" - Flair. Nice comment and good segment.
Maria vs. Melina
Santino Marella/Maria Interview
Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Hardy- WOW, what a ppv-quality match! An easy **** start match. Started hot, slowed down in the middle but finished hot again. Loved it.
2/15/08 Smackdown in Houston, TX, Approx Time: 1:29 hr

Batista vs. MVP
Edge/Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder Int
Deuce, Domino, Curt Hawkins, and Zack Ryder vs. Jimmy Wang Yang, Shannon Moore, Jesse, and Festus
Michelle McCool vs. Victoria
Undertaker vs. Big Daddy V
Kane and CM Punk vs. Chavo Guerrero and Shelton Benjamin
Finlay vs. Great Khali
Edge/Vicky/Rey Mysterio Interview
2/18/08 Raw in Anaheim, CA, Night After No Way Out, Approx Time: 1:33 hr

Triple H/Randy Orton/John Cena/William Regal Interview
Jeff Hardy vs. Snitsky
Shawn Michaels Interview- HBK announces that Ric Flair will be going into the Hall of Fame.
Paul Burchill vs. Super Crazy
Big Show/Floyd Mayweather Interview/Segment- Big Show returns to Raw but this segment didn't do anything for me. They have about 5 weeks to make me give a damn about this conflict but after week one, I'm not interested. It's another big vs. small guy but if Mayweather going to keep running with his crew, he's going to come off as the heel, which doesn't seem to be where the E wants him. He's already drawing major boo from this Cali crowd.
Mr. Kennedy vs. Val Venis- Kennedy's entrance song gets a remix but it sucks ass.
Steel Cage Segment- Sorry, I can't call this a match. It was supposed to be Vince vs. Hornswoggle but it was lame with JBL and Finlay being too involved. Complete waste of time.
Maria vs. Beth Phoenix- Maria wins so she will be posing for playboy! ...... This was stupid. This show is getting worse and worse by each segment.
Randy Orton vs. John Cena- Triple H is the guest referee for this match but this show sucked too much for me to give a shit about it.
2/21/08 Smackdown in San Diego, CA, Approx Time: 1:29 hr

Edge Interview
Shelton Benjamin vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
Jesse and Festus vs. Deuce and Domino
Raw Rebound
Big Daddy V vs. Shannon Moore
MVP vs. Batista
Great Khali vs. Kane
Chuck Palumbo vs. Matt Jackson
Rey Mysterio Interview
Rey Mysterio vs. Chavo Guerrero- After the match, Vicky calls down the Big Show to attack Mysterio.
2/25/08 Raw in Phoenix, AZ, Approx Time: 1:36 hr

Triple H/John Cena/Randy Orton Interview/Brawl
Randy Orton/Mr. Kennedy Int
Santino Marella and Carlito vs. Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes
Wrestlemania Press Conference Highlights, Chris Jericho/William Regal Int
Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho
Vince/JBL Interview
Triple H/John Cena Int
Umaga vs. DH Smith
William Regal/Paul Burchill/Katie Lea Int
Shawn Michaels vs. Lance Cade
Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair Interview- These two will have a match at WM.
Maria Playboy Highlights
Triple H and John Cena vs. Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy
2/29/08 Smackdown in Tuscon, AZ, Approx Time: 1:26 hr

Big Show vs. Joey Ryans and Jay Garlon
Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore vs. Deuce and Domino
Edge/Vicky Int
Chuck Palumbo vs. Jamie Noble- After the double switch several weeks ago, now Noble can't beat Palumbo. That's so strange.
Batista/Vicky Int
Batista and Kane vs. Great Khali and MVP
Jesse and Festus vs. John Morrison and The Miz
Big Daddy V vs. Balls Mahoney- Undertaker comes out to ruin the match and calls out Edge.
Undertaker vs. Zack Ryder
3/3/08 Raw in Indianapolis, IN, Approx Time: 1:30 hr

William Regal/Triple H/Randy Orton/John Cena Int
Big Show vs. Brandon Hill
Big Show/Floyd Mayweather Interview
Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair vs. Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade- After the match, Michaels gets on the mic and tells Flair that if Flair keeps pushing for the match, the showstopper will stop Flair's show.
John Cena/William Regal Int
Umaga vs. Super Crazy
Highlight Reel with Jeff Hardy
Carlito/Maria WM Commercial
John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy
Maria/Candice Michelle/Jerry Lawler/Santino Marella Interview/Segment
Carlito vs. Cody Rhodes
Floyd Mayweather Int, Mae Young Segment
Finlay/Vince/JBL Interview
Randy Orton vs. Triple H
3/7/08 Smackdown in Cleveland, OH, Approx Time: 1:28 hr

Cutting Edge with Vicky/Ric Flair
Miz, John Morrison, and Chavo Guerrero vs. Jesse, Festus, and CM Punk
Jamie Noble/Michelle McCool Int
US Title Match: Batista vs. MVP
JBL/Finlay Highlights, Vicky/Jamie Noble Int
Divas Segment
Chuck Palumbo vs. Kane
Jamie Noble vs. Big Show
Edge, Zack Ryder, and Curt Hawkins vs. Undertaker
3/10/08 Raw in Milwaukee, WI, Wrestlemania Rewind, Approx Time: 2:17 hr

Ric Flair/Shawn Michaels/Randy Orton Interview- Good interview from both Flair and Michaels.
Casket Match: Mark Henry vs. Undertaker
Triple H Int
Finlay/Mr. Kennedy/JBL Segment/Brawl
IC Title Match: Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy- Crowd was HOT for the ending as Jericho wins the IC title for a record setting, 8th time. Time for Jeff to serve another drug suspension... He is becoming his own worst enemy.
Iron Sheik/Nikolai Volkoff/Mike Rotunda/Barry Windham/Jillian Hall Segment- Not to sound like a pig but... Jillian's cleavage looks nice in HD.
Brisco Brothers Hall of Fame Highlights
Kane/Randy Orton Int
Triple H vs. Kane
John Cena Int
Maria vs. Melina
Floyd Mayweather Video- Showing off Mayweather's house and money seemed like more of a tactic to get him over as a heel than a face.
Big Show/Floyd Mayweather Weigh In Segment- And this segment puts "Money Mayweather" in the heel position even more. Crowd goes nuts for Big Show after he tosses Mayweather outside of the ring at the end.
Wrestlemania Card Video, Randy Orton Int
Edge vs. CM Punk- Edge wins, which is understandable going into WM, but match should have went longer, at least 2 segments long. It just makes Punk look weak, which doesn't look good as Punk is one of the future top guys.
William Regal/Umaga/Batista Segment
Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena
Triple H Int
3/14/08 Smackdown in Chicago, IL, Approx Time: 1:28 hr

Maria/Divas Segment
Ric Flair/Shawn Michaels Int
Big Show vs. Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore
MITB Qualifying Match: Miz vs. John Morrison
Finlay Int
US Title Match: Batista vs. MVP
Jamie Noble and Kane vs. Chuck Palumbo and Great Khali
Steel Cage Match: Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels vs. Edge, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, and Chavo Guerrero
3/17/08 Raw in The Cajundome, Approx Time: 1:35 hr

Highlight Reel with Big Show- Good segment to start the show as Big Show and Jericho talk trash and set up a match for later tonight.
Vince Int
CM Punk vs. Carlito
Snoop Dogg/Santino Marella Int
Umaga vs. Brian Kendrick and Paul London
Ric Flair/Shawn Michaels Int
JBL vs. Colin Delaney
Ric Flair vs. Vince
John Cena Video/Int
Candice Michelle and Maria vs. Victoria and Jillian Hall- Santino Marella is just too much. After he smacks Jerry Lawler "with the Subway coke", he takes Lawler's sandwich.
Floyd Mayweather Video
IC Title Match: Big Show vs. Chris Jericho
Randy Orton Video, John Cena/Randy Orton/Triple H Int
Randy Orton and John Cena vs. Raw Roster- This was lame. They said the entire Raw roster but where were the top faces for this match?
3/21/08 Smackdown in Biloxi, MS, Approx Time: 1:27 hr

Batista vs. Deuce and Domino
Diva Segment
Floyd Mayweather Video
Big Show vs. 3 Scrubs
Edge vs. Funaki- 3 squashes in a row. What is this, a flashback to the old Wrestling Challenge shows?
VIP Lounge with Chris Jericho- Just what this show needed... a good segment. Like him, hate him, or think he is lame, Jericho insults his opponents unlike anyone else with his name calling and such.
Kane vs. Chuck Palumbo
Tag Team Title Match: Jesse and Festus vs. John Morrison and Miz
Raw Rebound, Wrestlemania Card Video
Lumberjack Match: Chavo Guerrero vs. Undertaker
3/24/08 Raw in Columbia, SC, Approx Time: 1:32 hr

John Cena/Big Show/JBL/Randy Orton/Umaga/Triple H/William Regal Interview
Chris Jericho and CM Punk vs. MVP and Carlito
Mr. Kennedy, Ric Flair Video, Floyd Mayweather/Big Show Video
Great Khali vs. Hardcore Holly- And the point of this meaningless squash was?
Ric Flair/Shawn Michaels Interview- Flair stole the spotlight with this great interview, which was probably what they were trying to do as Michaels didn't say a whole lot, other than relating Flair to Old Yeller!
Maria vs. Melina
Maria, Ashley, and Jerry Lawler vs. Santino Marella, Beth Phoenix, and Melina
Triple H/John Cena Int, Triple H/John Cena/Randy Orton Video
Randy Orton, JBL, Umaga, and Big Show vs. Triple H, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair- After half of the guys brawl to the back, Flair gives a low-blow to Michaels and gets the Figure Four on Orton. Flair, without a doubt, was the MVP of this above-average show.
3/28/08 Smackdown in Fayetteville, NC, Approx Time:

Over the top Rope Challenge: Mark Henry vs. Kane vs. Great Khali vs. Chuck Palumbo- Henry wins but I was thinking, maybe the E should turn Henry face. He was over as a face before but the last 5 years, on one gives much reaction to him but I think he might work as a face. Bad start to what would be a great show.
Divas Segment
CM Punk vs. John Morrison- Excellent TV match and better than any of their matches from last year for the ECW Title.
Wrestlemania Press Conference Highlights
Kofi Kingston, Jesse, and Festus vs. Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, and The Miz
Batista vs. Snitsky- I've never been so happy after watching a squash match. Batista beats Snitsky, in 3 moves, which means that hopefully the days of pushing Snitsky are over!
Wet and Wild Match: Maryse and Victoria vs. Michelle McCool and Cherry
MVP vs. Chris Jericho- Another good match from tonight.
Edge/Vicky/Undertaker Segment- Edge says Undertaker will be 15-1 after Wrestlemania. After he and Vicky make out, the gong goes off as Undertaker pops out of the coffin and chokeslams Edge into it. He quickly turns around and Vicky is all of a sudden healed up, gets out of her wheelchair, bolts out of the ring. Good segment to close a solid show.
3/31/08 Raw in Orlando, FL, Night After Wrestlemania 24, Approx Time: 1:36 hr

