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Raw 2015

1/5/15 Raw in Corpus Christi, TX
John Cena/Triple H/Stephanie/Seth Rollins Interview
IC Title Match: Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler- Bad News Barrett returns and wins the IC title belt. PLEASE Barrett, don’t get hurt.
Roman Reigns Int, Bray Wyatt Int
The Ascension vs. Scrubs
Rusev/Lana Int
Roman Reigns vs. Big Show
Nikki Bella vs. Natalya
Dean Ambrose Int
Erick Rowan vs. Luke Harper
Alicia Fox/Naomi Int
Dean Ambrose/Bray Wyatt Video
Ambulance Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt
The Miz, Damien Mizdow, and Alicia Fox vs. The Usos and Naomi
Ryback vs. Seth Rollins and Kane- The heel GMs putting the face in a handicap match against 2 or more heels is so overplayed.
Adam Rose vs. Big E
Triple H/Stephanie/Kane Int
John Cena Appreciation Segment with Triple H and Stephanie- The Authority bring out Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, and Erick Rowan, just so they can ‘fire’ them. WWE’s version of firing somebody is giving them a week off and then finding some lame loophole to bring them back. The ‘fired’ card, another played out story line that they just can’t get rid of.
1/12/15 Raw in New Orleans, LA
John Cena/Stephanie/Triple H Interview
Lumberjack Match: Seth Rollins vs. John Cena
Stephanie/The Usos/Dean Ambrose Int- Stephanie is having Ambrose see a shrink.
Dean Ambrose Int
Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd
Big Show/Roman Reigns Interview
Roman Reigns vs. Luke Harper
Miz/Damien Mizdow Int
Naomi vs. Alicia Fox
Dean Ambrose Int
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar Interview
The Miz and Damien Mizdow vs. The Usos
Daniel Bryan/Stephanie Interview- Kane comes out to brawl with Bryan.
Seth Rollins/Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar Int
Paige vs. Brie Bella
Bray Wyatt Int
Randy Savage Hall of Fame Announcement
Ascension vs. Scrubs
Dean Ambrose Int
Lana/Rusev Interview
Rusev vs. Dean Ambrose
Contract Signing with Stephanie/John Cena/Seth Rollins/Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar
1/19/15 Raw in Dallas, TX, Raw Homecoming
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar/Triple H/Stephanie/Seth Rollins/John Cena Interview
Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt
Kevin Nash/Scott Hall/Triple H/Shawn Michaels/X-Pac/Damien Mizdow/Miz Segment
Hulk Hogan/Ric Flair/Shawn Michaels/Big Show Interview
John Cena Int
Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose
Royal Rumble Video
Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs. Big E and Kofi Kingston
Kevin Nash/Scott Hall/X-Pac/Ascension/JBL/Faarooq/Road Dogg/Billy Gunn Segment
Triple H/Stephanie Int
Paige and Natalya vs. Summer Rae and Alicia Fox- The Bellas are on commentary.
Rusev vs. R-Truth
Brock Lesnar/Seth Rollins Int
The Miz vs. Jey Uso
Hulk Hogan Int
John Cena vs. Kane, Big Show, and Seth Rollins- Sting makes his Raw debut and comes halfway down the ramp to distract the heels, allowing Cena to win and giving the jobs back to Ryback, Ziggler, and Rowan. Brock Lesnar comes out to get a small piece of Rollins and F-5s Kane and even Big Show, who he tossed like he was a lightweight. Amazing moment. Great ending. Best segment in a long time.

1/26/15 Raw in Sanford, CT, Due to storms on the east coast, WWE replayed matches from last night’s Royal Rumble with various interviews mixed in.
WWE Title Match: Seth Rollins vs. John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar From Last Night’s Royal Rumble
Seth Rollins Interview
Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman Interview- I like these sit-down interviews. They feel a bit more natural and as if there is a real fight coming up.
Royal Rumble Match From Last Night’s Royal Rumble
Roman Reigns Interview
Arnold Schwarzenegger Hall of Fame Announcement
Dean Ambrose Int
Daniel Bryan Interview
Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman Interview

2/2/15 Raw in Denver, CO
Triple H/Stephanie/Roman Reigns/Daniel Bryan/Seth Rollins Interview
Big Show vs. Roman Reigns
Triple H/Stephanie Int
Curtis Axel/Dean Ambrose Interview
Ernie Ladd Hall of Fame Announcement
Goldust and Stardust vs. The Ascension
Goldust/Stardust Int
John Cena/Stephanie Interview
Ryback vs. Luke Harper
Cesaro vs. Jimmy Uso
The Miz/Damien Sandow Int/Segment- Miz tries to fire Sandow as his stunt double.
Erick Rowan/John Cena Int
Dolph Ziggler vs. Bray Wyatt
Triple H/Stephanie/Seth Rollins Int
Paige vs. Alicia Fox- The Bella Twins are on commentary.
The Miz vs. Sin Cara- Damien Mizdow is on the outside, trying to mimic Miz but Miz tells him not too.
Bray Wyatt Int
Erick Rowan vs. Rusev
Daniel Bryan/Roman Reigns Int- It’s as if Roman Reigns is getting worse when speaking compared to a year ago.
Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins
2/9/15 Raw in Ohio State University
Roman Reigns/Daniel Bryan/Triple H/Stephanie Interview- Bryan throws a crack at Triple H about what Hunter has done in caskets before (dead Katie Vick).
Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan vs. Kane and Big Show
Seth Rollins vs. Ryback
Sheamus Promo
Paige vs. Brie Bella
Lana/Rusev/John Cena Interview/Brawl
Bray Wyatt vs. Dolph Ziggler
Junkyard Dog Hall of Fame Announcement
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar Interview- “The yellow stream running down your leg was not pineapple juice” – Paul Heyman.
Goldust and Stardust vs. Big E and Kofi Kingston
Daniel Bryan/Roman Reigns Int
Triple H Interview- Sting accepts Triple H’s invite for Fast Lane.
Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs. The Usos
Rikishi Hall of Fame Announcement
Sin Cara vs. Damien Mizdow
Bray Wyatt Interview
Dean Ambrose vs. Curtis Axel
Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins, Kane, Big Show, Jamie Noble, and Joey Mercury
2/16/15 Raw in Orlando, FL
John Cena/Lana/Rusev Interview
Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper
Big Show/Kane/Triple H Int, Bray Wyatt Int, Goldust/Stardust/Dusty Rhodes Int
Goldust and Stardust vs. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston- Stardust turns on Goldust.
Roman Reigns Int, Stardust/Dusty Rhodes Int
Kane vs. Roman Reigns- Daniel Bryan is on commentary.
Daniel Bryan Int, Bray Wyatt Int, Bellas/Paige Int
Summer Rae vs. Paige
Sheamus Promo
Seth Rollins/Dolph Ziggler Interview
Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler
Triple H/Ric Flair Interview
The Ascension vs. Darren Young and Scrub- Titus O’Neil comes out to help his former partner. Darren has a good look to him so maybe this is a start of a re-birth for both of them.
The Miz/Bad News Barrett Int
Bad News Barrett vs. Damien Sandow
Bray Wyatt Int
Jimmy Uso and Naomi vs. Natalya and Tyson Kidd
Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show
2/23/15 Raw in Nashville, TN
Randy Orton/Triple H/Stephanie Interview
Dolph Ziggler vs. Wade Barrett
Randy Orton/Stephanie/Seth Rollins Int
Sheamus Promo
The Ascension vs. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young
Roman Reigns/Daniel Bryan/Brock Lesnar Interview
Tag Team Title Match: The Usos vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd
The Miz/Damien Mizdow Int
Bray Wyatt Interview
Stardust vs. Jack Swagger
John Cena/Rusev/Lana Interview
Seth Rollins/Randy Orton Int
Sting History Video
Paige vs. Nikki Bella
Bushwhackers Hall of Fame Announcement
Ryback vs. Curtis Axel
Seth Rollins and Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns
3/2/15 Raw in Newark, NJ
Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns Interview
Seth Rollins/Randy Orton Int
Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose
The Miz/Damien Mizdow “Niagra” Commercial/Segment
Bray Wyatt Interview
Natalya, Tyson Kidd, and Cesaro vs. The Usos and Naomi
Sheamus Promo
John Cena/Stephanie/Curtis Axel Interview
John Cena vs. Curtis Axel
Triple H/Booker T Interview
Divas Title Match: Paige vs. Nikki Bella- After a DQ, AJ comes back to attack the Bellas and help out Paige
Paige/AJ Int
Seth Rollins/Jon Stewart Interview/Segment
Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper
R-Truth/Luke Harper/Dolph Ziggler Segment
Alundra Blayze Hall of Fame Announcement
Randy Orton/Seth Rollins Int
Paul Heyman Interview
Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins- Reigns ends up fighting off Kane and Big Show after Randy Orton helps Rollins pick up the win.

3/9/15 Raw in Pittsburgh, PA
Randy Orton/Seth Rollins/Kane/Big Show/Jamie Noble Interview
Daniel Bryan vs. Bad News Barrett
Stardust vs. Dean Ambrose- Daniel Bryan, Bad News Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, and R-Truth all come out and brawl at the end.
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar Interview
Ryback and Erick Rowan vs. Kane and Big Show
The Miz/Wiz Khalifa/Damien Mizdow Int
Sheamus Promo
Wiz Khalifa Performance
Bella Twins Int
Summer Rae vs. AJ
Sting Video
Rusev/Lana/John Cena Int
Curtis Axel vs. Rusev- John Cena comes out to brawl with Rusev.
Bray Wyatt Int, Rusev/Lana Int
Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs. Big E and Xavier Woods
Naomi vs. Natalya
Los Matadores vs. The Usos
Seth Rollins Int
Bray Wyatt Interview- At the end of the interview, we hear Undertaker’s voice as he says that Bray will Rest in Piece at WM.
Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins and Randy Orton- Orton finally takes out Rollins, setting up their match at WM.
3/16/15 Raw in Des Moines, IA
Seth Rollins/Big Show/Jamie Noble/Randy Orton Interview
AJ vs. Nikki Bella
Big Show/Kane/Seth Rollins Int
Ryback vs. The Miz
Rusev/John Cena Highlights
Sheamus Promo
Contract Signing with John Cena/Rusev
Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. Big E and Kofi Kingston
Seth Rollins/Jamie Noble Int
Brock Lesnar/Eric Rowan Interview
Larry Zbyszko Hall of Fame Announcement
Mark Henry Segment
Paul Heyman/Roman Reigns Interview
Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, and Dolph Ziggler vs. Stardust, Luke Harper, and Bad News Barrett
Triple H/Stephanie/Seth Rollins Int
Bray Wyatt Interview
Randy Orton/Seth Rollins Segment- It looked like throughout the show that Rollins had lost all his run in buddies but it turns out they are still with him. As they are about to all attack Orton, Sting appears and helps Orton clean house.
Sting/Randy Orton Interview- Exclusive from the WWE Network.
3/22/15 Raw in Las Angeles, CA
Sting/Stephanie Interview- Triple H comes out and does his thing with Sting.
R-Truth and Dean Ambrose vs. Stardust and Luke Harper
Roman Reigns Video
Damien Mizdow/Miz/Kevin Hart/Will Farrell Segment
Erick Rowan, Zack Ryder, Ryback, and Primetime Players vs. Adam Rose, the Ascension, Miz, and Damien Mizdow
Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins, Joey Mercury, and Jamie Noble
AJ/Paige Int
Paige vs. Nikki Bella
Snoop Dogg/Curtis Axel/Hulk Hogan Interview
Brock Lesnar Video
Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, and Natalya vs. Los Matadores and El Torito
Kane/Bad News Barrett Int
Jack Swagger vs. Rusev- Part 25?
