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All DVDs are masters. Unless otherwise noted.

The Unreal Story Of Pro. Wrestling (Time: 1: 40 hr)
“Sure, wrestling is fake,” admits narrator Steve Allen. “We wouldn’t have it any other way.” So much for ripping the lid off pro wrestling, but fear not–there may be no dirty little secret, but there is a colorful history. Digging way back to its roots–when it was a genuine athletic event and not “a soap opera with a referee”–the slow mutation of wrestling is analyzed in generous detail from its height at the turn of the 19th century to its nadir as a carnival sideshow attraction and urban entertainment during the Depression to its phoenix-like rebirth on early television to its modern-day explosion on cable. Interviews with modern stars, such as Hulk Hogan and veterans Classy Freddie Blassie and Killer Kowalski, wrestling historians, and even college professors tackle the subject from all sides, but the commentary is secondary to the spectacle provided by a rich array of clips–everything from prissy Gorgeous George’s ringside sashays to midget wresting to a montage featuring the ubiquitous folding chair to the head. The Unreal Story of Pro Wrestling tends to emphasize the freak-show elements of the sport–which, granted, are much of the documentary’s fun–but does capture the showmanship and crazy energy that has transformed a sideshow attraction into a gonzo spectacle in a format that manages to be informative and fun at the same time.

Secrets Of Pro. Wrestling (Time: 1 Hour)
The secrets of America’s most popular sports entertainment!
Revealed for the very first time!
What happens when two superstars get a raw deal from their chose profession? They don’t get mad, they get even… by revealing for the first time ever the SECRETS OF PRO WRESTLING! In this tape you’ll witness the uncensored tricks of the trade… the holds, the moves, the dirty tactics.

Beyond The Mat (Time: 1: 39 hr)

Beyond The Mat WWF Exposed DVD (Time: 1: 39 hr)

Beyond The Mat DVD (Unrated Director’s Cut) (Time: 1: 48 hr)

Beyond The Mat Japan DVD Director’s Cut Box Set (with Exclusive Terry Funk figure + T-Shirt + Sticker) – Brand new

Hitman Hart Wrestling With Shadows (Time: 2: 12 hr)
Over the span of one year, a documentary film crew followed Bret Hart. They hoped for an unprecedented look behind the scenes of the WWE. What they got was the most dramatic story in the history of wrestling.
Hitman Hart: Wrestling With Shadows goes behind the tightly guarded walls of wrestling’s world of grand spectacle and theatre. The film explores the meaning of today’s wrestling morality plays, and then, as fantasy crosses into real life, reveals the true story of Bret Hart’s struggle with Vince McMahon, the legendary owner of the WWE. The film climaxes with the tale of the biggest, real double cross in the history of pro wrestling.
This film is about good and evil, sacrifice and greed, loyalty and betrayal and a man in a world of moral uncertainty, fighting to keep a sense of personal dignity and truth.

Hitman Hart – Wrestling with Shadows 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition (2 Discs)
Bret “The Hitman” Hart is undisputed one of the most famous and loved World Wrestlers of all time. In 2004 Bret was also voted as one of the top 50 Canadians of all time on CBC’s Greatest Canadian.
Director Paul Jay was given unprecedented access to the world of Bret Hart and pro wrestling as his camera followed Bret “The Hitman” Hart for one year. His film goes behind the tightly guarded walls of wrestling’s spectacle and theater to explore the meaning of today’s wrestling morality plays. As fantasy crosses into real life, the true story of Bret Hart’s struggle with Vince McMahon, the legondary owner of the WWF, is revealed. Hitman Hart: Wrestling with Shadows climaxes with the tale of the biggest double-cross in pro wrestling.
Bret Hart, five times’ champion of the World Wrestling Federation, sits in a hotel room – one day before the most important fight of his life. What Bret doesn’t know, is that he will be the target of the biggest double cross in the history of professional wrestling. This is the story of the real life battle between Bret Hart and Vince McMahon, owner of the WWF.
Why does any of this matter? It matters if integrity and ideals matter this is one whale of a tale. – Newsday
“Frankly, there’s not a dull moment in the 93 grueling minutes of film.” – Vancouver Province
Disc 2 – THE LIFE AND DEATH OF OWEN HART (Time: 47 Min.)
Owen Hart, was killed when he fell from the rafters of a Kansas City arena while doing a dangerous stunt. He was supposed to swing down from the ceiling to the ring on a wire – but his safety harness unexpectedly opened, and Hart fell 75 feet to his death in front of thousands of horrified fans. Rather than stop the show, the WWF chose to continue it after Hart’s damaged body had been removed from the ring.
“Wrestling is not that much different than a lot of other things that are go on in our society,” said director Paul Jay
“Everything is about making money, and there doesn’t seem to be many other values – The New York Post
Exclusive Bonus Interviews
Bret Hart Interview:
10 years later Brett reflects back on Montreal and his life since the biggest double cross in wrestling history.
Paul Jay (Filmmaker) Interview:
Paul Jay recalls the events of 1998 and relates the wrestling world’s good vs evil melodrama to 9/11 and today’s real world.

Bret Hart Documentary: “Survival of the Hitman” 2010 (Time: 2 Hours)
A Fight Network original documentary profiling Bret Hart through his rise in the WWF, his bitter departure in 1997 and the road back to the company in 2010. Produced by John Pollock, Jorge Barbosa and Wai Ting.

101 Reasons NOT To Be A Pro. Wrestler (Time: 3 Hours)
101 Reasons Not To Be a Pro Wrestler is one of the most talked about pro wrestling documentaries ever released. You will be taken into the minds of famous pro wrestlers such as New jack, Vampiro, Tylene Buck, Predator, Joanie Laurer (aka Chyna), DDP, Psicosis, Nazawa, Babi Slymm, Sean O’Haire, Fatu, Konnan and more.
This DVD is the shoot-interview documentary that all wrestling fans need to watch. Pro wrestlers have never before so freely spoken their minds until now about subjects such as drug abuse, backstage politics, forming a union, McMahon family, the downfall of the wrestling industry and many other topics.
Also included in the DVD is exclusive footage of New Jack wrestling a match with a 75 old man that turns into a legitimate fight, with New Jack giving the old man a devastating beating, which then almost turns into a riot.
101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler is a DVD filled with never before released footage and interviews that need to be seen to be believed! Are you ready to enter the world of professional wrestling and go backstage?