Randy Orton/JBL Interview- Orton is still champ after WM! Matt Hardy would come out to attack Orton for what Orton did to him 3 months ago while JBL wants a Title shot.
William Regal/Matt Hardy Int
Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs...... Cryme Tyme!- OMG, I almost fell over in my couch. I was sooo not expecting this. They're back! Smart move by the E as the fans were really starting to love them before they got fired last year.
Shawn Michaels Interview- Odd Interview for me as Michaels tried to explain what happened last night. Backstage after the interview, Batista is shown starring right at Michaels, not looking happy.
Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly vs. Brian Kendrick and Paul London
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho- Very good match as the crowd was really into it with loud chants for both guys but I was a little shocked to see Punk lose cleanly right after winning the MITB match last night.
Big Show/Great Khali Interview/Segment
Santino Marella/Maria Int- OMG what a F'n great segment by Santino! I can't describe the segment here and possibly to it justice. "Did you get your rabies shot after kissing Snoopy the Dog?"
Randy Orton vs. Matt Hardy- Another good match but again, this loss here kinda kills Hardy's momentum that he gained by returning last night.
Santino Marella vs. Maria- All the divas come to the ring and hold down Santino as he gets to live out one of my all-time fantasies but uh... we'll just leave that one alone.
Ric Flair Retirement Segment- Flair actually wasn't crying as he made his retirement speech. Triple H comes out to tell Flair, "Thank You" and that he wasn't the only one who wanted to say thanks. All the guys from the back came out, including the original 4 Horsemen and of course by this time, Flair was bawling, which of course got me teary-eyed now. This send off was one of the greatest moments in wrestling that I have ever seen and makes me proud to be a wrestling fan. When I first started watching back in 97, I showed up to my friend's house and out of nowhere I said to him, "you like Flair?" He's like, "what?" I said, "Flair is nice huh?" I used to always trash wrestling and he was a huge wrestling nut but when I flipped to wrestling and actually tried to watch it for the first time, I got hooked right away and 3 guys drew me in, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair. With Flair retiring, it really does close out an era of the 70s-90s as Flair was the last of those times. Every time I see Flair crying, I can't help but to feel like I know him personally and I myself start crying because I feel like I know his emotion and he appears to be so legit, even though I don't really know him. It's strange and tough to explain but one thing that isn't tough to say is that we are all going to miss Flair. He is a stud and I only wish all greats could go out this way. We Love you, Flair and as Triple H said, Thank you!
4/4/08 Smackdown in Miami, FL, Show After Wrestlemania 24, Approx Time:

Edge/Chavo Guerrero/Vicky Interview- Very lame interview that wasn't productive at all, other than setting up the main event where Kane will face Undertaker tonight.
MVP vs. Matt Hardy- So much for building up to a match.
Festus vs. Zack Ryder
Ric Flair Highlights
Shawn Michaels/Batista Interview- Good interview and surprisingly from Batista. Interview was missing a little something but still was good.
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Scrub- Finally, the guy who loves "double double E" makes his debut.
John Morrison and Miz vs. Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore- After the match, Great Khali attacks the guys but leaves when Big Show shows up.
Divas Segment- Some new chick comes out to attack Michelle McCool. Her name is Natalya Neidhart.
Wrestlemania Highlights
Kane vs. Undertaker
4/7/08 Raw in Albany, NY, Approx Time: 1:33 hr

William Regal/Randy Orton/JBL/Triple H Interview- Triple H wants to be part of the WWE Title match at the ppv.
Umaga vs. Val Venis
Melina and Jillian Hall vs. Mickie James and Ashley- Mickie and Ashley, the two hottest divas on one team.
Ric Flair Highlights
Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch vs. Brian Kendrick and Paul London
JBL/Randy Orton Int
JBL and Randy Orton vs. Triple H- Triple H wins and is part of the main event for Backlash. John Cena comes out and also wants a chance to be in the main event.
Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes vs. Santino Marella and Carlito
Cryme Tyme Segment, Triple H/JBL Int
Beth Phoenix vs. Maria
Highlight Reel with Shawn Michaels/Batista- Another good interview from these two, this time, Shawn Michaels gets the better of Batista as Chris Jericho was stirring shit around.
William Regal/Randy Orton Int
JBL and Triple H vs. John Cena- Everyone should have been against Cena to keep him out of the title match but they all, including Randy Orton, helped Cena get into the main event some how.
4/11/08 Smackdown in Boston, MA, Approx Time: 1:27 hr

Great Khali/Big Show Segment- Khali tries to make piece with Big Show but Big denies him.
Miz/John Morrison Int
Miz and John Morrison vs. Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore
Edge/Vicky Guerrero Int
Finlay vs. Matt Striker
Victoria vs. Michelle McCool- Victoria brings out the blonde from last week, Natalya Neidhart, yes, the daughter of Jim Neidhart.
Shawn Michaels/Batista Interview
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Matt Logan
Edge/Vicky Guerrero Segment- Edge and Vicky are soaking in a spa with cucumbers on their eyes.
Matt Hardy vs. Chuck Palumbo- MVP does commentary and does a great job.
Jesse/Festus Int, Edge/Vicky Int
Undertaker vs. Festus
4/14/08 Raw in London, England, Approx Time: 1:30 hr

William Regal/JBL Int
Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho Interview- Jericho pushes Michaels too far and gets superkicked for his Batista-like point of view on the Flair situation.
Carlito and Santino Marella vs. Paul London and Brian Kendrick- Santino works his magic on the mic after the match by calling themselves, "the wieners".
Women's Title Match: Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix- Mickie wins the Women's Title here.
William Regal/Chris Jericho Int
J.T G vs. Trevor Murdoch
Randy Orton vs. William Regal
IC Title Match: Umaga vs. Chris Jericho
Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Paul Burchill
Triple H Int
Triple H vs. JBL- Randy Orton runs in to attack Triple H, only to get decked by JBL.
4/18/08 Smackdown in London, England, Approx Time: 1:28

Highlight Reel with Batista- Again, Jericho rambles and Batista gives him the powerbomb.
Tommy Dreamer vs. MVP
Hornswoggle vs. Matt Stryker
Big Show Int
Chavo Guerrero vs. Jamie Noble
Mark Henry vs. Big Show
Cherry vs. Victoria
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Scrub- Usually I'm against the E pushing big guys but Vladimir does have a chance to get over if he can prove that he is a beast in the ring and I'm not talking about a overly-produced beast like Snitsky or Mark Henry. I'm talking about someone who can actually... I don't know... wrestle? Someone who can not just get by in the ring but impress people. So far, I see potential so we'll see how he does.
Batista vs. Undertaker- Edge and his goons get pulled in from the audience and then get beat up by Taker and Batista.
4/21/08 Raw in Greenville, SC, One Night King of the Ring Tournament, Approx Time: 2:15 hr

KOTR First Round: Chris Jericho vs. MVP- Match was too short and MVP shouldn't have lost so cleanly and quickly.
KOTR First Round: CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy- OK, my boy CM Punk wins but again, the match was too short. At least this wasn't a submission win like the last match but still.. too short. Can't we slow it down? We have 3 hours tonight.
KOTR First Round: Great Khali vs. Finlay- If this segment was mainly used to promote Big Show vs. Khali at the ppv, then why waste this segment as part of the Tournament? Shouldn't they put two guys who deserve to be in something like this who have some talent? Shelton Benjamin? John Morrison? Anyone?
KOTR First Round: William Regal vs. Hornswoggle- OK, this is getting out of hand. What could have been a cool and memorable night is turning into a stupid and pointless tournament. Again, where is the real WWE talent for this? Leave it up to the E to drop the ball on this.
WWE In Europe Highlights
Shawn Michaels/Batista Interview- At first I was thinking, not another interview about Ric Flair but it turned out to be more about Batista not liking HBK and HBK not caring what Batista thinks of him so it was okay.
Hillary Clinton Int
Hardcore Holly vs. Carlito- Even these two should have been in the KOTR tournament instead of the last two matches. Maybe I'm just being picky or overly critical.... No, I don't think so. Cody Rhodes and Santino Marella exchange some words after the match.
Triple H Int
KOTR Semi-Finals: Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk- 6 minutes or so, still a little short but Punk moves on.
Barack Obama Int- "Do you smell what Barack is cookin'?" Cute.
KOTR Semi-Finals: William Regal vs. Finlay- Regal wins as it's starting to look like Regal set up this tournament on "his" show to win the tournament himself.
John McCain Int
Backlash Card Video, John Cena Int
Fake Hillary Clinton vs. Fake Barack Obama- Stupid skit ala Rosey vs. Donald Trump. When will Vince learn? Umaga comes down to take everyone out. If there was a silver lining to this, it was the Bill Clinton impersonator who had a few funny lines during this.
Maria/Mickie James/Beth Phoenix Interview/Segment- Beth sounds pretty good on the mic.
Mr. Kennedy Video- He's coming back next week. Where did he go? And why? Oh yeah, they probably didn't have anything for him.
KOTR Finals: William Regal vs. CM Punk- Regal wins proving my earlier theory of Regal setting this up to win it.
Randy Orton, JBL, Edge, and Chavo Guerrero vs. Triple H, John Cena, Kane, and Undertaker- What a bad show. Had so much promise but didn't live up to the hype. That's the E for you.
4/25/08 Smackdown in Greensboro, NC, Approx Time: 1:29 hr

Edge/Chavo Guerrero/CM Punk Interview- The man from all three brands, CM Punk mentions he could beat Edge so they set up a match between these two tonight. Edge closes with the corny line of, "you don't have to worry about cashing in Money in the Bank because after tonight, you'll just be bankrupt". Disappointing way to close this segment but I still feel Punk is holding back a little bit on the mic.
Shannon Moore vs. Miz- John Morrison gets on commentary and tells Coach congratulations on no longer being the least informed commentator because that award goes to Mike Adamle. No doubt.
Presidential Candidates Interview Highlights
Cherry vs. Natalya- The announcers mention that Natalya's last name is Neidhart, who is the daughter of Jim Neidhart and them mention one of Neidhart's trademarks, his old laugh.
Great Khali/Big Show Highlights- Damn, videos like these almost make you want to care about the match... Hey Hey, I said ALMOST.
Matt Hardy/MVP Interview- Add Matt Hardy to the list of people who were once really bad on the mic but eventually became really respectable. He's still not great, a bit monotone, and one dimensional, but he does well and WWE obviously has the confidence in him to deliver more than a couple of lines during a promo, unlike Batista where they know he's still bad and they keep his talking to a minimum.
Edge vs. CM Punk- Edge wins in a match filled with nearfalls.
KOTR Highlights
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Marty Gardner
Backlash Card Video, Batista Int, Raw Highlights
World Heavyweight Title Match: Batista vs. Undertaker- Shawn Michaels runs in to superkick Batista.
4/28/08 Raw in East Rutherford, NJ, Night After Backlash, Approx Time: 1:30 hr

Triple H/Randy Orton Interview- Triple H is the new WWE champion! He still comes out with the John Cena belt which disappointed me. Trips is a guy who seems to be cut out from a traditional type wrestler so I'm kinda surprised he didn't get a traditional type style belt. I used to think they kept that belt because it would revolve around Cena but now I think they do it because it looks different than the Heavyweight Title. Either reason is a bad reason to keep it so I would like to know why they keep that crappy title belt. "As of now, the Age of Orton is officially dead!"
Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, Ashley, Michelle McCool, Maria, and Cherry vs. Beth Phoenix, Melina, Jillian Hall, Layla, Natalya, and Victoria- Not that I'm for long women matches, but you figure with 12 divas in a match, they could milk it for more than a couple of minutes.
JBL vs. Robbie McAllister
Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch- After Trevor loses, he gets on the mic and sings a verse/chorus of "Friends in low places" and actually sings it pretty well.
Paul Burchill and Katie Lea vs. Super Crazy- OK so so far, 1 opening interview and 4 matches! This is like old school with all these wrestling matches, even with them being squashes. Kinda like a 2 hour Superstars episode from 1990.
Randy Orton Int- Orton, are you having any second thoughts? ....Long stare.... "NO!" Now that's an insightful interview.
William Regal/Mr. Kennedy Interview- What a great showing from both, especially from Kennedy. Kennedy returns and gets a decent reaction but if he keeps up these antics, gestures, and continues to improve, he's going to be a big big star. WWE better not drop the ball with him. I'm all for a feud with these two but they are both in a position where they can't lose anytime soon. If they want to push either one, they have to start going over people.
Santino Marella vs. Cody Rhodes
Highlight Reel with Shawn Michaels- Jericho gives HBK a "best actor in sports entertainment" award for "faking" a knee injury at Backlash. Jericho just accuses Michaels of being a liar, then walked out of the ring to the back. A segment that makes you say.... um...ok?
Santino Marella/Rowdy Roddy Piper Int- I would love to have these guys go back in forth on some longer interviews. After Piper slaps Marella, he says "does that boy have a death wish, or is he just special."
WWE Title Match: Randy Orton vs. Triple H- Match wasn't great but was a ppv caliber match as far as pacing, feel, etc. Match and even the show ends when William Regal goes to the production truck and tells Kevin Dunn to pull the plug because the crowd is disrespecting him and that we don't deserve to watch the ending. Lol ok.. interesting way to do it and I can actually say I've never seen a match or show end like that.
5/2/08 Smackdown in Atlantic, City, NJ, Mick Foley begins announcing, Approx Time: 1:29 hr