Bray Wyatt Interview- Another promo hyping his match with Undertaker at WM.
Kevin Nash Hall of Fame Announcement
Tyson Kidd/Natalya Int
Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler- Dean Ambrose is the guest referee as the segment ends with all the participates of the IC Ladder match all brawling.
Face to Face Interview with Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar/Paul Heyman
3/29/15 Raw in San Jose, CA
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar/Stephanie Interview- Crowd is hot tonight. Lesnar wants his rematch with Rollins tonight.
IC Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Daniel Bryan- Sheamus made his return by attacking both faces, confirming his heel turn. We shall see how this goes.
Cesaro, Tyson Kidd, and The Ascension vs. Kofi Kingston, Big E, Sin Cara, and Kalisto
Adrian Neville Promo
WWE Title Match: Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins- Rollins ends up flaking on the match. Lesnar gets a little beatdown on him which was a GREAT tease for a match. Crowd is behind Lesnar big time as he F-5s Michael Cole and a camera man. Stephanie comes out and suspends Lesnar.
Stephanie Int
Stardust vs. Damien Mizdow
Wrestlemania Week Highlights
Neville vs. Curtis Axel- Neville makes his debut, dropping the Adrian from his name. He will be a nice addition to the main roster. Just imagine him in a ladder match.
US Title Match: Dean Ambrose vs. John Cena
Seth Rollins/Randy Orton Int
AJ, Paige, and Naomi vs. The Bella Twins and Natalya
Randy Orton/Ryback Int
Rusev vs. Goldust
Seth Rollins, Kane, and Big Show vs. Randy Orton, Ryback, and Roman Reigns
Network Exclusive: Sting Interview- I could have went to this show but I didn’t because I went to Wrestlemania and it would have been too much driving. Halfway through this show, I regretted it. The crowd was hot, a lot happened, and this turned out to be the best Raw in years.
4/6/15 Raw in the University of Texas
Seth Rollins/Big Show/Randy Orton Interview
Randy Orton vs. Kane
AJ Segment- Mentioned that AJ retired during the week.
Kane/Seth Rollins Int
Brock Lesnar/Last Week Highlights
Seth Rollins vs. Neville
John Cena Interview
Stardust vs. John Cena
The Bella Twins vs. Paige and Naomi
Prime Time Players Int
Luke Harper vs. Ryback
New Day Int
Big E and Kofi Kingston vs. Lucha Dragons
Roman Reigns vs. Big Show
Kane/Natalya/Summer Rae/Alicia Fox/Cameron Int
Roman Reigns Int
Sheamus vs. Mark Henry
Damien Mizdow vs. The Miz
Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Ryback- And then we have this show. Big let down from last week’s hot show.
4/13/15 Raw in London, England
John Cena/Bad News Barrett Interview
US Title Match: Bad News Barrett vs. John Cena
Divas Battle Royal- Won by Paige who tossed out Naomi.
Paige/Naomi Backstage Int/Segment
Bray Wyatt Interview
Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension
Roman Reigns/Big Show Interview/Brawl
Randy Orton vs. Cesaro
Randy Orton vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd
Seth Rollins/Kane Int
Dean Ambrose vs. Adam Rose
Kane/Big Show Int
Fandango vs. Stardust- Looks like Fandango is going back to his old music and theme.
Seth Rollins vs. Kane
The Miz vs. Damien Mizdow
Prime Time Players Promo
Ryback vs. Luke Harper
Naomi Int
Dolph Ziggler vs. Neville- Sheamus, who nobody cares about, attacks both guys after the match. Sheamus can go away now.
Randy Orton/Seth Rollins Interview
4/20/15 Raw in Albany, NY
Randy Orton/Seth Rollins Interview
Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose
Seth Rollins/Triple H Int
Lucha Dragons vs. Kofi Kingston and Big E
Curtis Axel vs. Fandango- They are trying a little too hard with Fandango going back to his old gimmick.
Triple H/Kane/Seth Rollins Interview
Triple H/Kane/Seth Rollins Int
Naomi vs. Brie Bella
Randy Orton/Heath Slater Segment
Roman Reigns/Bo Dallas Interview- “You’re the Tim Tebow of the WWE” – Dallas. Funny line.
Sheamus vs. Zack Ryder
John Cena Interview
John Cena vs. Kane
The Miz Int, John Cena Int
The Miz vs. Damien Mizdow
Bray Wyatt Int
Ryback vs. Adam Rose
Kane/Seth Rollins/Triple H Int
Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler- Randy Orton comes out to get him some of Rollins.
4/27/15 Raw in Green Bay, WI
Seth Rollins/Kane/Randy Orton/Roman Reigns Interview- I feel like this is the same interview by the same people every Raw. WWE badly needs a main event roster shake up.
Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler
Big E vs. Tyson Kidd
Ryback vs. Bo Dallas- Ryback is attacked by Bray Wyatt.
John Cena/Heath Slater/Rusev Interview
Kane/Seth Rollins Int
KOTR Tournament Match: R-Truth vs. Stardust
Fandango vs. Adam Rose
Brie Bella Int
Naomi vs. Brie Bella
KOTR Tournament Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus
Damien Sandow/Curtis Axel Interview/Brawl
KOTR Tournament Match: Neville vs. Luke Harper
Seth Rollins and Kane vs. Roman Reigns and Randy Orton
5/4/15 Raw in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Randy Orton/Roman Reigns/New Day Interview
Roman Reigns and Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods
Kane/Big E/Seth Rollins Int
Ryback/Bray Wyatt Interview
Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. The Ascension
Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins- Ambrose wins, which puts him in the main event at Payback.
Kane/Seth Rollins Int
Lana/Fandango/Rusev Int
Rusev vs. Fandango
R-Truth vs. Stardust
John Cena/Bret Hart/Heath Slater Interview
US Title Match: Sami Zayn vs. John Cena- Zayn makes his Raw debut.
