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Mick Foley (VHS)

Mick Foley- Three Faces Of Foley (Time: 53 Min.)


"It's like Titanic wrapped in barbed wire! Bang, Bang!"--Cactus Jack

"Owwww, It's the feel good hit of the season!" --Dude Love

"I laughed, I cried, I had a nice day."--Mankind.

'3 Faces of Foley' is an entertaining look at Mick Foley's early WWF career. It features an out-of-character Foley marrating a brief history of his 3 alter egos in his unique down-to-earth style (joined by the Hardy Boyz).

It begins with Foley giving a chilling, behind-the-mask interview as Mankind. It was largely responsible for making Makind and Foley the overwhelming fan favorite he remains today.

He follows that with the improbable journey of Dude Love from a backyard wrestling home video to his re-emergence in the WWF (winning the tag titles as Stone Cold Steve Austin's partner); his hardcore relationship with Terry Funk; the return of Cactus Jack at Madison Square Garden (in a hardcore match vs. HHH); and the infamous 'Hell in a Cell' match with the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble in 1998.

Mick Foley Madman Unmasked (Time: 45 Min.)

Mick Foley Hard Knocks Cheap Pops (Time: 1: 19 hr)

He helped popularize a form of wrestling called Hardcore, he raised the bar on extremes a man will go to put on a good show. He made us laugh and gasp at his exploits. Armed with his passion for the sport and his sense of humor, Mick Foley has become one of the most popular and influential men in the federation. Now, this best-selling author speaks candidly about his career, and the business he has left an indelible sock-print on.


1. Al Snow
2. Rock 'n' Sock Connection
3. Cactus Jack Returns
4. Royal Rumble 2K Street Fight
5. No Way Out 2K Hell in a Cell
6. Wrestlemania 2K
7. Commissioner Foley is Here
8. The Cheap Pop Story
9. Edge & Christian with the Commissioner
10. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
11. Commissioner Foley's Agenda
12. The Commissioner as Enforcer
13. Foley vs. Stone Cold
14. Foley vs. Mr. McMahon
15. The Legacy of Mick Foley

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