Tag Team Title Match: Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore vs. John Morrison and The Miz
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Colin Delaney- Kozlov continues to impress me.
Victoria and Natalya vs. Cherry and Michelle McCool- Natalya also gets better every week.
Mark Henry vs. Nunzio- Big Show looks to be going after Mark Henry next.
US Title Match: MVP vs. Matt Hardy
Batista/Mick Foley Interview
Jesse and Festus vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder
Finlay vs. Julio Dinero
Undertaker/Vicky Guerrero/Great Khali Segment- Vicky strips Undertaker of his Title for using an "illegal" chokehold over the last several months. WWE is really going for the "wait to see what happens" programs lately.
5/5/08 Raw in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Approx Time: 1:31 hr

Vince/William Regal/Mr. Kennedy/Triple H Interview
Women's Title, Lumberjack Match: Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James
William Regal/Chris Jericho Int, Trevor Murdoch/Trish Stratus/Ron Simmons Segment
Randy Orton Int
Paul Burchill and Katie Lea vs. John Cutler- Mike Adamle comes out to replace Jim Ross for the match because as said by William Regal, Adamle has also been respected.
Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho Int
Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho vs. John Morrison and The Miz- Michaels really looks like he is faking his knee injury tonight, especially when he is trying to pose in the ring before the match starts.
Randy Orton vs. CM Punk- William Regal comes out, turns off the lights, calls the match over, and cuts to commercial.
Randy Orton Int
Carlito's Cabana with Rowdy Roddy Piper/Santino Marella- Cryme Tyme and Cody Rhodes come out to save Piper from a beat down.
JBL vs. DH Smith
William Regal/ECW Roster Int, Smackdown Rebound
Triple H and Mr. Kennedy vs. ECW Roster- Chavo Guerrero pins Mr. Kennedy as the ECW guys start to brawl after the match. Show closes when Randy Orton runs in to the ring, after the lights go out, to RKO Triple H.
5/9/08 Smackdown in London, Ontario, Canada, Approx Time: 1:28 hr

Vicky Guerrero Interview- Vicky sets the stage for tonight's number one contenders tournament.
Matt Hardy vs. CM Punk
MVP vs. Finlay
Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya- For a diva, Natalya is impressive in the ring.
Batista vs. John Morrison
Big Show vs. Tommy Dreamer
Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Phil Atlas
Over The Top Rope Challenge: Matt Hardy vs. MVP vs. Finlay vs. Batista vs. Big Show vs. Kane- Won by Edge who, at the last moment, was medically cleared to compete. He will face Undertaker at the next PPV for the Title. My DVR got a little glitchy at the end of the show so during the match, every 4 seconds or so, the picture would freeze up for half a second. The audio wasn't effected.
5/12/08 Raw in Detroit, MI, Approx Time: 1:27 hr

William Regal/John Cena/Lilian Garcia/Mickie James Interview- One of the cheesiest segments I can remember. Cena and Lilian played up to the local crowd way too much. It might have helped Cena here but people are going to keep booing him for being such a suck up later.
Tag Team Title Match: Santino Marella and Carlito vs. Bob Holly and Cody Rhodes- "Roddy The Piper" was sitting at ringside.
Mr. Kennedy vs. Snitsky- "Snitsky has summer teeth. Some are yellow. some are brown. When Snitsky smiles, traffic slows down, that's all I know." - Jerry Lawler.
Santino Marella Int, John Cena/Mickie James Int
Mickie James and Maria vs. Beth Phoenix and Melina
Chris Jericho/Shawn Michaels Interview- Michael admits that he was faking his knee injury, then he super kicks Jericho to prove it.
Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga- Hardy returns and was starting to explain why he was suspended (drugs) before William Regal comes out to put him in a match. I was looking forward to Hardy telling people what happened but oh well.
Cryme Tyme vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch- After Cade and Murdoch win, Cade turns on Murdoch and punches him in the face, twice. This may sound strange, but these two do have a little bit of potential and aren't complete jobbers.
Melina/Jillian/Beth Phoenix Int/Brawl, Judgment Day Card Video
Randy Orton vs. John Cena- Orton gets new music. I'm not sure that there was anything wrong with his old music so why change it?
5/16/08 Smackdown in Grand Rapids, MI, Approx Time: 1:27 hr

Edge/Teddy Long/Vicky Interview- Teddy Long quits and even I'm like, argh!! I'm tired of all these heel GMs running around and controlling every show. I thought Vicky might get fired here but to no avail.
CM Punk vs. Chuck Palumbo
Vicky/Edge/Chavo/MVP/Finlay/Big Show Int
Layla vs. Michelle McCool- Interesting move used by Michelle to win the match. Some sort of roll-through, knee submission.
Batista Interview
Big Show and Finlay vs. MVP and Mark Henry- The E still has use for Mark Henry? Haven't they driven that "Worlds Strongest Man" bit into the ground?
Vicky Int
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Funaki
Cherry vs. Maryse
Judgment Day Card Video, Kofi Kingston/Eve/Matt Hardy/Shelton Benjamin Int
Undertaker vs. Edge, Vicky, Curt Hawkins, and Zack Ryder- No contest.
5/19/08 Raw in Kansas City, MO, Night After Judgment Day, Approx Time: 1:35 hr

Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga- Crowd is hot tonight, especially for Hardy.
Chris Jericho/Batista Int
William Regal/Mr. Kennedy/Vince Interview- Kennedy vs. Regal tonight. Loser is fired.
Beth Phoenix vs. Maria- Melina does commentary and sounds like she is turning face.
Rowdy Roddy Piper/Santino Marella/Jimmy Kimmel Highlights
Mickie James/Katie Lea Int, Shawn Michaels/William Regal Int
Chris Jericho vs. Batista- Good TV match. Man, the crowd is so hot tonight.
Vince/William Regal/Ted Dibiase Int
Santino Marella Interview- Santino impersonates "Rodney the Piper's" Pit and has Cousin Sal from Jimmy Kimmel's show as his guest. Rowdy Roddy Piper shows up at the end.
Mr. Kennedy vs. William Regal- Regal loses but Vince never came out to fire him. This match should have been hyped ahead of time and given some more time.
JBL and Randy Orton vs. John Cena and Triple H- Stacked show tonight. Maybe a little too stacked. If they had hyped this stuff last week or given everyone notice of how big the show was going to be, I'm sure the ratings would have been better than average for this one. None the less, good Raw with good matches and a very hot crowd.
5/23/08 Smackdown in Des Moines, IA, Approx Time: 1:28 hr

Vicky Interview
Jesse, Festus, and Cherry vs. Deuce, Domino, and Maryse
Vicky/Chavo/Edge Int
VIP Lounge with Teddy Long/Batista
Chavo/Vicky/Edge/MVP Int
Finlay vs. Chuck Palumbo
MVP vs. Batista- MVP may never beat Batista.
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Nunzio
Kofi Kingston and Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke
Raw Rebound, One Night Stand Card Video
Chavo Guerrero vs. Undertaker
5/26/08 Raw in Denver, CO, Approx Time: 1:29 hr

Memorial Day Tribute Video
Vince Int- Vince pretty much promises something special. Will he deliver? Or will they flop like they do most of the time when the promise something big? We'll find out and you'll get my reaction when it happens.
Triple H/Randy Orton Interview- I'm kinda diggin' Orton's new music as he takes about 5 minutes to get into the ring, giving me plenty of time to hear it. "The way I see it, you're just a scared little boy in a man's world." - Triple H. "Ohhhhhh!!" - Audience. "Not a bad one liner." - Me. Good, intense interview here.
Jillian Hall vs. Melina- Melina gets a good face reaction as Beth Phoenix does commentary. Jillian rings "No chance in hell" before the match.
Chris Jericho/Vince/Cryme Tyme Int- Strange interview.
Tag Team Title Match: Paul London and Brian Kendrick vs. Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly- After the match, Ted Dibiase debuts his son, Ted Dibiase Jr. I was hoping, for some strange reason, that Dibiase would reform the Million Dollar Corporation as the E needs some good stables again like there were in the late 90s.
Rowdy Roddy Piper/Cousin Sal/Jimmy Kimmel Video
Vince/Mickie James/JBL Int
JBL and Umaga vs. John Cena and Jeff Hardy
Shawn Michaels/Vince Int, WWE in Mexico Highlights- Funny Segment by Triple H and Shawn Michaels who wore luchador masks.
Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito- Paul Burchill and Katie Lea didn't like what Kennedy... Kennedy did to Regal so they attack him.
Vince/Trevor Murdoch Int, One Night Stand Card Video
Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho- Good stuff while it lasted. After the match, Jericho flips out and looks like he is going to nail a fallen HBK with a chair but thinks about what he was going to do and then helps Michaels up. Interesting.
Vince Interview- So what's the big pay off? Vince announces that in 4 weeks, there will be a draft. That's not the big news though. Vince announces that each show, he is going to give out a million dollars... Yup, that's it. I want to say I'm upset about this but why do I get the feeling that this means that Ted Dibiase, the Million Dollar Man, will be the new Raw GM?
5/30/08 Smackdown in Colorado Springs, CO, Approx Time: 1:25 hr

Edge Int
Batista/Vicky Guerrero/Curt Hawkins Interview
Undertaker Highlights- Various highlights from his career are shown throughout the show.
Matt Hardy vs. Elijah Burke
MVP/Jamie Noble Int
Finlay vs. Chuck Palumbo
Vicky Guerrero/Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder/Jamie Noble Int
CM Punk vs. John Morrison
Batista and Big Show vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder
Cherry/Maryse Int, One Night Stand Card Video
MVP vs. Jamie Noble
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Shannon Moore
Michelle McCool vs. Maryse
Cutting Edge with Undertaker- Turns into a brawl (naturally) with Undertaker and La Familia.
6/2/08 Raw in Bakersfield, CA, Night After One Night Stand, Approx Time: 1:30 hr

Triple H/John Cena/Jeff Hardy/Vince Interview
Mr. Kennedy vs. Umaga
Vince Interview- Vince explains why he is giving away a million dollars which even after he is done, I still don't get it. Desperation for ratings I guess but this interview came over as a pep rally for WWE fans more than anything else.
Santino Marella and Carlito vs. Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes- Cody Rhodes brings out a "Special Time Keener", Rowdy Roddy Piper. Rhodes meant to say "keeper" but I couldn't help but to laugh at it. Sorry, Cody. I won't be forgetting that one.
Santino Marella Int, Cody Rhodes/Hardcore Holly/Ted Dibiase Jr. Int
Chris Jericho Int
IC Title Match: JBL vs. Chris Jericho
Katie Lea and Beth Phoenix vs. Mickie James and Melina- Mr. Kennedy comes out to get him some of Paul Burchill.
Trevor Murdoch vs. Lance Cade- A two minute match concludes their payoff. Nice..
Edge/Undertaker/One Night Stand Highlights, John Cena/Mickie James Int
Jeff Hardy vs. John Cena- Cena wins making him the number one contender for the WWE Title as he and Triple H close the show with a stare down.
6/6/08 Smackdown in Los Angeles, CA, Approx Time: 1:24 hr

