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WCW Saturday Night 2000

All DVDs are in the Good/Very Good range. Unless otherwise noted.

WCW Saturday Night 1/8/2000

Curt Hennig vs. David Sierra

Al Greene vs. Lash LeRoux

Mike Sanders vs. Kid Romeo

Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko vs. Los Villanos

La Parka vs. Adrian Byrd

The Mamalukes vs. Disorderly Conduct

Booker T. vs. Scrub

Scott Armstrong vs. Disco Inferno

Crowbar and David Flair vs. Steven Regal and David Taylor

WCW Saturday Night 1/15/2000

The Wall vs. Frankie Lancaster

Elix Skipper vs. Mark Jindrak

Silver King vs. Barry Horowitz

Kimberly Paige Int

Alan Funk vs. Sonny Siaki

3-Count vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. and PG-13

Madusa vs. A Fan?

No DQ: Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko vs. Los Villanos

Hardcore Match: Norman Smiley vs. Bobby Eaton

WCW Saturday Night 1/22/2000

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Scott Armstrong

Buzzkill vs. Chris Harris

Meng vs. Fidel Sierra

Chuck Palumbo vs. Mike Sanders

Al Greene vs. Scrub

The Texas Outlaws vs. Scrubs

Sonny Siaki vs. Elix Skipper

Disco Inferno vs. Scrub

3 Count/Lex Luger Interview

PG 13 vs. David Flair and Crowbar

WCW Saturday Night 1/29/2000

Kid Romeo vs. Tommy Rogers

Steven Regal vs. Scrub

Rick Cornell vs. Mark Jindrak

Al Greene vs. Adrian Byrd

La Parka and Silver King vs. Los Villanos

Kaz Hayashi vs. Lash LeRoux

The Demon vs. Bobby Eaton

Norman Smiley vs. Dave Burkhead

The Mamalukes vs. Ashley Hudson and Kory Williams

WCW Saturday Night 2/5/2000

Lash LeRoux vs. Silver King

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Dave Burkhead

Hardwork Walker vs. Jamie Howard

Steven Regal vs. Fidel Sierra

Kid Romeo vs. The Texas Outlaw

David Flair and Crowbar vs. Disorderly Conduct

The Artist vs. Jeremy Lopez

3-Count vs. PG-13

The Demon vs. Jimmy Yang

The Mamalukes vs. Scott and Steve Armstrong

WCW Saturday Night 2/12/2000

The Maestro vs. Frankie Lancaster

Elix Skipper and Mark Jindrak vs. Power Company

Disco Inferno vs. Barry Horowitz

Buzzkill vs. Bobby Eaton

Norman Smiley vs. Shark Boy

Evan Karagias vs. Adrian Byrd

The Mamalukes vs. Idol and Lenny Lane

The Harris Brothers vs. Los Villanos

Sid Vicious vs. Al Greene

WCW Saturday Night 2/19/2000

The Harris Brothers vs. Rick Fuller and Scrub

3 Count vs. Disorderly Conduct

Kid Romeo vs. Jamie Howard

Vampiro vs. Kaz Hayashi

The Artist vs. Jimmy Yang

Buff Bagwell vs. Al Greene

WCW TV. Title Match: Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Robert Gibson- Jim Duggan retains the TV Title.

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Adrian Byrd

Van Hammer vs. Lex Luger

WCW Saturday Night 2/26/2000

Disco Inferno vs. Steve Armstrong

Dustin Rhodes vs. Bobby Eaton

The Demon vs. Power Company

Tank Abbott vs. Villano IV

The Barbarian vs. Villano V

Fidel Sierra vs. Barry Horowitz

Sonny Siaki and Chuck Palumbo vs. Alan Funk and Rick Cornell

Shark Boy vs. Jeremy Lopez

Billy Kidman vs. Elix Skipper

Brian Knobbs vs. Dave Burkhead

WCW TV. Title Match: Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Steven Regal- Regal loses and now has to leave WCW.

The Mamalukes vs. PG 13

WCW Saturday Night 3/4/2000

Kid Romeo vs. Elix Skipper

Shark Boy vs. Silver King

Hardcore Match: Brian Knobbs and The Dog vs. Adrian Byrd and Dave Burkhead

Hugh Morrus vs. Scrub

The Jung Dragons vs. Los Villanos and Jeremy Lopez

The Wall vs. Rick Fuller

Lash LeRoux vs. Rick Cornell

Hail vs. Scrub

The Mamalukes vs. Chuck Palumbo and Sonny Siaki

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Fidel Sierra

WCW Saturday Night 3/11/2000

The Harris Brothers vs. Disorderly Conduct

Norman Smiley vs. Scrub

3 Count vs. Silver King, El Dandy, and Jeremy Lopez

Alan Funk vs. Barry Horowitz

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Frankie Lancaster

Tommy Rogers vs. Scrub

Mona vs. Little Jeanie

The Mamalukes vs. PG-13 vs. Scott and Steve Armstrong

Billy Kidman vs. The Artist

Jeff Jarrett vs. The Demon

WCW Saturday Night 3/18/2000 - (Some small tracking issues later in the show)

Rave and Lane vs. Disorderly Conduct

Fidel Sierra vs. Alan Funk

Psicosis vs. Shark Boy

Hugh Morrus vs. Rick Cornell

Silver King and El Dandy vs. Los Villanos

The Barbarian vs. Adrian Byrd

Mona vs. Dee Dee

3 Count vs. Elix Skipper, Sonny Siaki, and Scrub

Hail vs. Scrub

Billy Kidman and Torrie Wilson vs. The Artist and Paisley

WCW Saturday Night 3/25/2000

The Maestro vs. Frankie Lancaster

The Demon vs. Rick Fuller

Ernest Miller vs. Barry Horowitz

The Jung Dragons vs. PG 13 and Frog

Kid Romeo vs. Jeremy Lopez

Lash LeRoux vs. Tommy Rogers

Tank Abbott vs. Dave Burkhead

Vampiro vs. Steve Armstrong

Hail vs. Scrub

Mona and Fantasy vs. Dee Dee and Little Jeanie

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Fidel Sierra

WCW Saturday Night 4/1/2000 - (Last Episode)

El Dandy and Silver King vs. Tommy Rogers and Jeremy Lopez

Mona vs. Little Jeanie

Kid Romeo vs. Alan Funk

Lash LeRoux vs. Frankie Lancaster

Hugh Morrus vs. Steve Armstrong

3 Count vs. Air Paris, Elix Skipper, and Shark Boy

Chuck Palumbo vs. Chris Harris

Hail vs. Cassidy Riley

The Mamalukes vs. Kory Williams and Ashley Hudson

Hardcore Battle Royale- Won by Brian Knobbs.

Highlights of Thunder vs Nitro

Highlights of Hogan & Women Wrestling

The Video of Ready To Rumble

-- My 2000 WCW Saturday Night Collection is Complete. --

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