New Day/Cesaro/Tyson Kidd Backstage Segment
Bella Twins/Naomi/Tamina Segment
Bad News Barrett Int
Dolph Ziggler and Neville vs. Sheamus and Bad News Barrett
Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton- Seth Rollins is on commentary as the show ends with a brawl involving Dean Ambrose.

5/11/15 Raw in Cincinnati, OH
Triple H/Seth Rollins/Kane Interview
Dean Ambrose vs. J and J Security
Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler
Erick Rowan vs. Fandango
John Cena Interview
US Title Match: Neville vs. John Cena
Kane vs. Roman Reigns
Brie Bella vs. Tamina
Macho Mandow vs. Curtis Axel- The Ascension comes out as Mizdow and Axel team up to clear house of the newbies.
Daniel Bryan Interview- Bryan forfeits his IC title due to injuries. It’s too bad that Bryan’s career has come to a stand still due to injuries. WWE can’t afford anymore stars being off TV.
Big E vs. Cesaro
Prime Time Players Int- Do their DX impression.
Bray Wyatt Interview
Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton
5/18/15 Raw in Richmond, VA
Triple H/Stephanie/Sheamus/Ryback Interview- The “Power Couple” are back on TV for the first time since WM. I don’t think anybody cared as the whole authority angle is well over played-out.
Ryback vs. Sheamus
Stephanie/Triple H/Kane/Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose Int
Bad News Barrett vs. Neville
Rusev/Lana Interview
Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt
Tag Team Title Match: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd vs. Big E and Kofi Kingston
John Cena/Kevin Owens Interview- Owens makes his Raw debut.
Dolph Ziggler vs. Stardust
Dolph Ziggler/Lana Interview- Lana breaks away from Rusev as Rusev throws a tantrum in the ring as Ziggler and Lana leave. Could Lana turn on Ziggler real soon and go back to Rusev before WWE truly breaks her out?
Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs. Fandango and Zack Ryder
Bella Twins/Stephanie Int
Brie Bella vs. Naomi
Kevin Owens Int
Triple H/Stephanie/Kane/Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins Interview
5/25/15 Raw in Long Island, NY
Triple H/Seth Rollins/Dean Ambrose Interview- Ambrose just has a great way of delivering his lines that most people can’t pull off.
Kane and Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns
Dean Ambrose Int
Kevin Owens Highlights
Rusev vs. R-Truth
Rusev/Lana Interview
Triple H/Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins Backstage Segment
Bad News Barrett vs. Ryback
Entourage Cast/Triple H/Stephanie Int
Stardust vs. Neville
Entourage/Zack Ryder/Divas Backstage Segment
Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus
John Cena Interview
Zack Ryder vs. John Cena- Kevin Owens comes out to attack Cena and put his foot on the US title again.
Seth Rollins/Triple H/Stephanie Int
Paige vs. Tamina
New Day/Kane Interview
Bunch of Wrestlers vs. Bunch of Wrestlers- Too many to list as the match goes 2 minutes anyways.
Stephanie/Triple H/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose Interview/Segment- As Reigns is getting beat up, Ambrose comes out in a police van to clean house and sign his title match contract for the ppv.
6/1/15 Raw in San Antonio, TX
Triple H/Stephanie/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns Interview
Roman Reigns vs. Bad News Barrett
Roman Reigns/Triple H/Stephanie Int, Nikki Bella/Paige Int
Ryback Interview
The Miz/Ryback/Big Show Segment
Kevin Owens/John Cena Interview
New Day Interview
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry vs. Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns/Triple H/Stephanie Int
Divas Title Match: Paige vs. Nikki Bella
Sheamus vs. Randy Orton
Rusev Int
Bo Dallas vs. Neville
Bray Wyatt vs. Roman Reigns
6/8/15 Raw in New Orleans, LA
John Cena/Kevin Owens/Neville Interview
NXT Title Match: Neville vs. Kevin Owens- John Cena moves to commentary for the match.
Stephanie/Triple H/Seth Rollins Int
Nikki Bella Int
Summer Rae vs. Nikki Bella
Roman Reigns/Kane/Dolph Ziggler/R-Truth/Big E/Sheamus Interview
Randy Orton vs. Sheamus
Seth Rollins/Jamie Noble/Joey Mercury Int
Kane vs. Dolph Ziggler
Miz TV with Big Show/Ryback
Los Matadores vs. Erick Rowan and Luke Harper
Kane/Seth Rollins Int
Big E vs. Titus O’Neil
Kofi Kingston vs. Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins vs. Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble- Dean Ambrose is enjoying his popcorn while sitting in the front row.
6/15/15 Raw in Cleveland, OH, Night After Money in the Bank
RIP Dusty Rhodes
Seth Rollins Interview
Dean Ambrose Interview
Triple H/Stephanie/Seth Rollins Int
Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus
Seth Rollins/Jamie Noble/Joey Mercury Int
King Barrett vs. R-Truth
Kevin Owens/Dolph Ziggler Interview
Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler
Paige/Bella Twins Int
Randy Orton vs. Kane
Kane/Seth Rollins Int
Dusty Rhodes Tribute Video
Big Show vs. The Miz
Roman Reigns/Bray Wyatt Interview
The Bella Twins vs. Paige
Machine Gun Kelly Performance- Kevin Owens comes out at the end and powerbombs MGK off the stage and through a table.
New Day vs. Prime Time Players and Neville
Dean Ambrose/Kane Int
Triple H/Stephanie/Seth Rollins Interview- Triple H brings out Brock Lesnar to face Rollins at the next ppv.

6/22/15 Raw in Indianapolis, IN
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar Interview- When it comes to promos these days, there is Paul Heyman, a bunch of space, and then everybody else. Nobody comes close.
Dean Ambrose vs. Kane- Seth Rollins distracts Ambrose.