Edge/Vicky/Batista Interview- Edge brags about getting rid of the Undertaker while Batista wants a title shot.
Belfast Brawl Match: Finlay vs. Chuck Palumbo- Palumbo is going for the Slash look.
Big Show/Mark Henry Interview
Deuce and Domino vs. Great Khali- Khali returns. Wrestling fans everywhere, throughout the world, rejoice.
Vicky Int, Cousin Sal/Rowdy Roddy Piper/Santino Marella/Jimmy Kimmel Highlights
Santino Marella vs. Cousin Sal
MVP Clip- It's time they push MVP to the top. We need new main eventers and he is one of the best choices to be pushed to the next level.
Cousin Cal/Jimmy Kimmel/Big Show Int, John Morrison/Miz/Hornswoggle/Finlay Int
Edge/Chavo Guerrero Int- "I'm going to be your Uncle Edge"
Kelly Kelly vs. Layla vs. Maryse vs. Cherry vs. Natalya vs. Victoria vs. Michelle McCool- A Divas championship is on its way.
Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Vladimir Kozlov
Batista Int
Edge, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, and Chavo Guerrero vs. Batista, Nunzio, Funaki, and Colin Delaney- As Edge comes out, Mick Foley says on commentary regarding Vince's Million Dollar give-away that Vince hasn't wasted that much money since he signed Goldberg. OUCH!
6/9/08 Raw in Oakland, CA, "McMahon's Million Dollar Mania", Approx Time: 1:37 hr

Vince Interview- Vince would give away a million dollars through various segments of the show to fans over the phone. How stupid.
Mr. Kennedy vs. Paul Burchill
Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix
John Cena/Triple H Int, Vince/Charlie Haas/Maria/Mae Young Segment, JBL Int
John Cena vs. JBL- Triple H comes out to do commentary.
Highlight Reel with Shawn Michaels- Chris Jericho turns heel by attacking Shawn Michaels and tossing him into the Jeritron 6000. Cool bump.
Cody Rhodes and Hardcore Holly vs. Snitsky and Umaga- Ted Dibiase Jr. comes out and cuts another promo on the tag team champs.
Cryme Tyme vs. Santino Marella and Carlito
Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy- John Cena does commentary and would cause Triple H to lose via count out.
Vince Int- Vince gives away $250,000 to close the show. What a boring and non-eventful way to close the show. Very bad edition of Raw for the sake that half of it was wasted on this money giveaway crap. How about some good F'n wrestling? How about new stars? New main eventers? How about new angles and storylines? More longer, competitive matches? This will boost ratings as well and you don't need to resort to a lame money throwaway gig.
6/13/08 Smackdown in Fresno, CA, Approx Time: 1:26 hr

Vicky/Batista Interview- In an attempt to get a good one-liner again Vicky, Batista calls her ugly so now it's official. I can never cheer for him ever again.
Finley vs. John Morrison
Edge/CM Punk Int
Mark Henry vs. Tommy Dreamer
Vicky/Edge/MVP Int
Maryse vs. Cherry
MVP vs. CM Punk
Chuck Palumbo vs. Matt Hardy
Million Dollar Mania Highlights
Vladimir Kozlov Int
Jesse and Festus vs. Deuce and Domino
Great Khali vs. Batista
6/16/08 Raw in Salt Lake City, UT, Approx Time:

John Cena/Triple H/Vince Interview- Very good interview between Cena and Triple H with Hunter getting in some heelish but funny lines on Cena. Segment was almost ruined by Vince bragging about his lame give-away.
Street Fight: Umaga vs. John Cena
Divas Bikini Segment
Chris Jericho/Shawn Michaels/Last Week Highlights, Vince/Hacksaw Jim Duggan Segment
Jeff Hardy vs. Carlito- Lawler says at the end, "What a great match" but it was completely one-sided with Hardy easily going over and Carlito jobbing once again.
Chris Jericho/Ric Flair/Triple H Interview/Segment- Flair returns to Raw to confront Jericho for what he did to Shawn. Triple H would step in to confront Jericho as well.
Vince/Ric Flair/Triple H Int- Vince gives Flair the boot and has him escorted out.
Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes vs. Cryme Tyme- Match ends in 4 seconds when Ted Dibiase Jr. walks out and distracts Cryme Tyme.
Paul Burchill and Katie Lea vs. Mr. Kennedy and Mickie James
John Cena/Triple H Int
Triple H vs. Chris Jericho
6/20/08 Smackdown in San Jose, CA, Approx Time: 1:26 hr

VIP Lounge with Vickie Guerrero
Matt Hardy vs. Bam Neely
Edge/Chavo Guerrero Int
Michelle McCool vs. Layla
Vickie/Edge/Charles Robinson Int
Jamie Noble vs. Vladimir Kozlov
MVP vs. Kane
Charles Robinson vs. Great Khali
Deuce and Domino vs. Jesse and Festus- Deuce kicks Domino in the head so it looks like they may be done.
Finlay vs. The Miz- John Morrison does commentary.
Chavo Guerrero vs. Batista- Edge is the guest referee.
6/23/08 Raw in San Antonio, TX, Raw Draft - 3 hour special, Approx Time: 2:23 hr

Triple H vs. Mark Henry- Rey Mysterio gets drafted to Raw.
Triple H/Rey Mysterio/John Cena Int
Finlay and Hornswoggle vs. Carlito and Santino Marella- Jeff Hardy gets drafted to Smackdown.
Randy Orton Int
Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes vs. Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely- Ted Dibiase Jr. does commentary and afterwards, CM Punk gets drafted to Raw.
Chris Jericho/Lance Cade Interview- Shawn Michaels comes out to brawl with Jericho.
John Morrison and The Miz vs. Matt and Jeff Hardy- The Hardys win but then Matt Hardy gets drafted to ECW.
Melina and Mickie James vs. Victoria and Natalya- It appears Melina injured her ankle as Jim Ross and Michael Cole trade places.
Edge vs. John Cena- Batista gets drafted to Raw.
Edge/Vickie/Vince Int
MVP vs. Tommy Dreamer- Umaga gets drafted to Smackdown and attacks Dreamer and Colin Delaney while Mike Adamle continues to get ripped by all the other announcers. Adamle appears to be a good sport about it.
JBL vs. Kofi Kingston- Kane gets drafted back to Raw.
Night of Champions Card Video
15 Man Battle Royal: Raw (CM Punk, Batista, John Cena, Kane, and Triple H) vs. ECW (Chavo Guerrero, Miz, John Morrison, Shelton Benjamin, and Matt Hardy) vs. Smackdown (Big Show, Great Khali, MVP, Jeff Hardy, and Edge)- Edge wins after eliminating John Cena as Mr. Kennedy and Triple H both get drafted to Smackdown.
Vince Segment- After Vince gives away $500,000, the corner of the stage where he was standing falls apart and Vince is "injured" as the show ends.
6/27/08 Smackdown in Houston, TX, Approx Time: 2 hr (includes commercials)

Vickie Int
Triple H/Edge Interview- Batista comes in to get a piece of Edge and already the brand split is on mute. I guess they are waiting til after the ppv to put everyone on their correct show.
Kane and Big Show vs. Mark Henry and MVP- Who has the most upset and the biggest future of all these guys? MVP. And who does the J-O-B? MVP. This is fucking dumb. Why not have Mark Henry take the loss? Oh yeah, cuz he has an ECW Title match coming soon but there's no way he's going to win. The E needs to start working on creating new stars, new main events and stop pushing the guys who are past their prime. Big Show's glory days are over, Mark Henry lost his flair many years ago, and Kane is the most stale guy on the roster, yet MVP takes the lost. This is Bullshit.
Vickie/Edge Int
Umaga Video
Hornswoggle and Finlay vs. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins
Matt Hardy vs. Edge
Jeff Hardy Video, Night of Champions Card Video
Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, and Cherry vs. Maryse, Victoria, and Natalya
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Domino
Rey Mysterio Interview- Mysterio says goodbye to Smackdown as he heads to Raw.
Batista vs. Umaga- La Familia get involved.
6/30/08 Raw in Oklahoma City, OK, Night after Night of Champions, Approx Time:

Jim Ross/Edge Interview- JR talks about leaving Raw until Edge comes out to trash him and then brag about Raw having no champion. That is until Batista runs in to attack Edge and gives him the Batista Bomb. Right after, CM Punk runs down to the ring and turns in the briefcase and not just any briefcase, but THEE Briefcase leading to....
World Heavyweight Title Match: CM Punk vs. Edge- Punk gives the GTS to an already beat-up Edge and wins the title in 8 seconds! Punk finally wins a real title! Is the WWE finally pushing new and well-deserved talent or is this just a tease and Punk will lose it soon? Who knows but for now, Punk is a World Champion. Awesome moment.
Mickie James vs. Jillian Hall
Rey Mysterio/Santino Marella Interview- "I'm Rey 'Mastrio', Look at me! I like cookies!" Santino. LOL.
CM Punk/JBL Int- Oh now. JBL challenges Punk and Punk accepts. Will the title reign be short-lived?
John Cena/JBL Interview- Cena wants a title shot but JBL beat him to it.
Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr vs. Darren Wade and Steve Anthony
Cody Rhodes/Ted Dibiase Jr Interview
Katie Lea/Paul Burchill/Jamie Noble/Kane Interview/Segment- Noble returns to form and tries to get a piece of Katie Lea until Kane shows up.
Chris Jericho Interview
IC Title Match: Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston
Edge Int
World Heavyweight Title Match: JBL vs. CM Punk- Punk retains thanks to the distraction of John Cena and Cryme Tyme fighting of JBL's guards. Punk makes it through the first show with his Title. I have no idea how long Punk will keep the title. I guess it depends on how much faith Vince and the E really have in him.
7/4/08 Smackdown in Tulsa, OK, Approx Time: 1:27 hr

VIP Lounge with Triple H/Vickie- The first time VMP and Hunter have interacted. Triple H congratulates Vickie on her wedding and says, "Edge is a genius, Marrying the Boss to get ahead in the business!" Then he makes comments about the wedding he and Stephanie had on Raw 9 years ago. Great stuff and it's stuff like that that is kind of a reward for those who watched back in the day and understand all these references.
Maryse vs. Cherry vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Victoria vs. Michelle McCool
Vickie/Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder Int, Edge Segment, Vladimir Kozlov Video
Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs. Jesse and Festus- Edge runs out and takes his frustrations out on Jesse and Festus.
Vickie/Edge Int- Edge and Vickie argue.
Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison
Umaga vs. Funaki
Edge/Vickie Int
US Title Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy
Edge/Vickie Guerrero Interview- Edge calls off the wedding!
7/7/08 Smackdown in New Orleans, LA, Approx Time: 1:29 hr

Vickie/CM Punk/JBL/John Cena/Batista/Kane Interview- Everyone wants a shot at Punk's Title.
Rey Mysterio vs. Santino Marella
CM Punk/Snitsky Int, John Cena/Mickie James/Kelly Kelly Int
Jillian Hall and Layla vs. Kelly Kelly and Mickie James
JBL/John Cena/Cryme Tyme Segment- Cena and Cryme Tyme destroy JBL's limo.
Raw Last Week Highlights
Snitsky vs. CM Punk- This is a good sign for Punk because this shows that they probably plan on Punk keeping the title for a bit so they are going to throw a few scrubs in the mix for him to face to help legitimize his title run. I could be wrong but that's what I'm thinking.
Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho Interview
Charlie Haas vs. Kofi Kingston- Paul Burchill runs in to get a piece of Kofi after the match.
Batista vs. Kane vs. JBL vs. John Cena- Batista wins and becomes the new number one contender. Kane appears to turn heel here by attacking the announcers and cries, "Is he dead or alive?" Can he possibly be talking about Paul Bearer??
7/11/08 Smackdown in Baton Rouge, LA, Approx Time: 1:28 hr

