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ECW Year in Review 1996

ECW Year in Review 1996 Vol. 1

1. Taz-911

2. Eliminators vs. Rey Misterio Jr./911

3. Shane Douglas returns

4. Buelah announces she's pregnant

5. Shane Douglas/Tommy Dreamer vs. Cactus Jack/Mikey Whipwreck

6. Raven vs. Sandman...Raven wins title

7. Intr: Cactus Jack/Mikey...Mr. Potato Head

8. Pitbulls attack eliminators

9. Francine cuts Perry Saturn's hair

10. Brian Pillman's ECW debut

11. Confrontation: Raven-Dreamer/Bruise Brothers...Bruise's turn on Dreamer

12. Intr: Raven/Bruise Brothers

13. Cactus Jack vs. Shane Douglas

14. Rey Miseterio Jr. vs. Juventud Guerrera...2/3 falls

15. Gangstas issued challenges for the 3 way Dance

16. Gangstas vs. Headhunters vs. 2 Cold Scorpio/Sandman

17. Raven vs. Sandman

18. Gangstas vs. Chad Austin/Blue Meanie...New Jack Stiffs the Hell out of Austin..very rough

19. Eliminators-Gangstas brawl

20. Bruise Brothers/Raven-Dreamer/Douglas/Sandman..Altercation..Brian Lee debuts

21. Bruise Brothers/Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer/Shane Douglas/Sandman

22. Eliminators-Gangstas..brawl

23. Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Lee

24. Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam..Respect match

25. Eliminators/Brian Lee vs. Gangstas/Tommy Dreamer

ECW Year in Review 1996 Vol. 2

1. Inter: Baron Von Stevie/blue Dust

2. Raven Introduces Sandman's ex wife Peaches as his new valet

3. Raven vs. Terry Gordy...Tyler Fullington's first appearence

4. Tommy Dreamer vs. Brian Lee...Weapons match

5. Eliminators vs. Gangstas

6. Chris Jericho vs. Too Cold Scorpio vs. Shane Douglas vs. Pitbull #2..Four Corners match

7. Tommy Dreamer/Terry Gordy/Sandman vs. Raven/Brian Lee/Steve Richards..Rage of the cage

8. An appearance of Kiss

9. Raven-Sandman altercation

10. Eliminators vs. Gangstas vs. Bruise Brothers vs. Samoans...4 way dance

11. Tommy Dreamer vs. Taz

12. Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam...Stretcher match

13. Raven-Sandman..Altercation/Tyler Fullingtons Birthday Party

15. American Journal Piece

16. Taz Challenges Sabu

17. Brian Lee/Steve Richards vs. Sandman/Tommy Dreamer...Ultimate Jeopardy

18. Shane Douglas vs. Pitbull #2...Shane Shakes Pitbull #1 cage

19. Sandman vs. Too Cold Scorpio...Raven Returns

20. Pitbull #2 vs. Pittsburge Steel team...Brian Lee Chokeslams Pitbull #2 off a truck through tables

21. Shane Douglas vs. Tommy Dreamer

22. Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs. Dan Droffat/Doug Furnas

23. Gangstas vs. Rob Van Dam/Sabu vs. Eliminators

24. Sabu confronts Taz...Finally

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