Seth Rollins/Kane Int
Prime Time Players vs. The Ascension
Sheamus vs. Roman Reigns
Bray Wyatt Promos, Seth Rollins/J and J Security Int
Neville vs. Kofi Kingston
King Barrett vs. Zack Ryder
John Cena/Kevin Owens Interview
Seth Rollins/Triple H/Stephanie Int
Bella Twins vs. Naomi and Tamina
Mark Henry vs. Ryback
Ryback/Big Show Int/Backstage Brawl
Dolph Ziggler vs. Adam Rose
Triple H/Stephanie/J and J Security/Kane Int
Seth Rollins Interview- With help from Kane and Joey Mercury, Rollins takes down Brock Lesnar.
6/29/15 Raw in Washington, DC
Seth Rollins Interview
Big Show vs. Mark Henry
Ryback vs. The Miz
Alicia Fox vs. Paige
US Title Match: Cesaro vs. John Cena- Good match. Looks like Cena is picking up a few new moves. Kevin Owens was doing commentary until he broke up the match to make sure that it’s Owens himself who takes the title from Cena.
Bray Wyatt Int
New Day and Bo Dallas vs. Prime Time Players and Lucha Dragons
Dolph Ziggler/Lana/Rusev/Summer Rae Interview- Time to give Ziggler more mic time. He will never elevate past midcard status if they don’t give him more mic time and now that he resigned with WWE, there are no excuses for him to be stuck in midcard hell.
Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose Int
Sheamus vs. Neville
King Barrett vs. Jack Swagger
No DQ: Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Kane and Seth Rollins
7/6/15 Raw in Chicago, IL
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar Interview
Big Show vs. Ryback
Brie Bella vs. Alicia Fox
Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus- After Bray Wyatt distracts Reigns, Randy Orton returns to attack Sheamus.
Triple H/Seth Rollins Int
Rusev/Summer Rae/Dolph Ziggler/Lana Interview/Brawl
Bo Dallas vs. Dean Ambrose
King Barrett vs. R-Truth
Seth Rollins/Brock Lesnar Interview/Segment- Rollins calls out Lesnar and instead of Lesnar charging the ring, he demolishes the new car that Rollins and Co. drove into the arena in.
Lucha Dragons vs. Kofi Kingston and Big E
John Cena/Kevin Owens/Cesaro Interview
US Title Match: Cesaro vs. John Cena
7/13/15 Raw in Atlanta, GA
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar/Seth Rollins/Kane Interview
Ryback and Randy Orton vs. Sheamus and Big Show
Kane/Seth Rollins Int
Bray Wyatt/Roman Reigns Brawl
Bella Twins/Stephanie/NXT Divas Interview/Brawl
New Day vs. Prime Time Players and Mark Henry
R-Truth vs. King Barrett
Rusev/Kevin Owens/Cesaro Interview
Kevin Owens vs. Rusev vs. Cesaro
Rusev vs. Cesaro
US Title Match: Rusev vs. John Cena
Kane/Seth Rollins Int
Lita/Tough Enough Segment
Stardust Int- Cody Rhodes returns for the first time since his father’s passing.
Neville vs. Stardust
Contract Signing with Brock Lesnar/Seth Rollins/Paul Heyman
7/20/15 Raw in Kansas City, MO, Night After Battleground
Undertaker Interview- Rare appearance for Taker on Raw as he says he will take down Lesnar.
Brie Bella vs. Charlotte
Triple H/Miz Int
Los Matadores vs. Prime Time Players
Big Show vs. The Miz
Triple H/Stephanie/Paul Heyman Int
Paul Heyman Interview- Undertaker comes out and just as he is about to go after Heyman, Brock Lesnar comes out and he and Taker have a pull apart brawl for about 10 minutes.
Luke Harper vs. Roman Reigns
Seth Rollins/John Cena Interview
Becky Lynch and Paige vs. Naomi and Sasha Banks- The Bella Twins are on commentary.
Lana/Summer Rae/Rusev Int
Cesaro, John Cena, and Randy Orton vs. Rusev, Kevin Owens, and Sheamus
7/27/15 Raw in Oklahoma City, OK
Triple H/Stephanie/Seth Rollins/John Cena Interview
Dean Ambrose vs. Big Show- The Miz is on commentary.
Fandango vs. Neville
Stardust Int, Divas Int
Paige vs. Sasha Banks
Terminator/Dean Ambrose Segment- A Commercial for the new game but they put a spin on it with a remade clip from the 1992 terminator movie. Tight.
Rusev/Summer Rae/Lana Interview
Brock Lesnar/Undertaker/Paul Heyman Last Week Highlights
Lucha Dragons vs. Los Matadores
Bray Wyatt/Luke Harper Interview
Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs. Alicia Fox and Nikki Bella
Randy Orton vs. Kevin Owens- Sheamus does commentary.
John Cena Int
US Title Match: Seth Rollins vs. John Cena
8/3/15 Raw in San Jose, CA
RIP Rowdy Roddy Piper
Seth Rollins Interview
WWE Title Match: Neville vs. Seth Rollins
Kofi Kingston, Big E, and The Ascension vs. Los Matadores and Lucha Dragons- Prime Time Players are on commentary.