The Monday Night War (Time: 1 : 35 hr)
In 1995, two wrestling companies squared off on Monday night television to compete head to head in an unprecedented confrontation.
On one side, Vince McMahon, the promotor who created WWE and made the industry what it is today.
On the other, WCW, owned by media giant Ted Turner, and run by an ambitious man named Eric Bischoff.
This is the whole story, told by those who created it, lived it, and survived it. The Monday Night War!
Stone Cold Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels Vs. British Bulldog & Owen Hart (Raw 5-26-97)
Shawn Michaels & Triple H Vs. Legion Of Doom (Raw 12-15-97)
Best Of Seven Series: Match #4- Chris Benoit Vs. Booker T (Nitro 6-1-98)
WCW World Title Match- Hulk Hogan Vs. Goldberg (Nitro 7-6-98)

The Rise and Fall of WCW DVD (3 Discs) (Time: 1: 45 hr)
Disc 1
Jim Crockett Promotions
Georgia Championship Wrestling
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Black Saturday
The Expansion
Crockett Sells to Turner
Greatest Talent in the World
New Management
Bill Watts Era
Bill Shaw Hires Eric Bischoff
Hulk Hogan Arrives
Nitro Debuts
WCW Ratings Champ
Goldberg vs. Hogan
Mistakes Begin
Vince Russo
A Corporate Merger
McMahon buys WCW
Legacy of WCW
Bonus Features
• Lost in Cleveland
• Bill Watts Defends Himself
• Spam Man
• The Origin of Goldberg
• Bischoff Gives Away RAW Results
Disc 2
$1,000 Challenge Match
Ric Flair vs. Magnum T.A.
NWA World Championship Wrestling – June 15, 1985
Sting, Lex Luger & Barry Windham vs. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard (w/ JJ Dillon)
The Main Event – April 3, 1988
United States Championship Match
Dusty Rhodes vs. Barry Windham
Great American Bash – July 10, 1988
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ric Flair vs. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat
Chi-Town Rumble – February 20, 1989
The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express vs. The Midnight Express
Wrestle War – February 25, 1990
NWA United States Tag Team Championship Match
The Midnight Express vs. The Southern Boys
Great American Bash – July 7, 1990
WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
The Steiner Brothers vs. Sting & Lex Luger
SuperBrawl – May 19, 1991
WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Sting vs. Big Van Vader
Great American Bash – July 12, 1992
WCW International World Heavyweight Championship Match
Rick Rude vs. Sting
Spring Stampede – April 17, 1994
WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan
Bash at the Beach – July 17, 1994
Disc 3
WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ric Flair vs. The Giant
Nitro – April 29, 1996
WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
Rey Mysterio Jr. vs. Dean Malenko
Clash of the Champions XXXIII – August 15, 1996
War Games Match
Team WCW- Sting, Lex Luger, Ric Fair & Arn Anderson vs. Team n.W.o.- Hollywood Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall & a Mystery Partner
Fall Brawl – September 15, 1996
United States Championship Ladder Match
Syxx vs. Eddie Guerrero
Souled Out – January 25, 1997
United States Championship No Disqualification Match
Eddie Guerrero vs. Dean Malenko
Uncensored – March 16, 1997
WCW Cruiserweight Championship Title vs. Mask Match
Chris Jericho vs. Juventud Guerrera
SuperBrawl VIII – February 22, 1998
WCW Unified World Tag Team Championship Match
The Steiner Brothers vs. The Outsiders
SuperBrawl VIII – February 22, 1998
Diamond Dallas Page & Karl Malone vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan & Dennis Rodman
Bash at the Beach – July 12, 1998
WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Goldberg vs. Diamond Dallas Page
Halloween Havoc – October 25, 1998
WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match
Booker T vs. Lance Storm
Nitro – August 7, 2000

Behind the Scenes at the Bash DVD…(Time: 29 Min.)
This is the first video that gives fans a behind-the-scenes, backstage look at what happens at a major professional wrestling event. Behind the Scenes at the Bash is an intimate and unvarnished look at the life of a professional wrestler.
“Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin takes you on an all-access tour backstage at the Great American Bash. Featuring original footage shot by Garvin himself, you will see a lot of the biggest stars of the 80s at their most candid. You see the camaraderie that the people that lived this life experienced. The fact that this group of wrestlers spent so much time together travelling an unbelievably grueling schedule did bond them.
The DVD captures the intimacy of backstage life. It shows the highs, the jokes, the friendship, etc. while at the same time giving you an idea of how difficult this insane amount of travel was.

The Rise & Fall Of ECW (2 Discs) – (Time: 2: 50 hr)
“E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W!”
- a chant heard in arenas around the world.
ECW: Extreme Championship Wrestling redefined professional wrestling in the ’90s with a reckless, brutal, death-defying, and often bloody style that came to be known as “hardcore”. It attracted a rabid, cult-like following that is still going strong today.
This 6-hour, 2-disc set follows the rise and eventual demise of the company that raised the bar and revolutionised sports-entertainment forever.
2 Out Of 3 Falls Dog Collar Match- The Pit Bulls Vs. Raven & Steven Richards (ECW Gangsta’s Paradise 9-16-95)
2 Out Of 3 Falls Match- Rey Mysterio Jr. Vs. Psicosis (ECW Hardcore TV 10-17-95)
Ladder Match- Mickey Whipwreck Vs. The Sandman (ECW Hardcore TV 10-28-95)
2 Cold Scorpio Vs. Sabu (ECW Cyberslam 2-17-96)
Tommy Dreamer Vs. Raven (ECW Wrestlepalooza 6-6-97)
Tazz Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow (ECW Living Dangerously 3-1-98)
Rob Van Dam Vs. Jerry Lynn (ECW Hardcore Heaven 5-16-99)

Forever Hardcore…The Documentary (Time: 2: 09 hr)
They revolutionized professional wrestling forever. A group of misfits, outcasts, and renegades led by a fearless visionary that ushered in a new era of professional wrestling from a dive bingo hall in south Philadelphia. Now, you will finally get the story from the mouths of the hardcore icons that lived it. FOREVER HARDCORE recounts the amazing story of how Tod Gordon’s Eastern Championship Wrestling got hardcore and went on to impact the wrestling business forever. FOREVER HARDCORE takes you on an unsanitized journey through the highs and lows of a group of athletes that were never supposed to make it, and their reflections of why they will always be FOREVER HARDCORE.
From Shane Douglas’ account of throwing down the NWA World Title… To Raven’s bitter take on the crucifixion incident … to New Jack’s state of mind during the Mass Transit bloodbath… FOREVER HARDCORE gives you the amazing stories and first hand accounts of every major aspect of the revolution that changed wrestling FOREVER.
“Every person that appeared on this documentary has a story to tell. This era clearly defined and changed the lives of every person involved, from the champions to the fans,” said producer/director Jeremy Borash, who cites his own story of being a disgruntled WCW employee flying himself to Viking Hall in Philadelphia, just to rekindle the feeling of being a fan again. “Properly preserving the legacy that these incredible journeymen created was the vision of everyone involved with this incredible project.”
FOREVER HARDCORE is fearless is exposing the true history of this wrestling revolution, as the faces that shaped an era share their memories through the laughter and the tears.
Features shoot interviews with Sabu, Terry Funk, Shane Douglas, Sandman, Raven, Joey Styles, & many more.
Terry Funk Vs. Sabu
Shane Douglas Vs. Chris Candido
New Jack Vs. Vic Grimes
Jerry Lynn Vs. Hamrick
The Sandman Vs. Konnan, Psicosis & MMW