Edge/Vickie Interview
Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin- Foley comments and compares Shelton to Mickie Mantle. Uh, I wouldn't go that far.
Vickie/Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder Int
Mr. Kennedy vs. Domino- MVP does commentary as it appears MVP and Kennedy are going to have a program together. Should be interesting as these two can work the mic. Umaga comes in at the end and nails Mr. Kennedy.
Edge/Chavo Guerrero Int, Vickie/Chavo Guerrero Int
John Morrison and The Miz vs. Finlay and Hornswoggle
Jeff Hardy Video
Triple H vs. Chavo Guerrero
Cherry and Michelle McCool vs. Natalya and Maryse
Jesse and Festus vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder- Hawkins and Ryder get counted out on purpose and wait for the bell to ring. Once Festus is relaxed again, they run in to attack Jesse and Festus. Jesse runs to ring the bell, waking up Festus as he and Jesse clear the ring.
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Stevie Richards
Vickie/Chavo/Edge Int, Raw Rebound, Great American Bash Card Video
Edge vs. Big Show- Vickie comes out to protect Edge as she and Edge make up and the wedding appears to be back on as the show closes with Edge and Vickie making out in the ring.
7/14/08 Raw in Raleigh, NC, Approx Time: 1:34 hr

Stephanie/Shane Int, Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho Brawl, Kane Segment
Mickie James vs. Katie Lea
Kofi Kingston vs. Paul Burchill
Santino Marella/Kane Int, Kane/CM Punk Int
John Cena Interview
Santino Marella vs. Beth Phoenix- Beth Phoenix picks up the win against Santino.
Ted Dibiase Jr/Cody Rhodes/Hacksaw Jim Duggan/JBL Interview
CM Punk vs. Kane- Batista comes out to save Punk from a Kane beatdown but then "punks" Punk with a spinebuster.
Chris Jericho vs. Paul London- Shawn Michaels comes out to cut a quick promo on Jericho about Sunday's match.
Layla/Jamie Noble/Snitsky Segment/Brawl
Great American Bash Card Video
John Cena and Cryme Tyme vs. JBL, Ted Dibiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes- JBL tries to run Cena over with a car after the match.
7/18/08 Smackdown in Charlotte, NC, Approx Time: 1:27 hr

Chavo/Vickie/Edge Interview/Segment- Instead of the usual wedding on TV where someone crashes it, they show highlights of where the marriage already took place and that tonight was the wedding reception.
Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs. Hornswoggle and Finlay
Edge/Vicky/Big Show Int
Big Show vs. Shelton Benjamin, Vladimir Kozlov, MVP, and Great Khali
Vicky/Michelle McCool/Natalya/Cherry Segment
Brian Kendrick vs. Jimmy Wang Yang- Kendrick debuts his buddy, bodyguard, or whatever you want to call him, Ezekiel.
Mr. Kennedy vs. Umaga
Edge Int/Slim Jim Commercial
John Morrison and Miz vs. Jesse and Festus
Raw Rebound, Great American Bash Card Video
Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy- This is one of those matches that they should advertise ahead of time, no matter what their outcome will be. It just shows that Creative books from week to week instead of any type of long term booking.
Edge/Vickie/Triple H Segment- Triple H comes out with a video of Edge flirting and kissing the wedding planner lady. So why was there a camera in the room in the first place? That was kind of a lame way out of this.
7/21/08 Raw in the Mohegan Sun Casino, Night after Great American Bash, Approx Time: 1:31 hr

Batista/JBL/CM Punk Interview- Good thing I didn't pay for the ppv last night because a) the match I wanted to see last night ended in a DQ and b) There is a rematch tonight as Punk is giving Batista a rematch. Why buy ppvs when there will be two or three rematches the next night or during the same week on TV for free.
Lance Cade vs. Paul London
Chris Jericho Interview
Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix
Hacksaw Jim Duggan/Jerry Lawler/Ted Dibiase Jr/Cody Rhodes Interview
JBL, Ted Dibiase Jr, and Cody Rhodes vs. John Cena and Cryme Tyme- Micheal Cole says it's a rematch from last week but that the stakes might be higher this week. They are? The stakes are higher? Why, what's on the line? Nothing. Ok, well then that line made no sense, huh Cole? *bitch-slap to the back of the head*
Mickie James and Kofi Kingston vs. Katie Lea and Paul Burchill
Jamie Noble/Batista Int, CM Punk/JBL Int
Santino Marella vs. D-Lo Brown- D-Lo returns but the real highlight of the show happens when Beth Phoenix comes down and as she and Santino start to brawl, they slow down, stare at each other, then give each other a quick kiss. Crowd popped as this might be interesting. Good to see Santino in something that could be a storyline instead of trotting him out there every week to go a job.
World Heavyweight Title Match: Batista vs. CM Punk- Kane attacks Batista before the match.
7/25/08 Smackdown in Philadelphia, PA, Approx Time: 1:25 hr

VIP Lounge with Jeff Hardy- Interesting stuff said here by MVP as he brings up a lot of dirt about Jeff Hardy's recent troubles.
Shelton Benjamin vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
Edge/Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder Int
Curt Hawkins vs. Festus
Edge/Alicia Int
Stevie Richards vs. Vladimir Kozlov
***Battle Royal: MVP vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Great Khali vs. Big Show vs. Umaga- I'm missing most of this match as my power went out and cut my DVR recording. Great Khali wins giving him a title shot against Triple H so I could care less for not having this match complete. It's 2006 all over again with Khali getting title shots again. Because Khali sells tickets right? He gets people to buy ppvs right?
Ron Killings Promo
Michelle McCool vs. Maryse
Raw Rebound, Chavo/Bam Neely/Vickie/Edge Int
Brian Kendrick vs. Shannon Moore- Kendrick gets on the mic before the match and cuts a promo that wasn't that bad for someone who doesn't get any mic time.
Edge/Vickie Interview- Vickie bring back Undertaker to face Edge at Summerslam.
7/28/08 Raw in Washington, DC, Approx Time: 1:34 hr

John Cena/Batista/Shane Interview
Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix vs. D-Lo Brown and Kelly Kelly
Shane/JBL Int
Tag Team Title Match: Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole vs. Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr- Originally Hacksaw Jim Duggan came out to team up with Lawler but a note was handed to Lilian Garcia, saying that the new GM (to be announced later) changed the match and that Cole is now involved. That tells us that the new GM is a heel, which is a tired act over the course of the last 6 years. To make things worse, Mike Adamle comes out to replace him. Crowd was actually behind Cole.
Jamie Noble vs. Kofi Kingston
CM Punk vs. William Regal- Regal returns as JBL does guest commentary. If Regal can keep himself clean, he can easily be a main eventer.
Highlight Reel with Himself/Lance Cade- Jericho claims this is his last Highlight Reel and is ready to go after the World Heavyweight Championship.
Mickie James vs. Jillian Hall
Smackdown Rebound, Summerslam Card Video
John Cena/Cryme Tyme/Batista Int
JBL and Kane vs. Batista and John Cena- Mike Adamle is announced as the new GM. Why is Vince riding on Adamle's jock? He will fire... err sorry, "release" wrestlers when he feels they have nothing for them or they have outstayed their welcome but yet Adamle, who is beyond outstaying his welcome, continues to not just stay on TV, but now gets the Raw GM spot?
8/1/08 Smackdown in Hershey, PA, Approx Time: 1:29 hr

MVP vs. Jimmy Wang Yang- Jeff Hardy sits at ringside, then acts like he is pissed at MVP and gives him the twist of fate. Poor Jeff. Dude just can't act at all.
Vickie/Chavo Int
Mr. Kennedy vs. Shelton Benjamin- Shelton says that he shouldn't have been wrestling because he was sick. Crowd boo'd, which means it would be great if every time Shelton lost, he made an excuse. Crowd would boo the heck out of it.
Brian Kendrick vs. Stevie Richards- Again, Kendrick works the mic a little bit before the match and does a good job. Last week in his interview, he said the word "wrestler" (which is a bad word on WWE TV). This week, he said "Superstar" so I'm sure Vince got in his ear about that one.
Great Khali vs. Jeff Hardy- MVP comes out and helps Jeff Hardy lose to the greatest wrestler of our generation, Khali.
Ron Killings Promo
Maria vs. Victoria
Edge/Alicia Int, Triple H Video, Summerslam Card Video
Big Show vs. Domino
Chavo Guerrero Int
Cutting Edge with Mick Foley- Highlight of the week. Mick Foley is so awesome on the mic, especially when he gets that emotionally intense tone in his voice. He tells Edge to find the old Edge and bring that to Summerslam because if he brings this married-man-Edge, Undertaker will tear him apart. Edge and Foley then Brawl. Great Segment.
8/4/08 Raw in the University of Tennessee, Approx Time: 1:34 hr

Mike Adamle/JBL/Chris Jericho Interview
IC Title Match: Paul Burchill vs. Kofi Kingston
Women's Title Match: Katie Lea vs. Mickie James- Beth Phoenix comes out to attack Mickie James so you know Santino Marella isn't far behind.
Mike Adamle/Santino Marella/Beth Phoenix Int, John Cena Video
Batista Int, Jamie Noble/Layla Int
Layla/William Regal/Jamie Noble Segment
JBL and Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk- JBL gets the pinfall and will face Punk at Summerslam for the Title.
Shawn Michaels Interview
Matt Striker vs. Kane
Smackdown Rebound, Batista Video
John Cena Int
Tag Team Title Match: Batista and John Cena vs. Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr.- Batista wins and we have new tag team champions, who will face each other at Summerslam.
8/8/08 Smackdown in Atlanta, GA, Approx Time:

Michelle McCool, Cherry, and Maria vs. Maryse, Victoria, and Natalya
Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs. Shannon Moore and Jimmy Wang Yang
Jeff Hardy vs. MVP
Chavo/Vickie/Curt Hawkins Int
Arm Wrestling Match: Triple H vs. Great Khali- I wish the WWE knew that the reason I'm not getting Summerslam, is only because this match is on the card.
Ron Killings Promo, Chavo/Vickie Int
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Jesse
Summerslam Card Video, Vickie/Chavo Int
Brian Kendrick vs. Super Crazy
Edge/Vickie/Chavo Interview
8/11/08 Raw in Richmond, VA, Approx Time: 1:27 hr

John Cena/Batista Interview
Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix- After the match, Santino Marella challenged Mickie James to a match.
Santino Marella vs. Mickie James
Mike Adamle/Kane Int
Cody Rhodes/Ted Dibiase Jr Interview
Cryme Tyme vs. Highlanders- A couple of days later, Highlanders finally get the boot from the E as this would be their last appearance. It was only a matter of time.
JBL/CM Punk Interview- JBL tries to get Punk to take a shot of whiskey but Punk says no thanks.
Chris Jericho vs. Kane- It turns out that in Kane's bag was Rey Mysterio's mask.
Jamie Noble vs. William Regal
Summerslam Card Video
Tag Team Title Match: Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr vs. John Cena and Batista- Rhodes and Dibiase win back the tag titles as Batista and Cena brawl as the show goes off the air.
8/15/08 Smackdown in Norfolk, VA, Approx Time: 1:28 hr

US Title Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin- Once again, MVP causes Hardy to lose a match.
Vickie/Victoria Int
Michelle McCool and Maria vs. Maryse and Natalya
Brian Kendrick vs. Scotty Goldman- Scotty Goldman is... Colt Cabana?
Triple H/Kenny Dykstra Int- WTF has Kenny been?
Great Khali/Ranjin Singh Int
Triple H vs. Kenny Dykstra- Kenny returns, only to get squashed in a minute. Nice use of him.
Big Show vs. Brian Braddock
MVP Int, Vickie/Victoria Int, Vickie/Edge Int
Festus vs. Vladimir Kozlov
Edge/Vickie Interview
8/18/08 Raw in Chicago, IL, Night After Summerslam, Approx Time: 1:24 hr