Bella Twins vs. Becky Lynch and Charlotte
Miz TV with Kevin Owens/Cesaro
Mark Henry vs. Rusev
Bray Wyatt Int
Zack Ryder vs. King Barrett
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar Interview
Naomi vs. Paige
Stardust Int
Rowdy Roddy Piper Tribute
Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose/Randy Orton Int
Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Randy Orton vs. Luke Harper, Bray Wyatt, and Sheamus
8/10/15 Raw in Seattle, WA
Seth Rollins/Cesaro/Randy Orton/Kevin Owens/Triple H Interview
Bella Twins and Alicia Fox vs. Naomi, Tamina, and Sasha Banks
Los Matadores vs. Kofi Kingston and Big E
New Day Int, Triple H/Seth Rollins Int
Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro vs. Randy Orton
Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns Int
Undertaker/Brock Lesnar Video
Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper
Miz TV with Daniel Bryan/Big Show/Ryback
Rusev vs. Mark Henry
Stardust Segment
King Barrett vs. Neville
Triple H Int, Sheamus Int
WWE Title Match: Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins
8/17/15 Raw in Minneapolis, MN
Triple H/Stephanie Interview
Randy Orton and Cesaro vs. Sheamus and Kevin Owens
Undertaker Int, Seth Rollins/Stephanie/Triple H Int
Luke Harper vs. Roman Reigns
Becky Lynch vs. Tamina
Mark Henry vs. Rusev- Lana and Dolph Ziggler, who returned after a little time off, comes out to confront Rusev and Summer Rae.
Dolph Ziggler Int
Brock Lesnar/Undertaker Hype Video
Ryback vs. The Miz
Contract Signing with Stephanie/Triple H/Seth Rollins/John Cena
Prime Time Players and Lucha Dragons vs. Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Los Matadores
Stardust/King Barrett Int
Nikki Bella vs. Sasha Banks
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar/Undertaker Interview/Segment- Lesnar’s homecoming is ruined by the Undertaker.
8/24/15 Raw in Brooklyn, NY, Night After Summerslam
Seth Rollins/Triple H Interview
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar Interview
New Day vs. Lucha Dragons
Dudley Boys Segment- Dudleys return to shock the crowd and do all their old school moves to the New Day.
John Cena Highlights
Stephanie/Triple H/Seth Rollins Int
Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt
Miz TV with Paige/Becky Lynch/Charlotte/Bella Twins/Alicia Fox
Jon Stewart/Ric Flair/John Cena Interview
Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Randy Orton, and Ryback vs. Rusev, Big Show, Kevin Owens, and Sheamus
Bray Wyatt Int
Stephanie/Triple H/Seth Rollins Interview- Sting makes a surprise appearance and looks as if he wants a title shot against Rollins.
8/31/15 Raw in Tampa, FL
Sting Interview
Seth Rollins/Stephanie Int
Dolph Ziggler vs. Rusev
Dolph Ziggler Int
Beat The Clock Challenge: Becky Lynch vs. Alicia Fox
Ryback Int
Ryback vs. Big Show
Beat The Clock Challenge: Charlotte vs. Brie Bella
Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens
Dolph Ziggler/Lana Int
Bray Wyatt Interview
Dean Ambrose vs.
Seth Rollins Int
Beat The Clock Challenge: Sasha Banks vs. Paige
Summer Rae/Lana Segment
New Day Interview
New Day vs. Dudley Boys
Seth Rollins/John Cena/Stephanie/Sting Interview/Segment

9/7/15 Raw in Baltimore, MD
Seth Rollins/Sting/Sheamus Interview
Seth Rollins/Triple H/Stephanie Int
Paige vs. Sasha Banks
Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs. The Ascension
Ryback/Kevin Owens Int
Ryback vs. Seth Rollins- Sting puts a Sting mask on the Seth Rollins statue, after the match.
Seth Rollins/New Day/Edge/Christian/Dudley Boys Int
Lana/Rusev/Dolph Ziggler Interview
Sheamus vs. Randy Orton
Dudley Boys vs. Los Matadores
Cesaro vs. The Miz
Bellas/Alicia Fox/Charlotte Interview
John Cena and Prime Time Players vs. Seth Rollins, Big E, and Kofi Kingston- Sting destroys the Seth Rollins statue with a trash compactor.
9/14/15 Raw in Memphis, TN
Triple H/Stephanie Interview
Tag Team Title Match: Prime Time Players vs. Kofi Kingston and Big E
Triple H/Stephanie/Seth Rollins Int, Charlotte/Ric Flair Int
Paige vs. Sasha Banks
Miz TV with Wyatt Family/Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose
John Cena vs. Sheamus
Ryback/Kevin Owens Interview
Stardust/Ascension/Neville/Lucha Dragons Segment
Divas Title Match: Charlotte vs. Nikki Bella
Cesaro vs. Rusev- Dolph Ziggler comes out to superkick Rusev.
Summer Rae/Rusev Backstage Segment
Triple H/Stephanie/Big Show Int
Sting vs. Big Show- Sting makes his Raw wrestling debut but Seth Rollins runs in, causing John Cena to also get involved, which would lead to…
Sting and John Cena vs. Big Show and Seth Rollins
9/21/15 Raw in Laredo, TX
Wyatt Family/Roman Reigns Interview/Brawl
Seth Rollins/Kane Int
Stardust and Ascension vs. Neville and Lucha Dragons
Seth Rollins/Stephanie/Triple H Int
Ryback vs. Bo Dallas
Ric Flair/Charlotte/Paige/Nikki Bella Interview- Flair sure can bring emotion to an interview. Paige tells Charlotte, who won the title last night, that she only got to where she is because of her “old man”. So I guess she just turned heel, again. Hard to tell who is a heel or face in the Diva’s division.
Brie Bella vs. Charlotte
Sheamus vs. Mark Henry
Triple H/Stephanie/Kane Int, Paige/Natalya Int
Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Rusev vs. Dolph Ziggler and Dudley Boys
Naomi vs, Natalya
Triple H/Stephanie/Seth Rollins Int
Big Show vs. Cesaro
Big Show Interview
Wyatt Family Int
US Title Match: Seth Rollins vs. John Cena
9/28/15 Raw in Buffalo, NY
John Cena/New Day Interview
US Title Match: Xavier Woods vs. John Cena
John Cena and Dudley Boys vs. New Day
Triple H/Stephanie/Kane/Seth Rollins Int, Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/Randy Orton Int
Big Show vs. Mark Henry
Miz TV with Divas
Paige, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch vs. Bella Twins and Alicia Fox
Big Show/Brock Lesnar Highlights, Seth Rollins/Kane Int
Prime Time Players vs. Braun Shrowman and Luke Harper
Stardust vs. Neville- King Barrett returns to attack Cody Rhodes. I feel like it might be too late for Barrett as he can’t seem to stay on TV long enough to be built up.