Barbed Wire City – The Unauthorized Story of ECW Documentary DVD – (Time: 1: 57 hr)
Own the new independent documentary film “BARBED WIRE CITY… THE UNAUTHORIZED ECW DOCUMENTARY”. Please note: This DVD is not supported, nor owned by the W.W.E.
“Barbed Wire City… The Unauthorized ECW Documentary” is a film that studies the history of, and people who made, Extreme Championship Wrestling a cult sensation in the 1990s. We took an intimate look at the subculture of a subculture, and found a very human story about athletes who see themselves as entertainers, and were willing to take massive amounts of punishment for little money based on the promise of something more within their industry. This is a film about culture and human beings—who just happen to use tables and chairs and violent acts as part of their performance art. This documentary is not owned or supported by the WWE.
What Is The Documentary About: We like to call this the study of a subculture’s subculture. Pro Wrestling is a world that is an odd island to most people. In the 1990s, Extreme Championship Wrestling was the bizarre underground of that subculture. We wanted to bring the fascinating behind-the-scenes story of this promotion to the mainstream, its ups and its downs, from its beginning in the early 90s all the way into 2012. We’ve shot 50 hours of footage and conducted over 60 interviews to give context and accuracy to this oral history. This has been a labor of love, as the project began when both filmmakers were 19, in March of 2000.
Philapavage was a wrestling fan growing up, particularly captivated by Extreme Championship Wrestling as a teen. Kiernan, never a fan, brought a fresh perspective to the project. Much of the film was shot in 2001, before the film was put on hold the first time in 2002. Several times production of the film was resumed, but it was never completed, due to lack of funding. In January of this year the project was resurrected again with new eyes. 15 additional hours were shot, including three days at Extreme Reunion, a wrestling show in Philadelphia, where ECW alumni came together to reunite in front of roughly 2000 fans.
This film aims to take an honest, critical look at the history, legacy, and impact of ECW on the professional wrestling industry, as well as tell the stories of the men and women who helped build this small mom and pop promotion into a national force. We examine the violence and bloodshed, marketing and fan involvement, as well as the decisions of those in charge, through the company’s triumphs, glory years, controversies, and demise.
It also seeks to shed light on a group of people that came together with the goal of turning their industry on its head. The sacrifices they made trying to achieve it were often physically brutal, as they were chasing the dream of trying to create something innovative in professional wrestling. They succeeded by playing an often unheralded role in the creation of the cultural phenomenon that was the wrestling boom of the late 90’s, but failed to fully realize their dream of getting to the top of that swell of popular acceptance that they helped create. We want to tell their story.
Who Is In Our Film: We conducted over 60 different interviews, some with the same subjects twice, over a decade apart. Our approach to telling the story of Extreme Championship Wrestling and giving you proper context has been holistic in nature. We’ve interviewed journalists, wrestlers, referees, ring announcers, security staff, company staff and production, all the way to fans and fan organizers.
The wrestlers range from mainstays like Sandman, Raven, Shane Douglas, Balls Mahoney, Axl Rotten, New Jack, Mikey Whipwreck, The Blue Meanie, Stevie Richards, Nova, Ted Petty, and Johnny Grunge, to wrestlers from later years like Jerry Lynn, Angel and Devito of Da Baldies, Chris Chetti and Danny Doring, and Steve Corino.
We spoke with personalities like Joel Gertner, Sign Guy Dudley (Lou E.), and referee John Finagan. We interviewed the founder of Extreme Championship Wrestling, Tod Gordon, as well as early staff like Larry Winters, Bob Artese, Ed Zohn, Kathy Fitzpatrick, and longtime office workers like Gabe Sapolsky and Damien Farren, as well as later Extreme Championship Wrestling staffers like Dan Kowal. We also sat down with TV production man, Charlie Bruzzese. We sought out involved fans, like ECW Arena front row fan, John “Straw Hat Guy” Baily, and supporter/fan organizer, Tony Lewis. We have the head of Atlas Security, Ronnie Lang, as well as one of his trusted lieutenants, Joe Wilchak.
Finally, we have a wide array of context and analysis, as well as diverse opinions, from the journalists who covered Extreme Championship Wresting. Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer, Wade Keller and Bruce Mitchell from the Pro Wrestling Torch, Jason Powell of Prowrestling.Net, as well as wrestling photographer and historian, Bill Apter. Rounding out this list are Mike Johnson and Dave Scherer of PWInsider.com, who have the unique distinction of being early fans who became journalists, and also worked for the companies official website. We also spoke with Michael “Mad Dog” Tearson (a local Philadelphia journalist), Rob Feinstein of RF (ECW’s video tape partner), and Frank Talent of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission.
A&E Special – The Life And Death Of Owen Hart -(VQ – F/G) (Time: 47 Min.)

The Jesse Ventura Story- (Danish subtitles) -(VQ – EX) (Time: 1:28 hr)

The Jesse Ventura Story: The Movie (Time: 1:28 hr)

WWE Unauthorized (Time: 1 Hour)
WWE: Unauthorized provides a rare look at the empire Vince McMahon Jr. built by interviewing the wrestlers, writers, and
wacky fans that provide the fuel for the most explosive show on television. What is it life on the inside like? What are wrestlers paid? And of course, is this #$%! real?
WWE: Unauthorized sits down with Vince Russo, the WWE writer responsible for shaping the personas of The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and others. How did Russo go from WWE golden child to media scapegoat? What role did he play in revitalizing the company, moving it into the Attitude era and beyond? And, what happened the tragic night of Owen Harts death?
WWE: Unauthorized speaks with WWE wrestling legend, Tito Santana, self-described company man and the only WWE wrestler to perform at the first eight Wrestlemanias. What price did Tito pay on his way to becoming an international sports star?
WWE: Unauthorized also provides a unique look at the athletes wrestling in the dank shadows of the McMahon empire. Listen, as they spill their guts about the terrifying risks they take in hopes of being invited into the house McMahon built. From independent federations to bone-crushing backyard bangfests the WWE has undoubtedly inspired generations of would be wrestling stars.
Seasoned with insight from experts in the field of media, science and medicine, WWE: Unauthorized provides long time wrestling fanatics and recent converts alike a look at life in and beyond the squared circle.
WWE UNAUTHORIZED is not affiliated or endorsed by World Wrestling Entertainment.

