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ECW Year in Review 1997

ECW Year in Review 1997 Vol. 1

4 hrs .Features the most extreme matches from the most hardcore wrestling promotion on the planet. All of the extreme superstars are featured. Witness ECWs
rise into the PPV universe all the way to the aftermath
of Barely Legal. This video reviews ECWs first half of 1997_

1.Triple Threat attack and injure Tommy Dreamer

?2.Tommy Rich debuts as he attacks the injured Dreamer and Terry Funk

3.Triple Threat injure Pit Bull #2

4.Shane Douglas vs. Tommy Dreamer ( Rick Rude debuts and Pit Bull #1 makes an incredible return)

5.Mikey Whipwreck vs. Chris Chetti

6.Sandman vs. D-Von Dudley ( Buh-Buh turns heel and joins with D-Von)

7.Dudleys-Gangstas brawl

8.BWO-Raven feud recap

9.Sandman vs. D-Von Dudley ( Boston Street Fight )

10.Michinoku Pro feature in ECW

11.Hardcore ECW video

12.BWO wrestlers welcome the Michinoku stars to ECW as they join the International BWO

13.Eliminators vs. Sabu & Rob Van Dam ( tables and ladders match)

14.Raven-Terry Funk confrontation

15.Tommy Rich vs. Chris Chetti ( beginning of the new FBI )

16.Eliminators vs. Sabu & Van Dam ( tables and ladders )

17.Axl Rotten vs. Lance Storm ( Dudleys-Gangstas brawl erupts )

18.Sabu-Taz confrontation and video

19.Funk vs. Brian Lee

20.Shane Douglas vs. Pit Bull #1 ( I Quit match )

21.Dudleys beating the Eliminators for the tag team titles

22.Sandman vs. Balls Mahoney

23.Barely Legal preview

24.Locker room brawl with all of the ECW stars

25.Great Sasuke & Gran Hamada & Gran Naniwa vs. Dick Togo & Mens Teoh & Taka Michinoku

26.Funk & Dreamer vs. Shane & Raven

27.Sign Guy Dudley breaking a glass window over Perry Saturn

28.Taz-Candido interview

29.Raven-Funk locker room brawl

30.Barely Legal highlights

31.Rob Van Dam-Candido brawl after RVD pinches Sunnys behind

32.Gangstas vs. Dudleys vs. Eliminators

33.Shane Douglas vs.
Balls Mahoney
( Bigelow joins the Triple Threat )

34.Louie Spicolli
Death Valley Drives Buelah

35.Louie Spicolli vs. Tommy Dreamer

ECW Year in Review 1997 Vol. 2

4 hrs_.Picks up where volume 1 left off. Highlights the hot summer feud involving ECW vs. Jerry Lawler, action involving and leading up to ECWs second and third PPVs, Hardcore Heaven and November to Remember_

2.The Final Showdown preview of Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer

3.Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer ( loser leaves town_Jerry Lawlers unbelieveable debut in ECW )

4.Sabu vs. Taz

5.Taz vs. Shane Douglas ( Taz wins the TV Title)

6.Dreamer & Sandman vs. Sabu & Van Dam ( Jim Cornette invades the ECW )

7.Dudleys vs. Gangstas ( Cage )

8.Shane Douglas vs. Terry Funk

9.Lawler & Sabu & Van Dam vs. Dreamer & Sandman (Cage_Rick Rude turns heel)

10.Interview Sabu & Van Dam

11.ECW Pittsburgh summer invasion video

12.Sabu vs. Terry Funk ( Barbed Wire highlights )

13.Incredible brawl as everyone destroys the Dudleys

14.Hardcore Heaven highlights

15.Taz feature

16.Bigelow vs. Spike Dudley feature

17.Sabu breaks a bottle on Sandmans head

18.Rob Van Dam vs. Tommy Dreamer

19.Bigelow press slams Spike into the crowd

20.Sabu burns the Sandman

21.Mixed tag bloodbath as Beulah destroys Bill Alfonso

22.New Jack & Kronus vs. Dudleys ( Gangstinators win the tag belts)

23.ECWs tribute to Brian Pillman

24.Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Shane Douglas ( Bam Bam wins ECW title)

25.Great Sasuke vs. Justin Credible

26.FBI making pizza

27.FBI vs. New Jack & Kronus ( FBI win the tag belts)

28.November Rain 1997 video

29.November to Remember highlights

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