Seth Rollins/Kane Interview/Segment
Bray Wyatt Int
Bo Dallas vs. Randy Orton
Rusev vs. Kevin Owens
Paul Heyman/Big Show Interview
Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt
10/5/15 Raw in Boston, MA
Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar/Big Show Interview
Seth Rollins/Stephanie Int
Wyatt Family vs. Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns
Neville vs. Sheamus
Kane/Seth Rollins/Stephanie Interview
Paige vs. Natalya
Ryback Int
Kevin Owens vs. Sin Cara
New Day/Stephanie Int
John Cena/Roman Reigns Interview
Dudley Boys vs. Kane and Seth Rollins
Divas Interview
Tamina, Naomi, and Sasha Banks vs. The Bella Twins and Alicia Fox
Charlotte Int
Summer Rae/Rusev Interview
John Cena/Dolph Ziggler/New Day Interview/Segment
US Title Match: Big E vs. John Cena- This is your main event on Raw? No wonder Raw ratings are at all time lows.
10/12/15 Raw in Chicago, IL
Dean Ambrose/Randy Orton/New Day Interview
Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton vs. Big E and Kofi Kingston
Nikki Bella vs. Naomi
Paige Int
US Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. John Cena
Ascension vs. Dudley Boys
Kane Int
Neville and Cesaro vs. Sheamus and King Barrett
Roman Reigns/Bray Wyatt Interview
Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman
Kane Int
Rusev vs. Ryback
Summer Rae Interview
Kalisto vs. Kevin Owens
Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs. Alicia Fox and Brie Bella
Kane Int, Big Show/Seth Rollins/Kane Int
Lumberjack Match: Kane vs. Seth Rollins- Hard to watch the WWE much when Kane is such a focal point of their shows. The E just has no clue on what the fans want if they continue to push him. He has zero drawing power.
10/19/15 Raw in Dallas, TX
Steve Austin/Undertaker/Seth Rollins Interview
New Day vs. Dudley Boys and John Cena
Dean Ambrose Int
Sasha Banks vs. Naomi vs. Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox
Shawn Michaels/Seth Rollins Interview
Seth Rollins vs. Ryback
Dolph Ziggler, Neville, and Cesaro vs. King Barrett, Rusev, and Sheamus
Shawn Michaels/Ric Flair Backstage Segment
Ric Flair/Roman Reigns/Bray Wyatt Interview
Seth Rollins/Triple H/Stephanie/Seth Rollins Int
Charlotte vs. Brie Bella
Paige Int
Mark Henry vs. Ryback
Seth Rollins Int
Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns vs. The Wyatt Family
10/26/15 Raw in San Diego, CA
Triple H/Stephanie/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns/New Day Interview
Kofi Kingston vs. Roman Reigns
Cesaro vs. Kevin Owens
Paige/Charlotte/Becky Lynch Int
Paige, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch vs. The Bellas and Alicia Fox
Alberto Del Rio/Zeb Colter Int
Alberto Del Rio vs. Neville
Ryback and Dudley Boys vs. Sheamus, King Barrett, and Rusev
Bray Wyatt Interview- Kane comes out only to be stopped by the Wyatt Family and a returning Erick Rowan.
Big E vs. Dolph Ziggler
Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns Int
Titus O’Neil Interview
Steve Austin/Miz Int
Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler- With Seth Rollins doing commentary, Roman Reigns wins to become the number one contender to the title.
11/2/15 Raw in Denver, CO
Roman Reigns/Seth Rollins/Triple H/Stephanie Interview
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens/Seth Rollins Int, Becky Lynch/Brie Bella Int
Cesaro vs. The Miz
Bray Wyatt Interview
Lucha Dragons vs. King Barrett and Sheamus
Zeb Colter/Alberto Del Rio/Jack Swagger Int
Alberto Del Rio vs. R-Truth
Seth Rollins/New Day Int, Sasha Banks Int
Brie Bella vs. Paige vs. Sasha Banks vs. Becky Lynch
Charlotte Int
Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, and The New Day vs. Roman Reigns, The Usos, Ryback, and Dean Ambrose

11/9/15 Raw in Manchester, England
Triple H/Roman Reigns Interview- Triple H announces that Seth Rollins is no longer champion due to an injure that happened during the weekend at a house show.
Roman Reigns vs. Big Show
Kevin Owens Interview
1st Round of WWE Title Tournament: Kevin Owens vs. Titus O’Neil
Paige Int
Paige vs. Becky Lynch
1st Round of WWE Title Tournament: Dolph Ziggler vs. The Miz
Zeb Colter/Alberto Del Rio Interview
Naomi vs. Natalya
1st Round of WWE Title Tournament: Sheamus vs. Cesaro
1st Round of WWE Title Tournament: Dean Ambrose vs. Tyler Breeze
New Day Interview
New Day vs. Neville and The Usos
Bray Wyatt/Undertaker/Kane/Wyatt Family Segment
11/16/15 Raw in Greenville, SC
Undertaker/Bray Wyatt Interview/Segment
2nd Round of WWE Title Tournament: Neville vs. Kevin Owens
Tyler Breeze vs. R-Truth
2nd Round of WWE Title Tournament: Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler
New Day Interview
New Day vs. Ryback and The Usos
Cesaro/Triple H Int
Roman Reigns Interview
2nd Round of WWE Title Tournament: Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro
Dudley Boys vs. The Ascension
Alberto Del Rio/Zeb Colter/Triple H Int
2nd Round of WWE Title Tournament: Kalisto vs. Alberto Del Rio
Contract Signing with Charlotte/Paige
11/23/15 Raw in Nashville, TN
Triple H/Stephanie/Sheamus/Roman Reigns Interview/Segment
Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper vs. Dudley Boys
Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks
Paige/Charlotte Segment
New Day/Lucha Dragons/Usos Interview/Segment
Charlotte Int
Mark Henry vs. Neville
Stardust/Titus O’Neil Int
Stardust and The Ascension vs. Goldust and Prime Time Players
Zeb Colter/Alberto Del Rio/Jack Swagger Interview- These guys going at it again?