Life In The Fast Lane Documentary (Time: 2: 45 hr)
Professional wrestling can be looked in many different ways. In one regard, it is an old school boy’s club full of incredible athletes performing death defying stunts and maneuvers. Many see it as a traveling circus with men who go from town to town performing in front of thousands every night. Whatever your personal take on wrestling is, the sport has created some of the most charismatic and interesting people in entertainment. While spending the majority of their days traveling, wrestlers have seen the world in a way very few people have and the staff at RF VIDEO have been trying for months to figure out a unique way in to get that road experience across to our viewers. It may sound odd, but sometimes being in the ring for 20 minutes doesn’t come close to equaling the experience of traveling 400 miles to get there.
Using RF VIDEO’s extensive library, we have created our first ever documentary entitled “Life In The Fast Lane.” In one DVD you will get story after story from some of the biggest talents in the business telling you exactly what it is like to live in the meat grinder that is known as professional wrestling. From “Hot Rod” Rowdy Roddy Piper going to jail, to The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels given his walking papers, this DVD is jam packed full of interesting stories and powerful anecdotes from some of the greatest legends in the industry.
Here is a sample of the Hall Of Fame talent involved in this exciting new project!
Rowdy Roddy Piper
Shawn Michaels
Bret Hart
Dusty Rhodes
Eddy Guerrero
Chris Candido
Honky Tonk Man
Jake Roberts
Barry Windham
Tully Blanchard
Mr. Fuji
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Sherri Martel
Ted Dibiase
Ricky Steamboat
The Dudleys
Billy Jack Haynes
…and so many more!
In addition to the main feature tackling what it is like on the road in the major leagues of wrestling, we are also adding in exclusive backstage footage shot at a live wrestling show in order to show life from the perspective of an indy wrestler.
To go along with the Life In The Fast Lane dvd is our exclusive Cutting Room Floor Bonus DVD. It includes 12 additional stories that didn’t make the documentary.
Included is:
Marty Jannety
Bobby Heenan
Eddy Guerrero
Sid Vicious
Vince Russo
Arn Anderson
Abdullah The Butcher
Jimmy Hart
Rey Mysterio Jr.
In addition to that are 3 Matches
Super Crazy Vs. Tajiri
Jake Roberts Vs. The Sandman
Eddie Guerrero Vs. Low Ki
On top of that we have included a Pipers Pit from Texas with guest Kevin Von Erich.

Lost Treasures Of Pro Wrestling Vol. 1 (Time: 2: 43 hr)
Over the past few years the sport of professional wrestling has lost far too many of its own. Many of these superstars, beloved by fans and peers alike, passed away well before their time. To pay tribute to these fallen men and women, all of whom have given so many people enjoyment in life, RF Video is proud to present LOST TREASURES, a new four disc DVD dedicated to their achievements, their lives, and the legacy they left behind. In the course of the last fifteen years, RF Video has compiled an extensive library of exclusive interviews and rare footage with these superstars and it is through this that we are able to bring their fans the real story of these larger than life characters. LOST TREASURES presents these men and women with all the trappings of wrestling stripped away, allowing everyone to see their hopes, their dreams, and remember how special they really were.
LOST TREASURES also contains plenty of brand new footage with many of these ‘s coworkers that has never been seen before. Some of the speakers include: Demolition, The Nasty Boys, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart, Kevin Von Erich, Manny Fernandez, Black Bart, JAPW Staff, the Godfather, Corp Kirshner, Paul Bearer, Chyna, X-Pac Ted Dibiase, Luna Vachon, Mene Gene Okerlund, Roddy Piper, Tammy Sytch, Mick Foley, Billy Gunn, Baby Doll, Charlie Haas, Justin Credible, Danny Doring, Lanny Poffo, Talia, Jay Lethal, Homicide, Scott Hall, and many more.
Disc One focuses on the following: Chris Candido, Sherri Martel, Russ Hass, Doug Gentry, Louie Spicolli, Mike Awesome, and the Von Erich Family. Disc
Two spotlights Bam Bam Bigelow, Bad News Allen, Road Warrior Hawk, Eddy Guerrero, Curt Hennig, Davey Boy Smith, and Owen Hart.
Disc Three and Four consist entirely of matches and bonus features including:
Road Warrior Hawk vs. Eddie Gilbert
Curt Henning vs. Jerry Lawler
Mike Awesome vs. Taz
The British Bulldog vs. the Masked Superstar
Kerry Von Erich (w/Woman) vs. Masked Man
Chris Candido vs. Homicide
Eddy Guerrero vs. Crowbar
The Haas Brothers vs. Low Ki & American Dragon
Owen Hart & D-Lo Brown (w/The Rock & Mark Henry) vs. The Love Connection
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Spike Dudley
Sherri Martel 2002 Legends Roast
Sandman Ribs Doug Gentry
Bad News Shoots!
Louie Spicolli vs. Sabu

Lost Treasures of Pro Wrestling Volume 2 DVD (Time: 1: 23 hr)
Over the past few years the sport of professional wrestling has lost far too many of its own. Many of these superstars, beloved by fans and peers alike, passed away well before their time. To pay tribute to these fallen men and women, all of whom have given so many people enjoyment in life, RF Video is proud to present LOST TREASURES, a new double disc DVD dedicated to their achievements, their lives, and the legacy they left behind. In the course of the last fifteen years, RF Video has compiled an extensive library of exclusive interviews and rare footage with these superstars and it is through this that we are able to bring their fans the real story of these larger than life characters. LOST TREASURES presents these men and women with all the trappings of wrestling stripped away, allowing everyone to see their hopes, their dreams, and remember how special they really were.
Volume 2 pays tribute to Steve Williams, Captain Lou Albano, Terry Gordy, Buddy Rose, Test, Public Enemy, Killer Kowalski, Brian Pillman, Gary Hart, Wahoo McDaniel and Eddie Gilbert.
Disc 2 inclues these bonus matches!
1. Brian Pillman & Shane Douglas vs. Ron Simmons & 2 Cold Scorpio
2. Hashimoto vs Steve Corino vs. Gary Steele vs Dylan Knight
3. Terry Gordy vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
4. Test vs. Slyck Wagner Brown
5. Steve Williams vs. Danny Demanto
6. Public Enemy vs. The Bad Breed

The Wrestling Road Diaries DVD (2 Disc Set) – (Time: 2: 41 hr)
Bonus Disc Featuring Over An Hour Of Deleted Scenes (Time: 2: 30 hr)
Colt Cabana, Sal Rinauro & Brian Danielson are “independent” professional wrestlers. Each week they travel the roads of not only America, but the whole world.
In 2009, a camera followed them for 10 consecutive days. They don’t fly first class. They don’t stay in classy hotels and they aren’t rich and/or famous.
What they do have is a passion for professional wrestling. The story is a positive depiction of a never ending journey of the wrestling road… and these are their video diaries.
Features: Bryan Danielson; Colt Cabana; Sal Rinuara; Austin Aries; Jay & Mark Briscoe; Claudio Castagnoli; Jim Cornette; Colin Delany; Sonjay Dutt; Bret Hart; Chris Hero; Nigel McGuinness; Necro Butcher; Adam Pearce; Jimmy Rave; Davey Richards; Les Thatcher & Kevin Steen