Chris Jericho Interview- A replay from the Jericho/Michaels confrontation from last night was shown with Jericho hitting Michaels' wife by accident. That segment can really give Jericho some more heat and was a good segment.
Batista vs. Paul Burchill
Mike Adamle/John Cena/Batista Int
Kelly Kelly and Mickie James vs. Jillian Hall and Katie Lea
Summerslam Highlights
JBL vs. Jamie Noble
Mike Adamle Interview
John Cena vs. Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr.- Before the match, Cryme Tyme came out and stole the tag title belts. The tag champs, however, lose their credibility as a tag team by losing to Cena here.
Shawn Michaels Int, CM Punk Int
Santino Marella vs. D-Lo Brown- Kofi Kingston does commentary.
Kane Interview- Kane basically that he destroyed Rey Mysterio so Batista runs down to attack Kane.
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho- Punk loses cleanly to Jericho here but it's a though call. I would say Punk needs the win more because the E needs to establish Punk as a legit winner and Punk was in his home town tonight too. I'm kind of sick of the lame DQs though so a clean win one way or another is better than that route.
8/22/08 Smackdown in Moline, IL, Approx Time: 1:27 hr

Vickie Int
Maria vs. Natalya
Vickie/Chavo/Big Show Int
WWE Title Scramble Qualifying 10 Man Battle Royal- Won by Thee Brian Kendrick who was caught by Ezekiel after Big Show stormed the ring and cleared everyone out. Kendrick is in the 5 man Title match at the next ppv.
Ron Killings/R-Truth Promo
WWE Title Scramble Qualifying Match: MVP vs. Festus
WWE Title Scramble Qualifying Match: Shelton Benjamin vs. Finlay
WWE Title Scramble Qualifying Match: Great Khali vs. Jeff Hardy
Triple H/Kenny Dykstra Interview
Vickie/Undertaker Interview Segment- Undertaker returns to Smackdown and doesn't want Vickie's apology, but instead he wants her soul!
8/25/08 Raw in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Approx Time: 1:30 hr

CM Punk vs. JBL
Mike Adamle Int, Kane Int
Mike Adamle/Primo Colon/Shawn Michaels Int
Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly- Santino Marella's distraction causes Phoenix to lose the match. After the match, she beats him up and he runs away from her.
Carlito vs. Primo Colon- Carlito is Charlie Haas dressed up like Carlito. Primo makes his official debut.
Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho Interview- "I have one thing in mind. An eye for an eye" - Michaels.
Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. vs. Jerry Lawler and Hacksaw Jim Duggan- Cryme Tyme come out after and challenge Dibiase and Rhodes for a Title shot at the ppv.
Batista Int
IC Title Match: Kofi Kingston vs. Santino Marella- After the match, Beth Phoenix and Santino make up.
Kane vs. Batista
8/29/08 Smackdown in Pittsburgh, PA, Approx Time:

Undertaker Interview- Brief and to the point.
R-Truth vs. Kenny Dykstra- R-Truth makes his debut after about a 6 year "hiatus" from the E.
Michelle McCool/Maryse Int
Michelle McCool and Maria vs. Natalya and Maryse
Jeff Hardy/MVP Highlights
MVP vs. Jeff Hardy
Jesse and Festus vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder- Big Show
Victoria vs. Brie Bella- Brie makes her debut and pins Victoria.
Brian Kendrick Int, Unforgiven Card Video
Triple H vs. Shelton Benjamin
9/1/08 Raw in St. Louis, MO, Approx Time: 1:31 hr

Randy Orton/CM Punk/JBL/Kane Interview- Batista comes out to give everyone a spear. This was becoming an interview straight out of the pages of 2000.
Charlie Haas vs. Kofi Kingston
Randy Orton/Ted Dibiase Jr/Cody Rhodes Int, Mike Adamle/Teddy Long/Kane Int
Battle Royal: Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Finlay vs. Miz vs. Mark Henry
Jamie Noble vs. William Regal
Jillian Hall, Katie Lea, and Candice Michelle vs. Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, and Beth Phoenix
Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho Highlights
Santino Marella vs. D-Lo Brown
Cryme Tyme/John Morrison/Miz/Ted Dibiase Jr/Cody Rhodes Segment- Rhodes and Dibiase take back their stolen Title Belts.
Battle Royal: Batista vs. JBL vs. CM Punk vs. Kane- Rey Mysterio shows up as he and Kane brawl.
Contract Signing with Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho
9/5/08 Smackdown in St. Louis, MO, Approx Time:

Triple H/Shelton Benjamin/MVP Interview/Brawl- Jeff Hardy, Brian Kendrick, and Ezekiel all come out to get involved in the brawl.
R-Truth vs. Bam Neely- I never cared much for Ron Killings, mainly because he was a TNA guy, but he does have a lot of potential with the E fans. Pretty cool spinning move after he bounces of the ropes.
Undertaker Interview
MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin
Maryse/Maria Int
Maryse vs. Maria
Jeff Hardy vs. Brian Kendrick- Kendrick picks up the upset win.
Ryan Braddock vs. Super Crazy- After Super Crazy wins, Vladimir Kozlov comes out to say something about better challenge, which would cause Big Show to come out.
Victoria vs. Brie Belle
Raw Rebound, Triple H/Jeff Hardy Int- Triple H tells Hardy that he has two strikes against him and reminds him that "a third strike, and you're out of the game". Statement is referring to Hardy's 2 drug suspensions.
Lumberjack Match: Triple H vs. Great Khali
9/8/08 Raw in Fort Wayne, IN, Night After Unforgiven, Approx Time: 1:28 hr

Chris Jericho/Mike Adamle Interview
Women's Title Match: Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix
Jamie Noble/Layla/Jillian Hall Int
Jamie Noble vs. William Regal- Layla, who came out with Noble, leaves with Regal.
JBL/Charlie Haas Segment- Haas comes out dressed like JBL and calls himself, CHL.
JBL/Batista Int, Rey Mysterio Int
Miz and John Morrison vs. Rey Mysterio and Evan Bourne
Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes/Ted Dibiase Jr/Manu Interview
Cody Rhodes, Ted Dibiase Jr, and Many vs. Cryme Tyme and Kofi Kingston
Santino Marella vs. Snitsky- Santino is great on the mic (once again) before the match saying that he is the "Greatest Intercontinental Champione, of ALL de times."
Kelly Kelly/Mike Adamle/Chris Jericho Int
Chris Jericho and JBL vs. Batista
9/12/08 Smackdown in Milwaukee, WI, Approx Time:

Triple H/Jeff Hardy Interview- Something about this interview didn't click with me. I don't think I liked the tone in the voice of these two, especially Triple H who had a sarcastic tone. His line at the end was good about how if Hardy wins tonight that at No Mercy, Hardy would prove Triple H (about Hardy getting close but messing it up).
Maryse, Victoria, and Natalya vs. Michelle McCool, Maria, and Brie Bella
R-Truth vs. Chavo Guerrero
Triple H/Shelton Benjamin Int
Festus vs. Kenny Dykstra
Big Show/Vickie/Undertaker/Unforgiven Highlights
Vickie/Big Show Interview- Big Show explains why he did what he did at the ppv.
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Scotty Goldman and Funaki
Triple H/Brian Kendrick Int
Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs. Carlito and Primo Colon
Triple H/MVP Int
Number One Contender's Match: MVP vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Brian Kendrick vs. Jeff Hardy
9/15/08 Raw in Memphis, TN, Approx Time: 1:33 hr

World Heavyweight Title, Steel Cage Match: CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho
Kelly Kelly/Mike Adamle/Chris Jericho Int, Kane/Evan Bourne Int
Jillian Hall vs. Candice Michelle
JBL vs. Tommy Dreamer
JBL/Randy Orton/Santino Marella/Batista/Mike Adamle Interview
Ted Dibiase Jr, Cody Rhodes, and Many vs. Kofi Kingston, Jerry Lawler, and Charlie Haas- Haas is dress up like Jim Ross, going by "Jim Haas".
Smackdown Rebound, Chris Jericho/JBL Int
Jamie Noble vs. Paul Burchill
Layla/William Regal Int, Batista/Lance Cade Int
Kane vs. Rey Mysterio
Chris Jericho/Mike Adamle/Shawn Michaels Interview- Michaels brings out a ladder and will face Jericho for the Title in a ladder match at the ppv.
9/19/08 Smackdown in Nashville, TN, Approx Time: 1:26 hr

Michelle McCool vs. Maryse
Vickie/Eve/Big Show Int
Festus vs. Ryan Braddock- Jesse and Festus pack up Ryan Braddock and wrap him up, reminding us that Smackdown is moving to the My Network.
Big Show/Vickie Int
Shelton Benjamin vs. R-Truth- Nice short match. Shelton's reaction to R-Truth's into is hilarious.
Jeff Hardy vs. Brian Kendrick- At the end of the match, Hardy is attacked by Vladimir Kozlov.
Vickie/Big Show Int
Carlito's Cabana with Primo/Curt Hawkins/Zack Ryder
Maria/Brie Bella/Victoria/Natalya Int
Scotty Goldman vs. Great Khali
Raw Rebound, Vickie/Big Show/Chavo Int
Triple H vs. MVP- Triple H also gets attack by Vladimir Kozlov after the match.
9/22/08 Raw in Cincinnati, OH, Approx Time: 1:33 hr

Chris Jericho/Randy Orton/Mike Adamle/Shane Interview- CM Punk comes out to slap Orton a couple of times and almost gets suspended.
CM Punk vs. Cody Rhodes- Punk almost gets a beat down from the Priceless Generation until Kofi Kingston helps him out.
Smackdown Rebound, Shane/Mike Adamle/Kane Int
Kelly Kelly/Santino Marella/Beth Phoenix/Batista Int
Santino Marella vs. Deuce- Santino's postmatch celebration is so on point, its hilarious.
Kane vs. Evan Bourne- Bourne tries but doesn't have enough to beat Kane. Rey Mysterio comes out but also gets beat down.
Jamie Noble/Dolph Ziggler/Shane/Randy Orton Int
Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix- After the match, Santino Marella runs in to try and double team on Kelly Kelly until Batista spears Santino.
Cryme Tyme/John Morrison/Miz Highlights
Cryme Tyme vs. John Morrison and Miz
Charlie Haas Segment- Haas dresses like Mr. Perfect and imitates all the promos Hennig used to do (toss a football, hockey, basketball, etc) but did it in a sports bar/arcade setting. Some pretty funny stuff here.
Chris Jericho, Lance Cade, and JBL vs. Batista and Shawn Michaels- Michaels' first match on Raw since March! No mention from anyone how Batista and Michaels were butting heads several months ago. Cade picks up the pinfall on Michaels.
9/26/08 Smackdown in Columbus, OH, Approx Time: 1:24 hr

Vickie/Chavo/Jeff Hardy Int
Triple H and Jeff Hardy vs. MVP and Brian Kendrick- Good match and good way to start the show.
Shelton Benjamin/R-Truth Segment
Brie Bella and Maria vs. Victoria and Natalya
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Great Khali- Short match as Triple H and Jeff Hardy come down to get some of Kozlov but Kozlov pretty much backs down.
No Marcy Card Video, Chavo/Big Show/Vickie Int
Chavo Guerrero vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
Tag Team Title Match: Primo and Carlito vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder- The Colons win the tag team titles.
Big Show/Vickie/Chavo/Undertaker Interview/Segment- Undertaker finally gets a hold of Vickie and gives her the Tombstone Piledriver to close the show as the last Smackdown show on the CW/UPN Network comes to a close after 9 years.
9/29/08 Raw in Minneapolis, MN, Approx Time:

Batista vs. Santino Marella- Squash match here but I don't think we should have expected anything else.
Shawn Michaels Int
JT G vs. The Miz
Jamie Noble/Jillian Hall Int
Jamie Noble and Mickie James vs. Paul Burchill and Katie Lea
Kane/Ted Dibiase Jr/Cody Rhodes/Manu Int, Lance Cade Int
CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, and Evan Bourne vs. Kane, Ted Dibiase Jr, Cody Rhodes, and Manu
Mike Adamle/Randy Orton/JBL Interview
Santino Marella/Beth Phoenix Int
Beth Phoenix and Jillian Hall vs. Kelly Kelly and Candice Michelle
Deuce vs. The Great Charlie- Charlie Haas does another good impersonation, this time of the Great Khali.
No Mercy Card Video
Chris Jericho and Lance Cade vs. Shawn Michaels and Triple H- One more DX reunion for the night.
10/3/08 Smackdown in Green Bay, WI, Premier show on MyTV Network, Approx Time:

Jeff Hardy, Finlay, Rey Mysterio, and Batista vs. JBL, Kane, Brian Kendrick, and MVP
Big Show/Tiffany/Chavo Guerrero Int, Santino Marella Int
Santino Marella vs. Shelton Benjamin
Chavo Guerrero vs. Mark Henry and Great Khali- Big Show comes out to deck Chavo and send a message to Undertaker as Undertaker makes a brief appearance.
Ted Dibiase, Manu, and Cody Rhodes vs. CM Punk, Primo Colon, and Carlito
Lumberjack Match: Michelle McCool vs. Beth Phoenix
Shawn Michaels/Chris Jericho Highlights, No Mercy Card Video
Matt Hardy vs. Triple H vs. Chris Jericho- Vladimir Kozlov comes in to clean house on Triple H and Jeff Hardy after the match.
10/6/08 Raw in Seattle, WA, Night After No Mercy, Approx Time: 1:31 hr

Chris Jericho/Batista Interview
Jamie Noble and Mickie James vs. Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix
Shawn Michaels Int
Kofi Kingston vs. Ted Dibiase Jr- CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, and Manu all get involved as well.
Chris Jericho/Randy Orton Int, John Cena/Batista Highlights/Int
Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy vs. Kane and Mark Henry
NO DQ: Shawn Michaels vs. Lance Cade
Jerry Lawler Int, Great Khali/Ranjin Singh Segment
Kelly Kelly vs. Jillian Hall
John Cena Segment- WWE pulls some big names and has them tell everyone how great John Cena is.
Batista vs. JBL- Chris Jericho is the guest referee.
10/10/08 Smackdown in Spokane, WA, Approx Time: 1:23 hr

Vickie/Big Show/Vladimir Kozlov Interview
Brie Bella vs. Natalya
Batista/John Cena Highlights Int
R-Truth/Funaki Int, Triple H/Jeff Hardy Int
R-Truth vs. Shelton Benjamin
Jeff Hardy vs. MVP
Kizarny Promo
Jesse, Festus, Primo, and Carlito vs. Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder, Brian Braddock, and Kenny Dykstra
More John Cena Highlights
Great Khali vs. 3 Scrubs
Raw Rebound, Vladimir Kozlov Int
WWE Title Match: Big Show vs. Triple H- Jeff Hardy and Vladimir Kozlovcome out and get involved.
10/13/08 Raw in Anaheim, CA, Approx Time: 1:31 hr

Chris Jericho/Shawn Michaels Interview
Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy vs. Kane and Mark Henry
Batista Int
JBL vs. Charlie Haas as Haas Hogan
Johnny Knoxville Int, John Cena Highlights
Randy Orton Interview
Lumberjack Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Batista
Santino Marella/Beth Phoenix/Johnny Knoxville/Boogeyman/Great Khali Interview/Segment
Kelly Kelly and Cryme Tyme vs. John Morrison, Miz, and Jillian Hall
Cyber Sunday card Video
Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk- Batista is the guest referee
10/17/08 Smackdown in Las Vegas, NV, Approx Time: 1:26 hr

Big Show/Chavo Guerrero Interview/Segment- Big Show takes on 3 scrubs during this to show what kind of matches he and the Undertaker can have at the ppv.
Tag Team Title Match: Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder vs. Primo and Carlito
MVP vs. R-Truth
Big Show/Vickie/Funaki/Maryse/Great Khali Int
Kizarny Promo
Ezekiel Jackson vs. Super Crazy
Triple H Int
Undertaker vs. Great Khali
Maria vs. Maryse vs. Natalya vs. Victoria vs. Brie Bella
Jesse and Festus vs. Ryan Braddock and Kenny Dykstra
Kizarny Promo, Maria/Michelle McCool/Jesse/Festus Int
Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov- Triple H does commentary.
10/20/08 Raw in Corpus Christi, TX, Approx Time: 1:32 hr

Kelly Kelly and Candice Michelle vs. Jillian Hall and Katie Lea
Batista/Chris Jericho/CM Punk Highlights
Chris Jericho Interview
JBL vs. Charlie Haas as "Stone Cold Steve Hasstin"
Rey Mysterio vs. Snitsky
John Cena Highlights
Miz and John Morrison vs. CM Punk and Kofi Kingston
Santino Marella/Hacksaw Jim Duggan Interview- Santino dresses up with a combination of Goldust, Roddy Piper, and Honky Tonk Man.
Cryme Tyme/Ted Dibiase Jr/Cody Rhodes/Manu Brawl
Cyber Sunday Card Video
Gauntlet Match: Batista and Chris Jericho vs. William Regal, Mark Henry, and Kane- Match was set up in a strange way where Batista and Jericho took turns facing an opponent, one at a time.
10/24/08 Smackdown in Laredo, TX, Approx Time: 1:26 hr

Triple H/Jeff Hardy/Vladimir Kozlov Interview
Maria and Michelle McCool vs. Natalya and Maryse
Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely vs. Primo and Carlito
Maria/Michelle McCool Int, Primo/Carlito/Brie Belle Int
R-Truth and Kung Funaki vs. Shelton Benjamin and MVP
Primo/Carlito/Brie Belle/Great Khali Int
Great Khali/Ranjin Singh Segment
Kizarny Promo, Cyber Sunday Card Video, Undertaker Int
Brian Kendrick vs. Super Crazy
Triple H vs. Undertaker- They gave them over 10 minutes before Big Show gets involved.
10/27/08 Raw in Tucson, AZ, Night After Cyber Sunday, Approx Time: 1:30 hr

Chris Jericho/Mike Adamle/Randy Orton Interview
Tag Team Title Match: CM Punk and Kofi Kingston vs. Ted Dibiase Jr and Cody Rhodes- Punk and Kofi win the tag titles after Punk delivers the GTS.
Honky Tonk Man/Rowdy Roddy Piper/Goldust/Santino Marella/Beth Phoenix/Charlie Haas Interview/Segment- Charlie Haas dresses up like Beth Phoenix.
Batista Interview
Mickie James, Kelly Kelly, and Candice Michelle vs. Jillian Hall, Victoria, and Maryse
Rey Mysterio/Evan Bourne Int
Rey Mysterio vs. Evan Bourne- Kane and Mark Henry come in after the match.
John Cena Highlights
John Morrison/Miz Int
Chris Jericho and JBL vs. Batista and Shawn Michaels- JBL attacks Shawn before the match so Michaels doesn't come in until late.
10/31/08 Smackdown in San Diego, Ca, Approx Time: 1:26 hr

Big Show/Vickie Int
John Morrison and The Miz vs. Carlito and Primo
Jesse/Festus/Maria Segment
John Wayne Yang vs. Brian Kendrick
Great Khali/Kung Funaki Int
Great Khali Segment
Kane, Mark Henry, and MVP vs. Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, and Rey Mysterio
Kizarny Promo
Vladimir Kozlov/Triple H Interview
John Cena Highlights
Brie Belle, Maria, and Michelle McCool vs. Maryse, Victoria, and Natalya
Casket Match: Chavo Guerrero vs. Undertaker- Big Show gets involved during the match but Undertaker still wins, of course.
11/3/08 Raw in Tampa, FL, 800th Celebration Show, Approx Time: 2:17 hr

Randy Orton Int
Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy vs. MVP and Brian Kendrick
8 Man Battle Royal- Won by William Regal who gets an IC Title shot against Santino Marella next week. Santino Marella does commentary at ringside.
Randy Orton/Shane McMahon/Mike Adamle Interview- After muffing every other word he tried to say, Mike Adamle steps down as Raw GM, thankfully. Let's hope he doesn't pop back up as an announcer. Shane puts Randy Orton in the ring later tonight.
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Bret The Hitman Haas (Charlie Haas)
Batista Int
Triple H/Shawn Michaels Interview- Some funny stuff said here by DX. According to HBK, you can make fun of his kids, you can punch his wife in the face, but do not make fun of his chaps!
Triple H and Shawn Michaels vs. John Morrison and The Miz
16 Diva Match
CM Punk vs. Randy Orton- As it appeared Orton was going for the RKO, Ted Dibiase Jr runs in to attack Punk. Orton gets upset that he ruined a possible win so he punts Dibiase in the head. Good match but was really quick.
Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes/Manu Int
Stephanie/Mike Adamle/Shane Int
Undertaker vs. JBL- Very short match which ends when Shawn Michaels throws JBL back into the ring to get tombstoned by UT.
Chris Jericho/Shane Int
Random Segment- A Bunch of people get in the ring and dance.... Yeah, I don't know..
Kofi Kingston and Rey Mysterio vs. Kane and Mark Henry
John Cena Highlights, Shane/Stephanie Int
WWE Title, Steel Cage Match: Chris Jericho vs. Batista- Good match but a little short (the theme for the night) but mark it down as memorable as there is a Title change on Raw. Jericho escapes the cage to win the title from Batista.
11/7/08 Smackdown in Orlando, FL, Approx Time: 1:26 hr

VIP Lounge/Great Khali Segment- What started out to b a good interview with MVP turns into another lame Khali Kiss Cam segment.
Vickie/MVP Int
US Title Match: R-Truth vs. Shelton Benjamin
Jimmy Wang Yang/Brian Kendrick Int
Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Ezekiel Jackson
Michelle McCool/Eve Int, Raw Rebound, Jeff Hardy/Vickie Int
Triple H and Jeff Hardy vs. Miz and John Morrison
Jeff Hardy/Vickie Int
Big Show Interview- Big Show challenges Undertaker to a casket match at Survivor Series.
MVP vs. Great Khali
Brie Bella vs. Victoria- It's finally revealed that Brie Belle has a twin sister as they get revenge on Victoria and Natalya. Hmmm... Twins.. Hot twins... Fantasies can come true.
John Cena Highlights
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Undertaker
11/10/08 Raw in Manchester, England, Approx Time: 1:26 hr

Batista/Stephanie/Randy Orton Interview- The English crowd is cheering Orton and booing Batista.
IC Title Match: William Regal vs. Santino Marella- Santino gets slaughtered and Regal is the new IC champion.
Kane Int
D-Lo Brown vs. Mike Knox
Santino Marella/Beth Phoenix Int, John Cena Highlights
Chris Jericho Interview
No DQ Match: Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Kane- Not as bad as I thought it would be.
Randy Orton/Manu/Cody Rhodes Int
Batista vs. Cody Rhodes
Women's Title Match: Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix
Last Man Standing Match: Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho
11/14/08 Smackdown in Manchester, England, Approx Time: 1:25 hr

Undertaker/Jeff Hardy Interview
Matt Hardy vs. Shelton Benjamin
Brian Kendrick vs. Carlito
Kizarny Promo, John Cena Highlights
Contract Signing with Vladimir Kozlov/Triple H/Vickie Guerrero
MVP vs. Fung Funaki- Another MVP segment turns into a Great Khali Kiss Cam segment.
Divas Title Match: Maria vs. Michelle McCool
Raw Rebound, Survivor Series Card Video
Extreme Rules Match: Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker- Big Show gets involved at the end and Hardy gets the pinfall on Undertaker.
Jeff Hardy/Vickie Int
11/17/08 Raw in Atlanta, GA, Approx Time: 1:30 hr