Divas Title Match: Paige vs. Charlotte
Heath Slater/Ryback Interview
Tyler Breeze and Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose
Roman Reigns vs. Rusev
11/30/15 Raw in Pittsburgh, PA
New Day/Sheamus Interview
Roman Reigns/Triple H/Stephanie Int
Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler
Miz TV with Rusev/Lana/Ryback- Rusev and Lana are back together.
Rusev vs. Ryback
Triple H/Dean Ambrose Int
Dudley Boys/Wyatt Family Interview- Tommy Dreamer comes out from the crowd to help the Dudleys.
Dudley Boys and Tommy Dreamer vs. Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman
Goldust vs. Alberto Del Rio
Charlotte/Becky Lynch Int
Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos
Lucha Dragons/Usos/Stephanie Int
Sasha Banks vs. Brie Bella
WWE Title Match: Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus- We have two guys here who nobody really has any invested emotions in. A dud heel and a dud face, and this is their title match? These are the kind of main events we might be seeing on ppv? This company is in big time trouble.
Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch
Charlotte/Becky Lynch Int, Stardust/Titus O’Neil Int
Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and The Usos vs. New Day, Sheamus, King Barrett, Rusev, and Alberto Del Rio
12/7/15 Raw in Charleston, SC
Sheamus/Bray Wyatt/Dudley Boys Interview- Dudleys bring out Rhyno to help even the score. Man, these guys were labeled as “older guys” 10 years ago when WWE was restarting ECW.
Elimination Match: Sheamus, Rusev, Alberto Del Rio, and King Barrett vs. Dudley Boys, Tommy Dreamer, and Rhyno vs. Roman Reigns, The Usos, and Dean Ambrose vs. The Wyatt Family
Sheamus Int, Stardust/Titus O’Neil Int
Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler
Bray Wyatt Int, The Miz/Neville Int
Sasha Banks and Naomi vs. Brie Bella and Alicia Fox
New Day/Team B.A.D. Segment
Lucha Dragons vs. Kofi Kingston and Big E
Roman Reigns Int
Miz TV with Charlotte/Ric Flair/Paige
Ryback vs. Rusev
Jack Swagger vs. Stardust
Adam Rose Segment, Alberto Del Rio/Zeb Colter Int
Braun Strowman vs. Tommy Dreamer
Roman Reigns/Sheamus Interview/Brawl
12/14/15 Raw in Philadelphia, PA
Stephanie/Roman Reigns Interview
Dean Ambrose vs. Dolph Ziggler
Kevin Owens Int, Dudley Boys/Tommy Dreamer/Rhyno Int
Stephanie/Vince Int
R-Truth vs. Bo Dallas
Vince/Roman Reigns/Sheamus Interview
Ryback and Jack Swagger vs. Rusev and Alberto Del Rio
Rosebush with Adam Rose
Neville vs. Tyler Breeze
The Miz/Neville Int, Wyatt Family Int
Hardcore Match: Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, and Dudley Boys vs. The Wyatt Family
New Day/Usos/Lucha Dragons Interview
Charlotte and Becky Lynch vs. Brie Bella and Alicia Fox
Prime Time Players Int
WWE Title Match: Roman Reigns vs. Sheamus- Reigns wins the title here. I was waiting for a reversal of some kind from Vince McMahon, who was at ringside but it never happened.
12/21/15 Raw in Minneapolis, MN
Stephanie/Roman Reigns Interview
“Breakout Star of the Year” Award presented by Dolph Ziggler and won by Neville. Kevin Owens comes out to pick on Neville and brawl with Ziggler.
Kane vs. Bray Wyatt
Wyatt Family vs. Kane, Tommy Dreamer, and The Dudley Boys
“LOL Moment” Award presented by Santino Marella and won by R-Truth.
Mick Foley/Santa Segment
“OMG Shocking Moment of 2015″ Award presented by Paul Heyman and won by Kalisto.
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kevin Owens
“Superstar of the Year” Award presented by Stephanie and won by Seth Rollins.
Jack Swagger vs. Alberto Del Rio
“Hero” Award presented by Mark Henry and won by John Cena. Shocker.
“Surprise Return of the Year” Award presented by Santa and won by Sting.
New Day vs. The Usos
“Diva of the Year” Award presented by R-Truth and won by Nikki Bella.
Neville vs. Rusev
“This is Awesome Moment of the Year” Award presented by The Miz and won by The Rock and Ronda Rousey. The WWE should realize that the flaw of the Slammys is when there is a winner announced and they aren’t at the live event, the crowd is going to boo and that doesn’t look good for TV.
Becky Lynch vs. Brie Bella
“Match of the Year” Award presented by Ric Flair, won by Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, and accepted by Paul Heyman.
League of Nations Backstage Segment
Steel Cage Match: Dean Ambrose vs. Sheamus
12/28/15 Raw in Brooklyn, NY
Vince/Roman Reigns/Stephanie Interview
Kevin Owens vs. Neville
Kevin Owens/Dean Ambrose Brawl
Becky Lynch Int
Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks
New Day Interview
Kofi Kingston vs. Kalisto
Big E vs. Sin Cara
Miz/Ryback/Goldust/Zack Ryder/R-Truth/Big Show Interview
Big Show vs. Ryback
Dean Ambrose and The Usos vs. Sheamus, King Barrett, and Rusev- Kevin Owens comes out after the match to attack Ambrose.
John Cena/Alberto Del Rio Interview
US Title Match: Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena- Leads to a brawl with Roman Reigns, League of Nation Members, and The Usos.

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