The Spectacular Legacy Of The AWA (Time: 2 Hours)…(Almost all the matches are joined in progress.)
This 2 Disc set starts off with a 2 hour documentary showing where it all started in the Midwest, and grew in stature until it was rivaling WWE and WCW for national supremacy, its champion on par with their promotions. The AWA launched hundreds of careers, including Ric Flair, the Road Warriors, Sgt. Slaughter, Jesse Ventura, and so many more. It’s the promotion where the Immortal Hulk Hogan first rose to prominence and the Showstoppa Shawn Michaels took centre stage. The Spectacular Legacy of the AWA profiles the amazing rise of the promotion to where it was considered one of the “Big 3″ through its end.
High Flyers Vs. Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens (8-23-71)
AWA Title- Verne Gagne Vs. Baron Von Raschke (7-13-74)
Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens Vs. Billy Robinson & Frankie Hill (5-20-75)
AWA Tag Title- Verne Gagne & Mad Dog Vachon Vs. Jesse Ventura & Adrian Adonis (3-22-80)
AWA Title Retirement Match- Verne Gagne Vs. Nick Bockwinkel (10-5-81)
High Flyers Vs. East West Connection (8-30-81)
AWA Title- Hulk Hogan Vs. Nick Bockwinkel (4-18-82)
Jesse Ventura Vs. Baron Von Raschke (3-16-83)
Hulk Hogan Vs. Mr. Saito & Mr. Hatori (8-28-83)
Legion Of Doom Vs. Crusher, Larry & Curt Hennig (1-13-85)
Steel Cage Match- Midnight Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) Vs. Buddy Rose & Doug Somers (Brawl In St. Paul – 12-25-85)
AWA Title- Curt Hennig Vs. Nick Bockwinkel (5-2-87)
AWA/WCCW Title- Jerry Lawler Vs. Kerry Von Erich (Superclash III – 12-13-88)
The Triumph And Tragedy Of World Class Championship Wrestling (Time: 1: 51 hr)
In the 80s, wrestling events in Texas were like rock concerts. Fans flocked to arenas to experience the excitement of World Class Championship Wrestling. But just as quickly as it rose to popularity, WCCW burnt out through a series of traumatic losses.
This two-disc set includes exclusive interviews with Kevin Von Erich, Ric Flair, the Freebirds and unforgettable matches including:
2 out of 3 Falls Match
Duke Keomuka vs. Ricky Starr
Texas Rasslin’
American Heavyweight Championship
Fritz Von Erich vs. King Kong Bundy
Fritz Von Erich Retirement Show at Texas Stadium – June 1982
Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Kerry Von Erich vs. Ric Flair
Star Wars of Wrestling – December 1982
Iceman King Parsons / Kevin & David Von Erich vs. The Fabulous Freebirds
(Alternate Commentary: Todd Grisham and Kevin Von Erich)
WCCW – May 1983
6-man Tag Title Match
Fritz, Mike, & David Von Erich vs. The Fabulous Freebirds
David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions – May 1984
Mix Tag Match
“Gentleman” Chris Adams & Sunshine vs. “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin & Precious
David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions – May 1984
The Great Kabuki vs. Kamala
David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions – May 1984
American Tag Team Championship
Fantastics vs. Midnight Express
2nd David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions – May 1985
“Gentleman” Chris Adams vs. Kevin Von Erich
(Alternate Commentary: Todd Grisham and Kevin Von Erich)
WCCW – July 1985
Bruiser Brody & The Missing Link vs. One Man Gang & Rick Rude
WCCW – October 1986
Steel Cage Match
Bruiser Brody vs. Abdullah the Butcher
3rd Cotton Bowl Extravaganza – October 1986
Hair vs. Hair Match
Iceman King Parsons vs. Buddy Roberts
Star Wars of Wrestling – December 1983
Disc 1
Easter Egg: Fritz on TV
Access by: two right clicks from chapter point ‘Fritz Von Erich’
Easter Egg: Why Kevin wrestles barefoot
Access by: two right clicks from chapter point ‘The Boys’
Easter Egg: WCCW Logo
Access by: two right clicks from chapter point ‘Innovative Television’
Easter Egg: How WCCW got its name
Access by: two right clicks from chapter point ‘Young Superstars’
Easter Egg: Garvin on being David’s Servant
Access by: two right clicks from extras chapter point ‘David Von Erich Valet for the Day’
Heroes of World Class DVD (2 Discs) – (Time: 2: 40 hr)
A very special Director’s Cut version of Heroes of World Class Championship Wrestling! This is a Double Disc Set with even more footage than previously released!
Heroes of World Class:
The story of The Von Erichs and the rise and fall of World Class Championship Wrestling
Includes rare footage from World Class including the scenes from the pilot episode that Mickey Grant pitched to television!
Highlights include:
Von Erichs
Chris Adams
The Fabulous Freebirds
Skandar Akbar’s Devastation Inc.
Bruiser Brody
Gino Hernandez
Gary Hart Awesome angles with Hair vs. Hair, Country Whippin’ Match,
Six Man Tag Team Titles, Jimmy Garvin & Sunshine as “valets for the day” and so much more!
Kevin Von Erich’s last trip back to the old Sportatorium
Kevin Von Erich
“General” Skandar Akbar
Mickey Grant – who put WCCW on TV
Gary Hart
Marc Lowrance
John Mantell
Bill Mercer
This is the story of filmmaker Brian Harrison’s childhood heroes: The Von Erich Brothers. It tells of the small Dallas promotion run by Fritz Von Erich in the 1980′s that became the innovator of professional wrestling’s worldwide exposure via television syndication.
With his three oldest sons as the franchise stars, WCCW was one of the most syndicated shows in the world, until a string of shocking tragedies drove the family and the promotion down a path no one could have imagined. Today one Von Erich, Kevin, remains, his four younger brothers among the stars who found a tragic end in the downfall of World Class.
HEROES OF WORLD CLASS is a story of surviving unspeakable tragedy and a tribute to an unforgettable era.
Dynamite Kid- A Matter of Pride Documentary DVD (2 Discs) – (Signed by Dynamite Kid Comes with C.O.A.) – (Time: 1: 48 hr)
The definitive documentary about wrestling legend Dynamite Kid and his impact in the world of professtional wrestling.
This project began when traveling to Manchester, England to conduct a simple interview with Tom Billington about his wrestling career. Prior to this interview, nobody knew very much about what happened to Dynamite Kid since he retired from pro wrestling and nobody had been able to unravel the myths surrounding his legacy. Perhaps more than any other wrestler, Tom Billington was a recluse, never agreeing to do interviews, appearances, or even maintaining contact with his old friends from wrestling. After conducting the interview with the reclusive Billington, we realized that he had an amazing story that could not be told merely by his own, humbled words. Therefore, with the help of a lot of generous donors through Kickstarter, we set out on a worldwide traveling endeavor to interview those that knew Dynamite Kid the best and those that still keep in touch with him today. What resulted was a very emotional journey into a career cut short by the abuses of steroids, alcohol, drugs, and a complete disregard for his own physical limitations.
Dynamite Kid started as a young Englishmen trained in the infamous Snake Pit by Ted Betely and turned an opportunity given to him by the Hart Family in Calgary into a phenomenal worldwide wrestling career. He arguably saved a dying Stampede Wrestling and turned that small Western Canadian territory into an internationally acclaimed promotion. Dynamite Kid was on the front lines of changing professional wrestling from a big man carnival act into an exciting action based entertainment industry where lightweight and physically gifted performers were the focal point of the show. He dazzled an international audience with matches against Tiger Mask that are still a bench mark today.
Perhaps best known by modern wrestling fans as a member of the British Bulldogs, this documentary covers the unique relationship between Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith and how the team was on bad footing from the inception.