Stephanie/Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes/Santino Marella/JBL/Shawn Michaels Interview/Segment- Santino delivers the great line to Regal after "rapping" about him, "You're not even in a restaurant .. but you just got served."
Victoria vs. Kelly Kelly
Batista vs. Manu
Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes Int, Evan Bourne/Mike Knox Segment
Shawn Michaels/Rey Mysterio Int- Segments like this is what makes me love HBK so much. He's just so hilarious to me.
Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio vs. John Morrison and The Miz- I'm really starting to dislike the Miz. He's just lame and trying too hard to be cool. I still dig Morrison though. After HBK nails Miz with the Superkick, Morrison slides into the ring to nail HBK with his own Superkick and Miz rolls over the Fallen Michaels for the surprising win.
John Cena Highlights, Chris Jericho/Stephanie Int
CM Punk Int, JBL/Kane Int
Kane and JBL vs. Cryme Tyme
Evan Bourne/Kofi Kingston/Mike Knox Segment
William Regal vs. Matt Hardy
Chris Jericho Interview
Lumberjack Match: CM Punk vs. Randy Orton
11/21/08 Smackdown in Manchester, England, Approx Time: 1:26 hr

Matt Hardy and R-Truth vs. Mark Henry and Shelton Benjamin
John Cena Highlights, Triple H/Eve/Vladimir Kozlov Int
Maria/John Morrison/Miz Int
John Morrison and Miz vs. Jesse and Festus
Jeff Hardy vs. Triple H- Jeff Hardy wins to get into the WWE Title picture at the ppv. Vladimir Kozlov runs out to attack both guys after the match.
Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson vs. Carlito and Primo Colon
Kizarny Promo, Big Show/Undertaker Highlights
Jeff Hardy Int
MVP vs. Henry Mason- Great Khali comes out to distract MVP again.
The Bella Twins vs. Victoria and Natalya
Undertaker/Big Show/Vickie/Chavo Guerrero Interview/Segment
11/24/08 Raw in Providence, RI, Night After Survivor Series, Approx Time: 1:34 hr

Shane/Stephanie Interview
Shawn Michaels and Rey Mysterio vs. John Morrison and The Miz
JBL Replay
Mr. Kennedy Interview- Kennedy returns.
Batista Int
Kofi Kingston vs. Kane
Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton vs. Batista
Santino Marella vs. Goldust
CM Punk vs. Snitsky- William Regal does commentary.
Rey Mysterio Int, DX Merchandise Promo
Beth Phoenix, Katie Lea, and Jillian vs. Mickie James, Candice Michelle, and Melina- Melina also makes her return.
Chris Jericho/John Cena Interview/Brawl
11/28/08 Smackdown in Albany, NY, Approx Time: 1:26 hr

Edge/Vickie Interview- Edge's first interview since returning at this past Sunday's Survivor Series and winning the World Heavyweight Title.
Beat The Clock: Jeff Hardy vs. Brian Kendrick
Matt Hardy Int, Undertaker/Big Show Highlights
Bella Twins and Michelle McCool vs. Natalya, Victoria, and Maryse
DX Merchandise Promo
Beat The Clock: Vladimir Kozlov vs. Matt Hardy
Jesse and Festus vs. John Morrison and The Miz- After the match, Miz and Morrison have fun teasing Festus by ringing the bell many times.
Triple H/Mr. Kennedy Int
Beat The Clock: Shelton Benjamin vs. Triple H
12/1/08 Raw in Washington, DC, Approx Time: 1:33 hr

Chris Jericho Interview
Rey Mysterio/Mike Knox Segment
CM Punk and Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes and Manu
DX Merchandise Promo, Randy Orton/Cody Rhodes/Manu Int, Chris Jericho/Kane Int
Melina vs. Jillian Hall- Santino Marella tries to imitate Melina's intro but hurts himself and whatever part of me wanted to laugh at him doing this, was voided out when I had to hear Michael Cole fake lake like nothing he had ever seen had been this funny.
Santino Marella/Goldust Segment
JBL/Shawn Michaels Interview- JBL wants Michaels to work for him. Michaels listens to what JBL has to say and then slowly walks away.
Batista vs. Dolph Ziggler- Fair showing by Ziggler who wasn't bad in the ring but a quick loss to Batista in his debut match kinda makes you scratch your head and say, ok, so do they have anything planned for him or is he just going to job?
Chris Jericho/Randy Orton Int
John Morrison vs. Finlay
Stephanie Interview
The Miz vs. Rey Mysterio
John Cena vs. Kane- Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Manu come out to help Jericho beat down on Cena.
12/5/08 Smackdown in Albany, NY, Approx Time: 1:25 hr

Edge vs. Funaki
Vickie Interview
Michelle McCool vs. Maria
Maria Int, Big Show Int
MVP vs. Hurricane Helms
Triple H and Jeff Hardy vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder
Triple H and Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison and The Miz- Hunter and Hardy can't get along, which causes them to lose the match.
Edge/Vickie/Jeff Hardy/Triple H Int/Segment
Chavo Guerrero vs. Matt Hardy
DX Merchandise Promo, Great Khali Segment
Steel Cage Match: Big Show vs. Undertaker
12/8/08 Raw in Philadelphia, PA, Slammy Awards Show, Approx Time: 2:15 hr

Slammy Award: Best Tag Team: Won by The Miz and John Morrison and presented by Maria and Festus.
CM Punk vs. John Morrison
John Cena Int
Slammy Award: Best Finishing Maneuver: Won by Evan Bourne and presented by Cryme Tyme and Candice Michelle.
Randy Orton Interview
MVP vs. MVC (charlie Haas)
Slammy Award: Extreme Moment of the Year: Won by Jeff Hardy and presented by Matt Hardy and Tiffany.
Jeff Hardy vs. Chris Jericho
Slammy Award: Couple of the Year: Won by Vickie and Edge presented by Kane and Kelly Kelly.
Santino Marella Int
Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix vs. Finlay and Hornswoggle
Slammy Award: Diva of the Year: Won by Beth Phoenix and presented by Teddy Long and Melina. Funny segment thanks to Santino Marella.
Slammy Award: Oh My God Moment: Won by CM Punk and presented by Alicia and Joey Styles.
Kofi Kingston vs. Rey Mysterio
Slammy Award: Match of the Year: Won by Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels and presented by Eve Torres and Mr. Kennedy.
Shawn Michaels/JBL Interview
Batista and Triple H vs. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Manu
Slammy Award: Damn Moment of the Year: Won by Great Khali and his lame Kiss Cam and presented by Mickie James and Ron Simmons.
R-Truth vs. Dolph Ziggler
Slammy Award: Superstar of the Year: Won by Chris Jericho and presented by Stephanie.
Edge vs. John Cena- Ends in a brawl along with Jeff Hardy, Triple H, and Chris Jericho.
12/12/08 Smackdown in Bridgeport, CT, Approx Time:

Triple H/Jeff Hardy Brawl
MVP vs. R-Truth
MVP/Mr. Kennedy Interview
??? Promo- Some new guy cuts a promo but no mention or graffic of his name.
Primo/Carlito/Brian Kendrick/Ezekiel Int
Primo vs. Brian Kendrick
Hurricane Helms vs. Shelton Benjamin
Cutting Edge with Matt Hardy- Vladimir Kozlov comes out to attack Hardy.
The Great Khali vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder
Triple H Int
Bella Twins vs. Maryse and Natalya
Vladimir Kozlov Int- One of the greatest heel lines I have ever heard. "I have lot my tolerance. Everyone must fall". Great line.
Armageddon Video Card
Triple H vs. Jeff Hardy- Good match that ends when Edge gives both men spears.
12/15/08 Raw in Pittsburgh, PA, Night After Armageddon, Approx Time: 1:35 hr

Jillian and Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly and Melina- Kane comes out to chase Kelly Kelly to the back.
Rey Mysterio vs. Deuce- Deuce wants to be known by his real name, Sim... Sim Snuka, son of Superfly Jimmy Snuka. After the match, Mysterio gets ganged up on.
DX Merchandise Promo, Kane/Kelly Kelly Int, Randy Orton/Batista/Manu/Cody Rhodes/John Cena Int/Brawl
Chris Jericho Interview
John Cena/Batista Int, Kane/Kelly Kelly Int
Tag Team Title Match: CM Punk and Kofi Kingston vs. John Morrison and Miz
Shawn Michaels/JBL Segment- From the ppv where Michaels' said he has taken JBL up on his offer.
Dolph Ziggler vs. Santa Caas (Charlie Haas)
Randy Orton/Manu/Cody Rhodes Int, Chris Jericho/Stephanie Int
Batista and John Cena vs. Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, and Manu- Match ends when Orton "punts" Batista in the head.
12/19/08 Smackdown in Baltimore, MD, Show After Armageddon, Approx Time: 1:24 hr

Jeff Hardy/Edge Interview- Hardy's first appearance since winning the Title at Armageddon. WWE goes nuts with the fireworks here.
MVP and Shelton Benjamin vs. R-Truth and Hurricane Helms
Vickie/Chavo/Edge Int
Festus vs. John Morrison
DX Merchandise Promo, Matt Hardy Int
Matt Hardy vs. Edge
Ezekiel Jackson vs. Carlito
Maria vs. Maryse
MVP/Mr. Kennedy Int, Raw Rebound, Great Khali Int
Jeff Hardy vs. Vladimir Kozlov- Triple H takes out his frustrations on Kozlov.
12/22/08 Raw in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Approx Time: 1:35 hr

Santino Marella/John Cena Int- According to Santino Marella, Cena's last name is "Chena".
Kane/Kelly Kelly Segment
Kane vs. Shawn Michaels
Randy Orton/Batista Highlights
Kofi Kingston vs. Manu
Randy Orton/Sim Snuka Int
DX Merchandise Promo, Shawn Michaels/CM Punk/Triple H Int
Jillian Hall and Layla vs. Mickie James and Melina
Rey Mysterio vs. JBL- Shawn Michaels comes out to help JBL move on in the tournament.
Kelly Kelly/John Morrison/Miz Int
Randy Orton Interview
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho- Jericho gets the best of Punk once again which means the possibility of getting a Punk/Michaels match is put off a bit longer.
Tribute to the Troops Highlights
Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix vs. John Cena and ...- For the time being, the WWE brings back the former women's champion, retiree, and Toronto's own... Trish Stratus.
12/26/08 Smackdown in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Approx Time: 1:26 hr

Triple H/Chavo/Vickie Interview
Triple H vs. Chavo Guerrero
Kizarny Promo
US Title Match: Hurricane Helms vs. Shelton Benjamin
Carlito vs. Brian Kendrick
Tribute to the Troops Highlights
Edge/Vickie/Big Show Int, Maria/Michelle McCool Int
Divas Title Match: Maryse vs. Michele McCool- After the match, Michelle attacks the guest referee, Maria.
Umaga Promo
MVP vs. Great Khali
Mr. Kennedy/MVP Interview
Kizarny Promo
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Jimmy Wang Yang
Big Show/Edge Int, Raw Rebound
Jeff Hardy vs. Big Show
Edge/Vickie Int
12/29/08 Raw in Manchester, New Hampshire, Approx Time: 1:42 hr

Rey Mysterio/Shawn Michaels/JBL Interview
Legacy Int
CM Punk vs. Cody Rhodes
John Cena/Stephanie Int, Goldust Int, Batista Highlights
Battle Royal: Kelly Kelly vs. Melina vs. Mickie James vs. Katie Lea vs. Jillian vs. Candice Michelle- Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix do guest commentary.
Chris Jericho Int
Sim Snuka vs. Supern Haas Charlie Snuka
John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, and Cryme Tyme vs. Kane, John Morrison, Miz, Dolph Ziggler, and Mike Knox
Shawn Michaels Int, Randy Orton/Kelly Kelly Int
Manu vs. Matt Hardy
Fatal Four Way, Number One Contender's Match: Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho vs. JBL- Does Shawn know how to milk a segment or what? It comes down to Shawn vs. JBL and after they stare at each other for 5 minutes, Michaels' wants JBL to clothesline him instead of just laying down for the three count as JBL wins and is the new number one contender to Cena's Title.

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