tirsdag den 2. november 2010

JAPW From 1998

All DVDs are masters. Unless otherwise noted.

JAPW 1st Year Anniversary in Elizabeth, NJ, 3/22/98 (Fan Cam)

Features ECW stars, independent stars, Abdullah the Butcher and a barbed wire massacre.

Adam Flash vs. Nick Burk

Reckless Youth vs. Super Nova vs. Devon Storm vs. Ace Darling ( 4 Way Dance )

Pit Bulls vs. Misfits

Patch vs. Gino Garuso

Chino Martinez vs. Rik Ratchett

911 vs. Magic

Abdullah the Butcher vs. El Bandito

New Lost Boys vs. Haas Brothers

Dudley Boys vs. New Jack & Spike

Dudley & Axl Rotten

Tommy Dreamer vs. Rob Van Dam

The Sickness vs. Nation of Immigration vs. The Blood Angels (No Rope Barbed Wire Street Fight Death Match)

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