The most talked about locker room fight in WWF history is storied for the first time by Dynamite as well as all the other key locker room figures of that time.
Dynamite Kid was considered to be 20 years ahead of his time and his influence is still very visible today. Unfortunately, for personal issues there is a dark shadow over his legacy. This documentary digs deeper and gets to the heart of this complex wrestling revolutionary.
2 disc set
Documentary – approximately just under 2 hours
Bonus Footage – approximately 3 hours
Bonus features includes shorter stories on Matilda, famous ribs, the making of the documentary with additional stories from the producers, bonus interviews/deleted scenes with Bret Hart, Harry Smith, Jimmy Hart, Jim Neidhart, Bruce Hart, Ross Hart, Gama Singh, Honky Tonk Man, Brownwyn Billington (daughter of Dynamite Kid).
History & Tradition: Story Of The National Wrestling Alliance DVD-R – (Time: 2: 18 hr)
The National Wrestling Alliance is the oldest sanctioning and governing body in professional wrestling. The NWA World Title has the most storied history in the sport dating back to the 1900′s. follow the history and Tradition of the most prestigious world title in wrestling from it’s creation to the modern era of the NWA today. Learn of the great athletes who held the title, also the ones many say should never have held it, to the ones fighting to keep the heritage alive. The NWA World Title has had it’s highs and lows but it’s importance has never been tarnishied. Too many the NWA World Title represents a legacy that will never die. Does it still mean anything? Find out in History & Tradition: The Story of the National Wrestling Alliance.
Jim Crockett Promotions: The Good Old Days (3 Disc Set) – (Time: 2 Hours)
We have produced “shoot interviews” with wrestling legends before and we have even completed a bigger challenge, the Dynamite Kid Documentary funded on Kickstarter.
Now we have produced the definitive documentary on Jim Crockett Promotions and how that company impacted wrestlers, wrestling fans, and the wrestling world. We cover from it’s beginnings up until it was sold to Ted Turner.
Thanks to your financial support, we have acquired the licensing rights to some never before seen handheld footage from Mr. George Pantas. Mr Pantas was a videographer that lived in Virginia and was given special permission by the promoters to shoot ringside. This footage was shot over the mid 70s to 1983 and will provide some fantastic B roll footage for the Crockett documentary.
Footage for talents like Wahoo McDaniel, Greg Valentine, Paul Jones, Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, Dusty Rhodes, Roddy Piper, BlackJack Mulligan, and several more with NEVER BEFORE scene Arena footage. This is the only known footage of the Crockett promotion that is currently not owned by the WWE, so we’re happy that it will now be part of the collection. We’ll obviously use alot of this footage as “B roll” in the actual documentary, but we’ll additionally have this footage to use on the “extras” that will be part of the 3 disc DVD release!
Documentary Chapters Run Time- 2 hours
1. Big Jim Crockett, Sr.
2. Tag Teams
3. John Ringley
4. George Scott
5. Valentine and Wahoo
6. Plane Crash
7. Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
8. Rotating Bookers
9. Dusty Gets the Job
10. TBS
11. Four Horsemen
12. Magnum TA
13. National Expansion
14. Starrcade ’87
15. What Happened
16. Legacy of Jim Crockett Promotions
Mid-Atlantic Memories
David Crockett Stories
George Pantas Match Footage
George Pantas
The Dusty Finish
Clash of Champions
Crockett Cup
Great American Bash
US Title
JJ Dillon’s Crib
Jim Cornette’s Crib
Fanfest Promo
Kickstarter Promo 1
Kickstarter Promo 2
Ole Anderson
Paul Jones
Jackie Crockett
JJ Dillon
Magnum TA
Tommy Young
Masked Superstar
Baby Doll
Tully Blanchard
Jimmy Valiant
Ronnie Garvin
Rock-n-Roll Express
Ivan Koloff
Jim Cornette
Don Kernodle
The Entire Jim Crockett Interview
Memphis Heat The True Story Of Memphis Wrasslin’ Documentary – (Time: 1:32 hr)
The long awaited and often anticipated Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin’ DVD loaded with almost four hours of Memphis wrestling madness will be released October 1st.
The DVD includes the full-length release of Memphis Heat; almost 2 hours of essential bonus outtake interview footage; a sampling of the very best of Memphis Studio Wrestling; plus snippets of some over-the-top rope Mid-South Coliseum wrasslin’ action.
This will be the greatest Christmas present anyone ever received since the invention of Christmas!!
About Memphis Heat: The True Story of Memphis Wrasslin’:
Memphis Heat documents the wild and wooly history of Memphis and Mid-South professional wrestling. From the carnival days of cult hero Sputnik Monroe – the heel who integrated the Memphis wrestling audience before the Civil Rights movement – to masked men, midgets, tag teams, female wrestlers, and the rise of bad-guy heel Jerry “the King” Lawler and Jimmy “Mouth of the South” Hart in the 1970s, Memphis Heat delves into a time-forgotten, pre-cable TV world where almost anything happened inside and outside of the wrestling ring and no holds were barred!
Don’t take our word for it! Listen to the critics who have spoken!
“Memphis Heat is entertaining from the 1st bell to the last.”
- John Beifuss, Memphis’ Commercial Appeal
“An always entertaining and surprisingly enlightening film.”
- Chris Davis, The Memphis Flyer
“Memphis Heat is entertaining.”
- Wrestling News Center
“Anyone who enjoys campy shtick, outrageous personalities, and absurd theatrics–in other words, anyone worth knowing–should be heartily amused.”
- Nashville Scene
Harley Race – The Greatest Wrestler On Gods Green Earth DVD Set (2 Disc Set) – (Signed and personalized by Harley Race) – (Time: 1: 41 hr)
Harley Race: The Greatest Wrestler on God’s Green Earth takes a look at one of wrestling’s biggest attractions of the 70’s and 80’s. In the world of professional wrestling there is no one else like Harley Race he is truly a one of a kind. When people talk about Harley Race they talk about respect and toughness.
On this 2 disc DVD set you will hear from Harley Race like you never have before as he opens up about his life and career. From his beginnings on the carnival circuit, to teaming with Larry Henning, the 8 NWA World Title reigns, passing the torch to Ric Flair at Starrcade 83, what it was like working for Vince McMahon, and so much more. Also you will hear from all the key figures throughout Harley’s career, the people who helped and witnessed his success.
When people put a list of all time great wrestler’s together Harley Race is at the top of most of them because he is The Greatest Wrestler On God’s Green Earth.
Disc 1 – Full Documentary – 1 hour 40 minutes, total run time disc 1 is 1 hr 51 minutes
Chapter 1: Early Life
Chapter 2: Happy Humphrey
Chapter 3: Jack Long
Chapter 4: Pretty Handsome
Chapter 5: 1st World Title
Chapter 6: The Champ
Chapter 7: Starrcade 83
Chapter 8: War With Vince
Chapter 9: The King
Chapter 10: WCW
Chapter 11: Training School
Chapter 12: Legacy
Chapter 13: Harley Race v. Ric Flair (All Star Wrestling courtesy of Harley Race)
Disc 2 – Bonus Footage – Approximately 1 hour 45 minutes
Chapter 1: Harley Race v. David Von Erich (courtesy of Larry Matysik)
Chapter 2: “The Doublecross” as told by Jim Cornette and Harley Race
Chapter 3: Harley Race v Ted Dibiase (8 MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner
Chapter 4: “Great Times” told by Terry Funk
Chapter 5: Harley Race v. Ric Flair (8 MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner)
Chapter 6: “His Hands” as told by Vader
Chapter 7: Harley Race v. Dick Murdoch (8 MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner)
Chapter 8: “Bruno folklore” as told by Larry Matysik
Chapter 9: Harley v. Tommy Martin (8MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner)
Chapter 10: “New Zealand” as told by Ric Flair/Jim Cornette
Chapter 11:Harley Race v. Pierre Lefeber (8 MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner)
