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ECW Year in Review 2000

ECW Year in Review 2000

Features some of the best matches and angles from Extreme Championship Wrestling in the year 2000.

1. Raven & Tommy Dreamer vs Impact Players

2. Tajiri vs Super Crazy…Mexican Death Match

3. Cyrus demands Paul Heyman hand over the TV Title

4. Rhino vs Sandman

5. Mike Awesome vs Spike Dudley

6. Corino confronts Lori Fullington…Rhino spears her through a table

7. Rhino vs Super Crazy

8. Impact Players vs Gedo & Jado

9. Mike Awesome vs Tazz…Tazz wins the world title

10. Super Crazy vs Tajiri vs Little Guido

11. Tajiri vs Rhino

12. Clip of Steve Corino pinning Dusty Rhodes

13. Tommy Dreamer vs Justin Credible

14. Steve Corino vs Tajiri

15. Uncensored version of Paul Heyman & Joel Gertner comments about TNN

16. Ravens farewell

17. Tajiri vs Psicosis

18. Tajiri & Mikey Whipwreck vs Simond Diamond & Swinger vs Tommy Dreamer & Jerry Lynn…Finals of the ECW World Tag Team Title Tournament

19. Cyrus cancels ECW on TNN…wild angle with Paul Heyman, Rhino, Kid Kash, RVD, Sandman, & everybody else in ECW

20. Rhino vs Kid Kash

21. FBI vs Tajiri & Mikey

22. Justin Credible vs Jerry Lynn…joined in progress

23. Justin Credible vs Steve Corino

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