Chapter 12: “Outlaws” – Les Thatcher
Chapter 13: Harley Race v. Spike Huber (courtesy of Larry Matysik)
Chapter 14: “Vader” – Magnum TA
Chapter 15: Harley Race v. Dory Funk Jr (courtesy of Harley Race)
Chapter 16: US Title – William Murdock
Chapter 17: Harley Race v. David Von Erich (8MM footage courtesy of Mike Gratchner)
Chapter 18: “Driving Harley” featuring George South
Chapter 19: Harley Race v. Ron Sexton (courtesy of Larry Matysik)
Chapter 20: “Broadway” featuring Larry Matysik
Chapter 21: Harley Race v. Omar Atlas (courtesy of Larry Matysik)
I Never Quit – The Magnum TA Story Documentary DVD – (Time: 1: 32 hr)
At his apex, Magnum TA was a professional wrestling phenomenon, the biggest star in the National Wrestling Alliance in the mid 80s. After having troubles getting into the profession, Magnum TA persevered and when given his chance to shine he vaulted to the top of the professional wrestling world but in an instant on October 14, 1986 Magnum’s life was changed forever in a near fatal car accident.
While many would have given up and quit at the age of 27 Magnum TA known as Terry Allen never quit and reclaimed his life with the same motivation and determination that made him a wrestling superstar.
Now, fans can relive that night and the amazing career with Magnum TA. Filled with new, never-before-seen insightful interviews with Magnum as well as all the people who shared the ring with Magnum, including Nikita Koloff, Jim Ross, Ricky Morton, Dusty Rhodes (2001 Interview), Jimmy Valiant, and more.
Many in the world of wrestling ask what if this never happened to Magnum TA? This documentary takes you back to the scene where Magnum’s life changed and you hear his breathtaking recollection of the accident and Magnum answers the question of what if. Also the documentary provides a career retrospective on the man who changed professional wrestling in a short period of time and a look into his life today.
This is I NEVER QUIT the Magnum TA Story.
Bonus Match: Magnum T.A. vs. Ric Flair
The Funks Documentary Double DVD Set – (Time: 1: 39 hr)
Hear from the stars that worked for and with The Funks including Terry Funk, Dory Funk Jr., Bret Hart, Jim Ross, Gerald Brisco, Steve Corino, Bill Apter, Stan Hansen, JJ Dillon, The Blue Meanie, Bob Armstrong, Dr. Tom Prichard, Harley Race, Larry Matysik, Jimmy Hart, and Ricky Steamboat!
The name Funk is synonymous with professional wrestling; from the patriarch Dory Funk Sr. to his two sons Dory Funk Jr. and Terry Funk. The family’s journey to the top of the professional wrestling world is a one of a kind story of success and accomplishments that no other family has achieved to this day. Dory Funk Jr. and Terry Funk are the only brothers to hold the prestigious NWA World Heavyweight title, Dory Funk Sr. was the most respected man in the National Wrestling Alliance, and the family is known world wide.
From the Amarillo territory, to the rings of All Japan Pro Wrestling, ECW, and to training stars of today the Funk family has influenced professional wrestling for over five decades.
Now for the first time ever, fans can learn the entire story of professional wrestling’s first family in The Funks. This documentary chronicles more than 60 years of the family’s legacy in and out of the ring. On this two disc set you will hear from the Funks and everyone who was influential throughout the family’s journey to the top of professional wrestling.
Also included are matches, bonus material, and stories.
Find out why the Funks are wrestling royalty all over the world.
Disc 1
Documentary Feature Run Time 1 hour and 39 minutes
Dory Funk Sr.
West Texas State
Dory Funk Jr. NWA World Champion
Patriarch Passes
Terry Funk NWA World Champion
All Japan Pro Wrestling
Terry the Artist
Disc 2
The Funks vs. Scott Casey and Relampico Leon
The Booker
Terry Funk and Bob Backlund vs. Gene Kiniski and Roger Kirby
Terry Funk Training Seminar
First Territory (told by JJ DIllon)
Dory Funk Jr. vs. Harley Race
Funkin’ Dojo (told by Steve Corino)
Terry Funk vs. Jack Brisco
Family (told by Terry Funk)
Dory’s Workout
The Ref (told by Jim Ross)
Terry Funk vs. Gerald Brisco
My Coach (told by Dory Funk Jr.)
Dory Funk Jr. vs. Shane Douglas (ECW Fancam)
Dory (told by William Murdoch)
Terry Funk vs. Cactus Jack (ECW Fancam)
Lost Film (told by Terry Funk)
Mike London (told by JJ DIllon)
Yes Sir (told by Bob Armstrong)
I Quit (told by Stan Hansen)
Moto (told by Jimmy Golden)
Terry Funk vs. Sabu (ECW Fancam)
Beat Him (told by Ron Bass)
Memphis (told by Jimmy Hart)
Old Man (told by Gerald Brisco)
Terry Funk vs. Stevie Richards (ECW Fancam)
Eddie (told by Bruce Mitchell)
So (told by Manny Fernandez)
Hit Me (told by Steve Corino)
Terry’s First Match
Book Me (told by Gerald Brisco)
First Night (told by JJ DIllon)
Policeman (told by William Murdoch)
Pounding (told by Stan Hansen)
Sold Out (told by Terry Funk)
Stiff (told by Bob Armstrong)
Roadhouse (told by Jim Ross)
The Show (told by Stan Hansen)
The Heat (told by Steve Corino)
Hard Knocks DVD Pro Wrestling Documentary – (Time: 38 Min.)
Hard Knocks is the World’s first ever award nominated documentary on Professional Wrestling, and the DVD features over 80 minutes of special features including additional interviews, deleted scenes, music videos, out takes and loads more.
Featuring stars of the WWE & TNA – Al Snow, BG James, CM Punk, D’lo Brown, Kip James, Mick Foley, Hardcore Holly & many more, along with independent wrestlers.
Hard Knocks is a 40 minute Documentary short on Professional Wrestling – an industry largely misunderstood by the general public and an industry that has been victim of ridicule time and time again. Over the past few years in particular, the professional wrestling world has been thrust into complete turmoil after the deceiving and biased portrayal of certain events by the national media. The deaths of top wrestlers in their prime as well as numerous steroid scandals have been used to kick the industry when it’s down.
Hard Knocks dives deep into this bizarre fusion of sport and theatre in order to uncover the true art of professional wrestling; blending combat and athleticism with drama and showmanship to captivate the minds of the audience, suspending any disbelief that what they are seeing is not real. Although you can hardly epitomize it as simply “real” or “fake”, there is no denying the tremendous skill and aptitude required of each performer. Yet despite this and the often harsh realities of each match, to most people, professional wrestling is a laughing stock.
Director Arthur Cauty interviews wrestlers, referees and promoters alike, with world famous stars of the WWE aligning with the stars of tomorrow to voice their opinions, revealing startling truths about this illusive business. This film will shock and astound, leaving you with a new found respect for professional wrestling and the men and women who dedicate their lives and bodies to this obscure art form.
Scott Hall Documentary – Espn E60 (Time: 18 Minutes and 11 Seconds)
Originally aired on October 19, 2011 – on ESPN. Titled “The Wrestler”. At the height of professional wrestling in the 1990′s, Scott Hall was adored by millions, his name chanted by adoring fans. Today, he has hit rock bottom. E:60 follows his descent from superstar to a broken man battling alcoholism and drug addiction but still trying to hold on to the glory he once found in the ring. Razor Ramon WWF WWE WCW TNA AWA NWA nWo
The ongoing tragedy that is Scott Hall’s health and addiction problems has garnered the attention of one of the world’s top sports media outlets. ESPN’s E:60 series – looks at the rise and fall of one of professional wrestling’s biggest talents that never quite made it to that superstar level because of personal demons
WWE Once In A Lifetime Rock vs. Cena Documentary (Time: 41 Minutes and 54 Seconds)
Aired on March 26th, 2012
A documentary made of The Rock and John Cena building up to WrestleMania 28 and how they both started out in the WWE.

A & E Special: Finding Hulk Hogan Documentary (Time: 43 Minutes and 33 Seconds)

E! True Hollywood Story – Chris Benoit Wrestling with Demons – (Time: 45 Min.)

E60 Pictures – WWE Behind The Curtain – May 5, 2015 on ESPN – (Time: 48 Min.)

WWE Daniel Bryan Journey To WrestleMania 30 Documentary (Date: April, 08, 2014) – (Time: 57 Min.)
WWE Warrior: The Ultimate Legend Documentary (Date: April 17, 2014) – (Time: 59 Min.)

WWE Network Special – Before They Were Superstars – The Usos 10 Hours To Houston Documentary – November 24, 2014 – (Time: 28 Min.)
The Usos – 10 Hours to Houston captures the compelling story of twins Josh and Jon Fatu from childhood to their WWE Tag Team Title reign.

WWE Mick Foley Cheap Pops – April 29, 2015 – (Time: 1 Hour)
Join no extra fees. dapoxetine priligy price . dapoxetine is used as a treatment for premature ejaculation. . Mick Foley as he shares humorous tales full of wit and wisdom from the WWE Hall Of Famer’s storied career. It’s an electric trip into the surreal mind and life of the Hardcore Legend like you’ve never seen before!

WWE Journey To SummerSlam The Destruction Of The Shield Documentary – (Date: August 20, 2014) – (Time: 57 Min.)
Witness the journeys of Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns – from their humble beginnings to the biggest event of the summer!

WWE Network Special – WWE Dusty Rhodes Celebrating The Dream – Date: June 15, 2015 – (Time: 53 Min.)
In honor of one of the most iconic and lengendary figures in Sports Entertainment, WWE Network celebrates the life and times of Dusty Rhodes!

WWE The Legendary Stories Of Dusty Rhodes – Date: July 6, 2015 – (Time: 46 Min.)
Join WWE in a LIVE celebration of the life and career of Dusty Rhodes, as told by WWE Legends and Superstars.
WWE Finn Balor The Demon Revealed Documentary – Date: July 2, 2015 – (Time: 27 Min.)
An in depth look inside the life, career and future of NXT Superstar Finn Balor.

WWE The Kliq Behind The Curtain – Date: July 28, 2015 – (Time: 21 Min.)
The band is back together! Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman reunite behind the curtain n this exclusive and revealing look at the most dominant group in sports entertainment history, The KLIQ!

WWE The Kliq Most Influential Moments and Matches – Date: July 29, 2015 – (Time: 1: 16 hr)
Relive the sweetest moments and matches in KLIQ history, and hear never before told tales from the men themselves in this retrospective.

WWE Network Special Kevin Nash Too Sweet – Date: July 30, 2015 – (Time: 30 Min.)
Celebrate the career of Big Daddy Cool as WWE cameras follow Kevin Nash during his 2015 Hall Of Fame induction.

WWE Special Undertaker 25 Phenomenal Years – Date: November 16, 2015 – (Time: 28 Min.)
Journey back through 25 years of the most memorable and unforgettable moments in the career of WWE’s one and only ‘Phenom’ The Undertaker.

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